Disney Dreamlight Valley Mickey Mouse Guide

Mickey Mouse, the face of the Disney universe and one of the prominent characters in Disney Dreamlight Valley is someone...

Mickey Mouse, the face of the Disney universe and one of the prominent characters in Disney Dreamlight Valley is someone you will meet often. To help you out with assisting Mickey and completing all his quests in Disney Dreamlight Valley, allow our guide to light the way.

How to unlock Mickey Mouse

While some characters in Disney Dreamlight Valley do need to be unlocked and moved to the valley before you can tackle their quests, Mickey isn’t one of them. Mickey Mouse is living in the valley from the start of the game when you arrive.

Mickey has however forgotten some things and it is up to you to help him figure out his past by completing his quests.

You will find Mickey across from your house, so he is pretty easy to find once you arrive at the plaza after completing the intro.

Mickey Mouse’s quests

The following are all of Mickey Mouse’s Friendship quests in Disney Dreamlight Valley which are mentioned below with a complete mission guide.

Mickey’s Memories

Once you go to Mickey’s house, you will see that he is stressed about the thorns. This is your first task as you will remove all the thorns away and get the memory orbs from it. Mickey will hand you Remy’s recipe and you must go to find it.

To identify Chez Remy, open the Collection menu and see the memory once more. Mickey should accompany you there across the plaza as you once more check your memory to identify Eve next to the Shovel on the left side of the picture.

With that knowledge, dig the area directly to the left of the building where the Fruit Salad recipe is located using your Shovel.

Use the recipe inside your rucksack, open it up, and then speak with Mickey to get some gardening overalls and an invitation to prepare a fruit salad with him. The mission is completed at the conclusion of the conversation.


After finishing the first quest, you must see Mickey and chat with him. He will give you the cracker and wheat seed recipe.

He will offer you 3 apples and 2 grains of wheat when you have watered his three plants. You’ll prepare him a fruit salad when you go back to your house.

Return to him after that and inquire about his thoughts on the recipe. He’ll like it, and the task will be completed in this manner.

Hangin’ With Mickey

This will require you to bring a birdhouse for some birds to live in. You will require 3x White Daisy, 3x Falling Penstemon, and 8x Softwood.

Make the birdhouse at the crafting station and talk to Mickey at the end to complete this one.

Missing Minnie

This one will require you to make 5x Crudites and 2x Fish Sandwiches. Crudites can be made with any Vegetable and Fish Sandwiches require 1 Fish and 2 Wheat.

With those meals prepared, return to Mickey and give him the meals. After this, he will take you on a picnic and it will conclude the quest.

Shadows and Bows

Mickey will give you Minnie’s bow as a chore, and you’ll also need to ask him about Goofy and Scrooge McDuck.

After asking each person to share their favorite Minnie moment, go back to Mickey. Go talk to the ghost of Minnie at the Wishing Well in the middle of the Plaza.

She will say that she is lost and that you must permit her and Mickey to speak. Simply give Mickey the bow to complete the mission.

Memory Magnification

You’ll need to construct Dreamlight Magnifier to rebuild Minnie. To construct it, you will need 1 Emerald, 2 Hardwood, and 6 Tinkering Parts.

Utilize it to locate Minnie, who will be standing next to the plaza’s well. Step outdoors, set up Minnie’s house that you obtained from your backpack’s Furniture tab, and then pay 5,000 Star Coins to finish the building.

In order to finish the quest, communicate with Minnie before Mickey arrives in person.

The Secret Door

The Secret Door mission becomes available once Friendship level 10 is achieved with Mickey. It is also the final quest in Mickey’s friendship quests in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Interact with Mickey who’ll hand over a Magical Chest, open this chest by interacting with it in your inventory.

Opening the chest will show you a memory of a door partly covered by a curtain.

Discuss the memory with Mickey, who’ll ask you a riddle. You must decipher the riddle to find the location of the door, however, we’ll tell you the exact location.

Head toward Dream Castle, go to the lowest floor, and find the door on the right side. The route is usually blocked by bushes, but they’ll be cleared now.

Access the curtains to show the hidden door. Next return to Mickey to hear the next riddle.

Acquire the following resources next:

  • 1x Aquamarine: found by searching the Dazzle Beach and Forest of Valor.
  • 1x Tourmaline: found by searching the Sunlit Plateau and Frosted Heights.
  • 1x Citrine: found by searching the Glade of Trust and Sunlit Plateau.
  • 1x Garnet: found by searching the Plaza and Peaceful Meadow.

Acquire the items and head back towards the door, shift them inside and enter.

Interact with Mickey who’ll hand over the Enchanting Fountain. This will complete the mission.

Mickey Mouse’s favorite gifts

In Dreamlight Valley, one of the best ways to increase your friendship level with other characters is to gift them their favorite items. Mickey is no exception, as he loves to receive gifts.

Mickey’s favorite items might vary every day as different things feature every day, but here are some gifts that will lighten Mickey’s day and your friendship with him.

  • Salad
  • Red Bell Flower
  • Lettuce
  • Salmon Glazed in Apple Cider
  • Tomato
  • Red Falling Penstemon

Mickey Mouse’s friendship levels

As you move with your quests with Mickey and give him his favorite items, you will be able to unlock certain items for yourself as your friendship with Mickey increases.

There are a total of 10 friendship levels that you can achieve by being close to Mickey. At level 10, you will form a solid bond with Mickey. So, let’s look at the items we can unlock at every level.

  • Level 1: Crackers Recipe
  • Level 2: Pair of wearable Mickey Ears
  • Level 3: Outfit Overlay
  • Level 4: 500 Star Coins
  • Level 5: Mickey Status Decoration
  • Level 6: Mickey Outfit Overlay
  • Level 7: 1000 Star Coins
  • Level 8: Mickey Mouse Bed Decoration
  • Level 9: Mickey Mouse poster
  • Level 10: Fountain Furniture Skin
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