Baldur’s Gate 3 Self-Same Trial Walkthrough

During the Self-Same trial in Baldur's Gate 3, you will fight the exact mirror of your party along with the same spells, skills, and feats.

In Baldur’s Gate 3, trials are there to test your skills. There are different types of trials that test your different skills. One of these trials in BG3 is the Self-Same Trial which tests your fighting skills and the skill of adapting to different situations. In this trial, you will fight the exact mirror of your party along with the spell, skills, and feats.

BG3 Self-Same Trial location

You can find the Self-Same trial near the Soft-Step trial, both of which are located at Gauntlet of Shar. Completing these trials will grant you Umbral Gems needed to open the door to the inner area so you can proceed with Shadowheart’s companion quest and the main story.

How to complete Baldur’s Gate 3 Self-Same Trial

Since in this trial, your whole party is mirrored along with the abilities, it is wise to ungroup your party member and use only one or two people. Once you have decided your party choices, to start the trial, go to the bowl and sacrifice your blood to it. You should not worry about it as it takes only 1HP.

Once you have started the Self-Same trial in BG3 and entered the room, if you have only chosen one party member then you will find their counterpart at the upper stairs section. You can go and kill him.

However, if you take all your party members, the group distribution of the enemies will be as follows.

  • One enemy is standing on the right side of the stairs.
  • Another enemy is standing on the Left side of the stairs.
  • Two on the top upper section of the stairs.

Enemies here will enjoy the Baldur’s Gate 3 high ground benefit. Each party member should attack their counterpart. This will prevent the score reduction during the fight. Use dash or fly ability to reach the opponent and try to figure out your own party’s weakness. Knowing your own weakness will help you win the fight as you will use only the attacks that give you an advantage.


If you want an upper hand in the fight, use sneak attacks instead of tackling the enemies head on.

After defeating the final counterpart, it will drop the Umbral Gem which will help you to travel across the Gauntlet of Shar. This also marks the end of Self-Same trial in BG3.

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