Baldur’s Gate 3: Ask The Goblin Priestess For Help Walkthrough

In Baldur's Gate 3, the Goblin Priestess can offer you help to remove the Mind Flayer parasite in your head, but can she do it?

Ask the Goblin Priestess for Help is a side quest in BG3, which is a part of the much larger Find the Cure main quest. During this quest, you will ask Priestess True Soul Gut to help you remove the Mind Flayer parasite from your brain. As perplexing as it sounds to ask a goblin leader to help you, there is nothing worse than turning into Mind Flayer yourself. 

She is a helper, but being a goblin, it is better to remain vigilant because you can be thrown into a much bigger problem than you are in currently. Read below to find out how to solve Ask the Goblin Priestess for Help quest in BG3.

Goblin Priestess location in BG3

The Goblin Priestess, True Soul Gut, is in the Shattered Sanctum region of the Goblin camp. The Goblin camp is, however, restricted to the public, so you will either need an escort, take on the goblin guards, or sneak past them. Using the Drow race during the character creation will also allow you a free pass into the goblin camp. 

Fighting the goblin guards or sneaking past them is dangerous, so it is better to avoid them. The best course of action is to find an escort. Luckily, you can complete the quest Rescue the Goblin Sazza. After you have saved Sazza, she will take you to the Goblin camp and into the Shattered Sanctum. 

Find the True Soul Priestess Gut in the large main hall of the Shattered Sanctum, as indicated by the circle below.

How to complete Ask the Goblin Priestess for Help quest in BG3

As soon as you locate True Soul Gut and talk to her, it will initiate Ask the Goblin Priestess for Help quest in BG3. When you start the conversation with the True Soul Priestess Gut, she will ask to brand you with the Mark of the Absolute

Choose the first dialogue option to get the Priestess Gut brand on your hand in Baldur’s Gate 3. This will trigger a cutscene, and you will get two options: you can sever the connection or push further. Select Push further; after the cutscene, Priestess Gut will offer to help you after confirming that you are a True Soul, too.

Follow Priestess Gut

After you accept priestess gut’s offer, she will ask you to accompany her to her private chamber. Follow her up the left stairs and into the westernmost room of the Shattered Sanctum. You will need to go into the room alone, so disband your party at this point. The Goblin Priestess in BG3 will then ask you to open your mind to her. 

Priestess Gut will start probing your head telepathically. Once done, she will inform you of the future consequences and ask you to allow her to remove the tadpole from your brain. Tell Priestess Gut you are ready for everything that comes next, and she will hand you a potion

If you had any other race, the potion would not affect you, and you will remain awake. This will anger Priestess Gut as she wants to capture you and transform you into her pet project by turning you into a Mind Flayer. This is not a bug, and you can defeat Priestess Gut right here to finish the quest.

Should You Drink Priestess Gut Potion in BG3?

When Priestess Gut offers you the potion, your sixth sense will trigger and tell you that this is a Potion of sleep. While you can refuse to drink the potion, we recommend that you play along and drink it. In any case, whether you drink the potion or not, you will be knocked out. 

When you wake up, you will find yourself handcuffed and Priestess standing before you. She will ask about your parasite. Choose the first dialogue option, and Priestess Gut will tell you that she wants to turn into a Mindflayer. 

In the following dialogue choices, keep quiet, and Priestess Gut will tell you she has plans to keep you as a pet in BG3. 

At this point, you will get three options. Pass a Gymnastic check and break your hand to get free from the shackles. You can try your strength to break free or simply decide to preserve your strength. At this point, we recommend that you select the third option, and Priestess Gut will put you to sleep again. 

When you next wake up, you will find Gut standing before you. An assassin by the name of Korrilla will come out of a portal behind her and kill the True Soul Priestess. She will also free you of your constraints, which will be the end of the Ask the Goblin Priestess for Help quest in BG3.

Escape Goblin Camp

To escape Goblin camp, you need to find a locked door inside Priestess Gut’s chamber. Use a lockpick to open this door, and access Defiled Temple. Either bribe the door guard Polma with 2200 gold or defeat her to enter the temple.  

Once you reach the temple, solve the Defiled Temple floor puzzle by rotating the bottom late, right plate, bottom plate, top plate, and finally, right plate. This will grant you access to the Underdark. Enter the newly opened door to exit Goblin Camp safely.

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