How To Farm Aluminum In Starfield

Aluminium is the metal resource that will help you a lot in outpost and extractor building.

Aluminum is a metal resource in Starfield that is used in many basic crafting processes. It is one of the most important resources you will need while building your Outpost. Aluminium is not rare; you can mine or extract it from many planets and moons.

You can even buy the Aluminium from different shops by spending some credits. If you are short on this resource or having any trouble in farming, don’t worry. This guide will cover all methods to farm it, along with details about the best Aluminium farming spots.

Best ways to farm Aluminum in Starfield

Once you find a planet with Aluminum, travel to it and then use a scanner to find it. If the area glows green, that means that the rock is Aluminum. Use Cutter from your inventory to mine it. Unfortunately, this method only works for over the surface Aluminum rocks.

Plenty of underground resources exist, so the better way to get them is by setting up extractors. First, go to the planet where you plan to build an extractor and scan to see the area where the aluminum is. Now, build an outpost in that green-tinted area. The next step is to set up an extractor in Starfield; you’ll need some resources already in stock.

Built the extractor a good distance away as it is a large machine. Next, build a power source for the extractor. For example, use a Solar Array if the planet is near the sun. The resources used for this are:

  • Copper x3
  • Beryllium x2
  • Aluminum x4

Lastly, build a storage system for quick inventory building. In this way, the material extracted would be stored safely in Starfield. Ensure the storage is for solid materials, as aluminum is a metal. Additionally, add Scan Boosters to the setup to make scanning of the material easy, thus speeding up the extraction process.

Planets with Aluminum (Al) Reserves

To see which planets have aluminum, look at the details of certain planets or moons and see if they have Aluminum in their resources. There are 374 planets and moons where Aluminum is found, but here are some planets where you can find Aluminum in abundance.

The first planet best for Aluminum mining is Thalassa. Once it becomes accessible near the start of the game, you can travel there right away and mine for Aluminum. It’s a low-level area with few threats, making it easier to explore, mine, and set up outposts for extractions.

In the Starfield Narion System, there are different planets and moons where you can find Aluminum in abundance.

  1. The first one is Andraphon. It is the moon of the planet Sumati.
  2. The second location is the planet Danram. Like Thalassa, this planet is filled with Aluminum. This planet has much more aluminum than Andraphon, making it a better choice for mining.
  3. Another moon that has Aluminum is Vectera, a moon of planet Anselon. Vectera is unlocked during the Back to Vectera quest.

Porrima System becomes accessible later in the game, and its planet, Porrima III, hides plenty of aluminum. Explore this planet or set up outposts to access more aluminum. After this, we have The Andromas, a level 15 system that is unlocked after a while in Starfield.

Andromas III is a planet in the Andromas system with Aluminum available to be mined or extracted.

Where to Buy Aluminum

You can make your hunt for Aluminum easier by buying it from a vendor that sells resources. Aluminum is a common material that all vendors would most likely have in stock.

Some of the best places to buy Aluminum are Midtown Minerals in Akila City and Mining League in Neon. Later in the game, you can find another good spot in Cydonia, a shop called Jane’s Goods.

The following are the other shops from where you can buy aluminum in Starfield:

Additionally, you can also use the console command to get Aluminum. The console command for Aluminum is:

player.additem 00005570 N

Here, the N represents the number of Aluminum ores you want from using this code, while the 00005570 is the Aluminium ID.

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