Baldur’s Gate 3 Faith Leap Trial Walkthrough

Faith Leap Trial is one of the 3 Sharran Trials required to complete The Chosen of Shar quest in Baldur's Gate 3.

Faith Leap Trial is one of the 3 Sharran Trials required to complete The Chosen of Shar quest in BG3. This quest progresses your companion Shadowheart’s storyline. At the end of each trial, you get Umbral Gems. You need a total of 4 gems to complete this quest as well as the main story quest to reach Kethric Thorm’s relic. This brief walkthrough will help you start the Baldur’s Gate 3 Faith-Leap trial and complete it.

How to start the Faith Leap Trial in BG3

First, reach The Gauntlet of Shar from the Thorm Mausoleum. To find the passage, you’ll have to press the buttons beneath a set of 3 paintings in this order: Moonrise Towers, Grief, and General. From the Gauntlet of Shar make your way to the Faith Leap Trial point marked on the map.

How to complete Faith Leap Trial in Baldur’s Gate 3

To start the Faith Leap Trial, approach the glowing statue and interact with it. Now, you can follow the marked golden path all the way to the end and reach the Umbral Gem.

The three glowing orbs around the statue represent the chances you have, if you fall off the invisible path one orb will disappear, if you fall off 3 times then your character will start getting damage from all directions resulting in death.

There are also some other alternative methods to complete the faith leap trial in BG3. One is to drink 1 Potion of Glorious Vaulting and jump your way to the end. Do keep in mind you need to step onto the invisible path before you jump. Second, you can light up the whole room with a Daylight Spell and easily follow the now visible path.

If all that fails, Fly spell or Misty Step can also do the trick if you want to make easy work of this puzzle. Otherwise, you can try to follow the pattern shown on the ground just before the blood altar.


Rewards for Faith Leap Trial

After completing the faith leap trial in BG3, you will get the Umbral Gem and after completing the other trials and the whole quest of The Chosen of Shar you will receive Killer’s Sweetheart Ring, the Dark Justiciar Helmet & Half-Plate along with BG3 Spear of Night weapon which is essential to kill Nightsong.

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