Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom Rasitakiwak Shrine Walkthrough

The Rasitakiwak Shrine will test your skills against multiple Constructs in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. You must rush through the prison’s wide area to crush your enemies with the aim of obtaining the Treasure Chest and the Light of the Blessing.

You can move to all the Zelda: TotK Shrines locations to grow by gaining the health and stamina bars in Tears of the Kingdom. So before getting into the depth of the Rasitakiwak puzzle, let us see the location of this shrine.

Where to find the Rasitakiwak Shrine in Zelda: TokT

Rasitakiwak Shrine puzzle location in Tears Of The Kingdom

To reach the Rasitakiwak Shrine, follow the given coordinates (4169, 1330, 0228) in Tears of the Kingdom.

You must move toward the Akalla Highlands and north of the Kaopora Pass. If you are heading from Lake Akalla, move east and cross all the trees to get to your point of interest.

How to solve the Rasitakiwak Shrine puzzle in Zelda: TokT

The Rasitakiwak Shrine is a prison you need to complete only using the equipment of the shrine in Tears of the Kingdom. You have to explore the area using the vehicles inside, which is the only method to find the Rasitakiwak Shrine puzzle solution.

Step 1) Grab the equipment

Upon entering the shrine, look for the equipment on the left side. The items include a thick stick, a wooden stick, and an old wooden bow. You can use these weapons to eliminate the first few Constructs and get on the vehicle to ride past the enemies.


Step 2) Ride the truck

You must transfer from the smaller vehicle to the big truck.

Make sure to ride the cart until you have taken care of all the nearby Constructs. Kill all of them before trying the Rasitakiwak Shrine puzzle in Tears of the Kingdom.

Ensure you do not ride the truck closer to the wall, as it can unbalance your ride, making it hard to move smoothly.

Once you kill all the Constructs, your equipment will be returned to you, and the door toward the Treasure Chest and Sigil will unlock. Head inside the room and grab the Magic Rod from the treasure before interacting with the Sigil and receiving the Light of the Blessing.

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