How To Unlock Hyrule Field Skyview Tower In Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom

Sometimes brute force is all you need to accomplish a task in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. The second main tower in the game, but the first one that offers a challenge, Hyrule Field Skyview Tower is located inside an enemy base. To scan the area’s map and locate the shrines, Link needs to access a proper vantage point. This is only possible by activating the Hyrule Field Tower in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

How to find Hyrule Field Skyview Tower in Zelda TotK

As is evident from the name, Hyrule Field Skyview Tower is in Hyrule Field. To reach the Hyrule Field tower in Zelda TotK, go Southwest of Lookout Landing. The map above shows the location of Hyrule Field tower. As you can see, it is near the Mayachin shrine, right below Exchange Ruins. Its coordinates on the map are –0749, -1018, 0064.

How to activate Hyrule Field Skyview Tower in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Hyrule Field Tower requires Link to clear a settlement of Blue Bokoblins to activate its console. This Skyview Tower is on a cliff and is surrounded by wooden logs preventing the entry of outsiders. The only way to reach the tower is by traversing the bridge leading to the door of the Bokoblin Settlement.

Hyrule Field Skyview Tower is the second tower in Zelda TotK you will come across. At this point Link doesn’t have enough resources to take down a mob of enemies. To make things worse, this mob is led by a Blue Boss Bokoblin with massive HP and attack power. The boss can kill Link with one hit quite easily.

zelda tears of the kingdom hyrule field skyview tower

There are various ways to approach the Hyrule Field Skyview Tower in Zelda TotK. You can simply run through the enemy mob and activate the tower. But this will turn into a slaughter fest because you will be killed over and over again. You can use it to take out the earlier enemies like Red Mobiln and the one with the alarm. Then wait till nightfall. Simply sneak into the settlement and activate the tower.

Or you can do it in the way of true Hylian hero Link actually is. At this point, Link has 3 main abilities unlocked. Collect a few arrows and Fire Plants from the surroundings. Fuse some fast weapons including spears. Approach the settlement and kill the early enemies. Use dodge to activate Flurry Rush as much as you can.


Bokoblins will throw a spiked ball at Link on the bridge. Use the Recall ability on the ball to reverse its direction. Use fire arrows to take down the smaller enemies. Take out your best weapon and start chipping away at Blue Boss Bokoblin’s health bar.

Remember arrows targeted at the face do a lot of damage in addition to stunning the big foes. After defeating all the enemies in the area, go like a boss and interact with Hyrule Field Skyview Tower’s console to activate it.

Ride the Tower elevator to be thrown into the sky. Use your glider to come back down safely after acquiring the map of the surrounding areas.