How To Get Slush Ice In Disney Dreamlight Valley

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, you can come across many different items and ingredients that are used for cooking. However, there...

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, you can come across many different items and ingredients that are used for cooking. However, there are some items/ingredients that cannot be found simply lying around.

One of these items is Slush Ice which some players find tricky to obtain in the game. Slush Ice can be consumed directly or used in different recipes. You will need to expend some Star Coins if you want to get your hands on it.

In this guide, we will walk you through the process of getting Slush Ice in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Where can I buy Slush Ice in Dreamlight Valley?

Slush Ice can be bought from Remy’s Pantry and is not available in any other shop. Remy’s Pantry can be accessed by completing a few tasks.

All these tasks are performed to complete The Unknown Flavor quest. This quest is given to you by Remy. It is the final quest you do for Remy upon reaching level 10 Friendship with him.

Head over to the Dream Castel and get access to the Ratatouille Realm. Once you reach there, select the option of “A Restaurant with a Great Little Chef” to visit Remy’s Realm. There you need to talk with Remy and cook some dishes for him. All the required ingredients can be found in Ratatouille Realm.

After that, invite Remy to Dreamlight Valley and build him a house along with fixing his Restaurant. You would also need to buy him some furniture for this home that will cost 2000 Star Coins.

After completing all these tasks, Remy will open his restaurant. From there you will be able to buy Slush Ice from his pantry.

Slush Ice costs 150 Star Coins and will restore 255 energy upon consumption.

How to unlock Slush Ice

You unlock Slush Ice with the final quest that you do for Remy, The Unknown Flavor; the quest becomes available once your friendship level reaches 10 with Remy.

Dreamlight Valley Ice Slush recipe and ingredients

When Remy opens his restaurant, he will also ask you to bring some ingredients. The Following are the ingredients required to make Ice Slush:

  • 15x Snowballs
  • 1x Purified Night Shard Powder

To get Snowballs for free, you need access to Forest of Valor. Once you reach the forest, you need to reach the path to Frosted Heights which is blocked. There you need to spend 10,000 Dreamlight points to get access to Frosted Heights. Bring a shovel, enter Frosted Peak, and dig yourself some snowballs.

If you are low on Dreamlight points, snowballs can be bought from Kristoff’s Stall for 25 Star Coins. To get Purified Night Shard Powder, turn in 3x night shards to Remy.

After all this, Ice Shush will be permanently added to Remy’s Pantry for you to buy for 150 Star Coins

Disney Dreamlight Valley Ice Slush uses

Ice Slush is used in several cooking recipes. Most of them are some sort of Sorbet or ice cream. The following are a few of our favorite recipes that use Ice Slush:

  • Pwapsicle: Ice Slush, Sugarcane, and any Fruit
  • Banana Ice-cream: Ice Slush, Sugarcane, Milk, and Banana
  • Chocolate Ice-cream: Ice Slush, Sugarcane, Milk, and Coca Beans
  • Tropical Pop: Ice Slush, Sugarcane, Any Fruit, and Coconut
  • Sour Snow Cones: Lemon, Ice Slush, and Sugarcane

Other than its uses in recipes, Slush Ice will restore 255 energy upon consumption.

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