A Monstrous Collection – How to Find All Monsters

Let's show off our monstrous collection to Tarrey Town.

A Monstrous Collection is a collection of side quests in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom that takes place in Tarrey Town. The objective of this quest is to capture pictures of various monsters and show them to Kilton and Hudson so they can craft the sculpture of those monsters for you to display. Let’s start by reaching Tarrey Town as our first objective.

How to Start A Monstrous Collection Quest in Zelda: TotK

A Monstrous Collection side quest can only be started after completing Mattison’s Independence and Search for Koltin side quests. Once Mattison leaves Tarrey Town, his father, Hudson, will be free to help you with various endeavors.

To find and complete the Search for Koltin side quest, travel to the north side of Pico Pond near Woodland Stable to locate Kilton searching for his brother. Once you help the brothers, Kilton will appear alongside Hudson in the northern part of Tarrey Town.

Talk to Kilton and Hudson (3964, 1632, 0128) to start A Monstrous Collection side quest in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

To complete A Monstrous Collection side quest, you must finish five separate quests by the same name in a specific order. Once you complete the first quest, the second one unlocks automatically. Below is a detailed explanation of how you can complete all five quests sequentially.

A Monstrous Collection 1

Kilton and Hudson will be arguing about Bokoblins’ appearance. They will ask you to show them a picture of Bokoblin to settle the matter. If you already have a picture of Bokoblin in your gallery, show it to them to complete this quest phase immediately.

If you don’t have a picture of Bokoblin, fast-travel to the Hyrule Field Skyview Tower. It is built inside a Goblin Camp. Take out your camera by pressing the L button and snap a picture of a Goblin.

For the picture to register successfully, make sure there is a red mark on top of it. When you talk to Kilton and Hudson, show the Goblin picture with a red exclamation mark on it.

Kilton will sculpt a Bokoblin like the picture, but he will be worried about placing it on top of the stage. Pick up the Bokoblin’s sculpture with Ultrahand and put it on the stage.

Talk to Kilton once more, and he will be shocked. He will ask the whole town to visit and experience his masterpiece. This will complete A Monstrous Collection I side quest in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, and you will get a Monster Extract as a reward.

A Monstrous Collection 2

The second part of A Monstrous Collection side quest will start automatically. This time, Kilton requires a picture of a Horriblin. These enemies are found in cave systems and have incredibly long arms and legs. They usually stick to the ceiling of caves and throw rocks at you.

The easiest way to find a Horriblin is to travel to the Deplian Badlands Cave north of Thyphlo Ruins Skyview Tower. This cave is in the northernmost part of Hyrule Map and is home to the Minetak Shrine.

You will find a variety of Horriblin enemies in this cave. Take out your camera and snap a clear picture of any Horriblin. Return to Tarrey Town and talk to Kilton and Hudon.

Show them the picture of Horriblin on your Purah Pad to progress the quest. Kilton will sculpt a Horriblin this time, and you can once again place it on the stage near the cave entrance.

Talk to Kilton once more to complete A Monstrous Collection II side quest and earn a Sneaky Monster Soup (increases your stealth for the next 30 minutes) and another Monster Extract.

A Monstrous Collection 3

At this point, you can show Kilton a picture of any monster, and he will make a sculpture of that exact monster for you to display. However, to proceed with the third part of A Monstrous Collection quest, you must show him a picture of a Battle Talus.

These enemies are made of stone with a Bokoblin settlement on their top. To find a Battle Talus, fast travel to the Sinakawak Shrine, west of Hyrule Castle.

It is near New Serene Stable, where you first met Impa and found your first Geoglyph. Move towards the road west of Dragon Tear #1 to locate a Battle Talus roaming (-1446, 1014, 0137) the fields.

Another Battle Talus is in the Hyrule Field north of the Teniten Shrine (-0156, -0818, 0033).


If both Stone Talus don’t appear for you, wait until the next blood moon for them to respawn.

Take its picture and return to Kilton in Tarrey Town. Show him the picture of Battle Talus, and he will make its sculpture. You need to place the sculpture on the stage to complete A Monstrous Collection III side quest in Zelda: TotK and earn a Monster Bridle and a Monster Extract as rewards.

A Monstrous Collection 4

The fourth picture that Kilton wants is of the monster Frox. This is a boss enemy that can only be found in the depths. It resembles a huge frog and is one of the game’s deadliest foes. 

To easily find a Frox, travel to East Akkala Plains Chasm (4016, 2174, -0469) north of Tarrey Town. Use this chasm to reach the Akkala Depths. As soon you reach the depths, you will notice an Obsidian Frox in the area.

This is a slightly more difficult version of normal Frox, and we don’t recommend fighting it unless you are fully prepared. Snap its picture and fast-travel to the Rasitakiwak Shrine to reach Tarrey Town immediately.

Talk to Kilton and show him the picture of the Frox. Kilton will create its sculpture; you can now display it on the stage.


If you have reached your limit for the sculptures, you can sacrifice any sculpture from the stage by placing it on a stand near Kilton.

This will complete A Monstrous Collection IV quest in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, and you will earn a Monster Saddle and a Monster Extract as rewards.

A Monstrous Collection 5

The final picture that Kilton requires is also the most difficult one to obtain. He wants to see the King Gleeok, a large dragon with three different heads.

There are only four known King Gleeok in Hyrule. Three in the Sky Island and one in the depths. You can find these King Gleeok by following our Sage’s Will guide as three of them guard one Sage’s Will each. 

  • The first King Gleeok is on a sky island in the southeast corner of Sky Map, above Eventide Island. The only way to reach this place is by crafting a zonai plane or Hoover bike.
  • The second King Gleeok is on an island in the southwest corner of Sky Map, above the Gerudo Desert. Again, you will need a flying vehicle, as reaching it by gliding is impossible.
  • The third King Gleeok is on an island in the northwest corner of Sky Map, near West Hebra Sky Archipelago. You can reach it using a flying vehicle.
  • Inside Drenan Highlands Chasm to the east. You can find this chasm west of Thyphlo Ruins Skyview Tower. Enter this chasm and glide east to locate King Gleeok.

Return to Kilton and show him the picture once you take a picture of King Gleeok. He will craft a sculpture of King Gleeok that you can display on the stage.

Kilton will reward you with a Diamond and a Monster Extract. This will complete A Monstrous Collection V side quest in Zelda: TotK.


As this quest is a combination of multiple side quests, you will earn a lot of rewards. A list of all rewards earned through A Monstrous Collection is. 

  • 5x Monster Extract
  • Sneaky Monster Soup
  • Monster Bridle
  • Monster Saddle
  • Diamond
  • Your own stage in Tarrey Town to display monsters’ sculptures
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