How To Replenish Energy In Disney Dreamlight Valley

As you explore inside Dreamlight Valley, you will expend energy by doing certain activities. To avoid that you can either micromanage your energy and focus on important activities or find some ways to refill energy. This guide will give information on how energy works in Disney Dreamlight Valley and how you can replenish energy when it runs out.

How energy works

As previously mentioned, you expend energy or stamina by doing activities. That may include farming or simply going on a fishing tour.

Depending on the activity you do, if it’s a hard-looking one, expect to drain a lot more stamina. The less hardworking activities like watering or planting seeds will consume less energy.

How to replenish energy in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Unlike other games, where you wait until your energy or stamina has been refilled, Dreamlight Valley has a bit of a unique way of filling up energy. Those are

  • Head inside your home to fill the energy meter back up
  • You can consume some food to fill up the energy meter

Depending on the food quality, you will fill up the energy. If your food has low stars on it, it won’t give as much energy.

The more stars a meal has, the more energy you will restore. You can have some food in your inventory to avoid going back home again and again.

How to increase maximum energy capacity

The energy available for activities can also be increased. Doing so will allow you to do more activities before depleting your energy completely.

To increase the Energy Bar in the game, you can increase it by completing questlines and gaining Friendship levels with the Disney characters that live in the valley.

Alongside cosmetics, clothing, and furniture you will also increase your Energy Bar upon reaching certain levels.

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