How To Open Sorcerous Vault In Baldur’s Gate 3

Baldur's Gate 3 Sorcerous Sundries Vault houses many valuable items inside but getting inside is not less than solving a puzzle.

The  Wizard Lorroakan has a vast collection of magical artifacts behind the doors in the chamber of Baldur’s Gate 3 Sorcerous Vault. This collection can be yours if you solve the puzzle to enter here. Also, you will need to visit here to find tomes and scrolls for Gale. The heist will take place in the Lower City in Act 3.

How to unlock the Sorcerous Vault

The Baldur’s Gate 3 Sorcerous Vault is located in the Sorcerous Sundries in the Lower City. Getting to the Sorcerous Vault is straightforward unless you encounter puzzles. The best way to reach the vault is to use the path from the Sorcerous Sundries Vault.

Sorcerous Vault is one of the vaults that BG3 features that houses many valuable items inside, but getting inside is no less than solving a puzzle.

Talk to Tolna Tome-Monger outside the vault and gather info about the Forbidden Books and Crown of Karsus. Now get to the second floor and lock the door by using Astarion. Turn to the bookshelf and look for the collapsed book. Move the collapsed book, and it will open a portal in the room.

The open portal will take you directly to the main room of the BG3 Sorcerous Vault. Once you arrive at the vault, you can find many legendary items from chests, including the Red Knight’s Final Stratagem.

Beware that there are traps laid out in the way. Separate your party and let Astarion handle the traps. After looting, you can get back to the main objective. Enter the Ramazith Door behind the portal you used to get to the vault.


Enter the door, and you will enter the main vault of Baldur’s Gate 3 Sorcerous Vault, which has three separate doors: Silverhand, Elminster, and Karsus.

The Elmister Door and Karsus Doors are the one that hides the main treasure. The Silverhand door is the one you can access at the time, and others are locked. To unlock two others, you have to solve their puzzles.

Open the Elminster door

First, enter the Silverhand Door in the BG3 Sorcerous Vault. After that, you will see four more doors. All 4 four doors you see here serve as a puzzle and should be approached in a specific manner.

That is:

  • First, go into Silverhand Door
  • The second door that you need to enter is the Evocation Door
  • Lastly, go into the Wish Door to find the switch.

Inside the BG3 Wish Door is a switch. Flip the switch and get back. Use any of the doors to get back to the vault. You will find Elminster Door opened for you.

Inside the Elmister Door, you can access many of BG3 Sorcerous Vault’s valuable items, including The Tharciate Codex.

Open the Karsus Door

Opening the Karsus Door requires a similar solution as the Elmister Door but with different door patterns.

To unlock the BG3 Karsus Door:

  • First, go into the Silverhand Door
  • The second door that you want to enter is the Abjuration Door
  • After that, make your way to the Silver Door and get inside.

You must find a flip switch inside the Silver Door to unlock the Sorcerous Vault in Baldur’s Gate 3. Once you have done that, you can head back to the main room and use any doors to access the Sorcerous Vault.

If you Enter the vault through the Karsus door, you will find the Legendary Annals of Karsus Book and other valuable loot.

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