How To Get Coconut In Disney Dreamlight Valley

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, you wander around to interact with different game characters and collect many resources you can redeem to earn game coins and prizes.

One such resource is Coconuts, which cannot be easily unlocked. Therefore, you will need to complete a set of quests to get your hands on these fruits. Follow this guide to unlock the Coconut Trees permanently.

Where to find Coconuts in Disney Dreamlight Valley

You can only find Coconuts in Moana’s realm. You also need to befriend Maui and bring him back to the Valley. Only then will you be able to harvest some Coconuts.

The Moana realm is present in the Dream Castle. It will be present on the bottom floor. Look at the center of this floor somewhere to locate it. Enter the realm, and you’ll have to complete some quests. Once these tasks are complete, you’ll automatically get Moana.

If you’ve managed to do so, you’ll have to recruit Maui too. Both Maui and Moana are demigods who’ll help you get Coconuts.

Once you’ve recruited the demigod Maui, you’ll have to raise his friendship level to level two. If you manage to do it, you’ll complete the Burying the Eel quest and gain access to the Coconuts Trees in Moana’s realm.

To unlock this quest though, you’ll have to find an eel. Craft a Fish Trap for it. That will require you to collect two resources: 3x Worm and 8x Softwood.

Once you’ve collected these resources, you can craft the fishing trap and head toward the dock, it will be present at Dazzle Beach. Then place your trap here, and you’ll catch an Eel.

Once caught, bury this eel and water the area several times. You’ll notice a Coconut tree sprouting from it growing into 3 Coconut Trees as 33 min pass by.

Now that the quest is complete, there will be a lot of Coconut trees scattered around the Dazzle Beach area.

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