Starfield Back To Vectera Walkthrough

"Back to Vectera" is a level 10 campaign mission that tasks you to find Barrett in Starfield. He was last seen on Vectera.

Back to Vectera is the fourth main campaign mission in Starfield. In this mission, the Constellation requires you to find Barrett who was last seen at Vectera.

We recommend reaching at least level 10 before starting this quest. This quest begins at the Argos Extractors Mining Outpost at Vectera, a moon of the planet Anselon.

How to unlock the “Back to Vectera” mission

This mission is available after completing The Old Neighborhood mission in Starfield. It is going to be given to you by Jemison in The Eye, who will also be giving you Into the Unknown.

How to complete Back to Vectera in Starfield

You can easily reach Vectera by using the Fast Travel feature. Land on the Argos Extractors Mining Outpost as designated by the waypoint markers. There you will find Lin’s Ship which was damaged by the Space Pirates.

Talking to her will reveal that the Pirates have kidnapped Heller and Barrett. Try fixing the Broken Comms Computer to look for their whereabouts. It is located in the office room.

You need 3 Power cells to fix the comms computer. If you have already found such cells you do not need to find them again. Otherwise, their locations are marked for you.


Finding Heller and Barrett’s whereabouts

After fixing the computer, you will see an SOS transmission by Heller and Barrett. This message contains their location. Now you have two options, you can either rescue them alone or recruit Lin to come with you.

Either way, you will be assigned to travel to a random planet to save Heller and Barrett.

Save Barrett and Heller

Traveling to the designated planet, in our playthrough it was Gryphus. Nearby your landing spot, you will find a crashed ship. Near the Shipwreck, you will find Heller who is wounded. He will give you a disk that contains “Emergency Transmission 02”.

This transmission contains the whereabouts of Barrett. He is located on a planet known as Bessel III according to the transmission on the Disk.

Now you have an option objective to recruit Heller. Recruiting him doesn’t have any great story implications. However, we recommend bringing him along as there is no harm in bringing extra allies.

Visit Bessel III to save Barrett

Land on the destroyed Research Outpost on Bessel III as designated by the marker. The outpost is packed with pirates, you need to clear them all to reach the last room where you will find Barrett.

Barrett can be found with the Pirate Captain Matsura in the last room. Matsura demands 4000 Credits if we want to take Barrett with us. We are given the following options:

  • You can shoot Matsura but be careful as he has multiple bodyguards in the room.
  • You can pay the 4000 Credits yourself.
  • You can convince the Capitan to release Barrett for Free. However, you need to have decent persuasion skills for this to work.
  • If you have Sarah Morgan as your ally, she pays the ransom money out of Constellation Kidnapping Insurance.

You can pick any option you want. The mission will be completed regardless.

Return to the Lounge and talk to Barrett

Make your way to New Atlantis and visit the Lodge. Talk to Barrett in the Library to conclude the mission.

Starfield – Back to Vectera mission rewards

After completing this mission, you will receive the following rewards:

  • 350 XP
  • 7200 Credits

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