How To Cook Bouillabaisse In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Cooking is one of the most entertaining activities that you can do in Disney Dreamlight Valley. You can mix and match different ingredients to whip up a delicious meal that you can share with your friends too. Disney Dreamlight Valley offers a plethora of unique recipes on which you can try your hand.

One of these recipes is called Bouillabaisse. It is that recipe you are tasked to cook for Goofy. The recipe is relatively simple you make requires you to gather only four ingredients for its preparation. However, these ingredients are not the easiest to find as you need to look at a specific place for these ingredients.

In this guide, we will go over the method to cook Bouillabaisse and where to find its ingredients.

How to cook Bouillabaisse in Disney Dreamlight Valley

You will need to cook two servings of Bouillabaisse when Goofy invites Micky Mouse for a meal. To cook Bouillabaisse, you need to gather three ingredients: Shrimp, Clams, and Scallops.

Shrimps can be found through fishing at the Dazzle Breach. Keep an eye out for bubbles coming out of the water and be patient as it takes a little time to catch a shrimp.

You can also find Clams and Scallops lying on the shore of Dazzle Beach. You can easily collect them in sufficient amounts for the shore.

You will also need a tomato which can be obtained by buying from Goofy’s Stall. After gathering all the ingredients in the required amount, visit Goofy to cook him Bouillabaisse.

For this part, you would need to find a stove. You can find one at your character’s house. Add one shrimp, one tomato, one shrimp, and one clamp to prepare a serving of Bouillabaisse. To complete the quest, present the prepared meal to Goffy.

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