Starfield Akila City Vendors Locations Guide

If looking for an exciting location in Starfield where you can find a lot of shops as well then Akila City is the Place you should visit.

The Capital of the Feestar Collectives and home to the space cowboy, Akila City is one of the most exciting locations to find Vendors in Starfield. It is located in the Cheyyene System on planet Akila. Players will first arrive here during a quest called “The Empty Nest.”

It resembles space Wild West culture, making Akila City’s architecture and customs unique in the game. It is a big city with a lot of exploration to do. If you plan your stay in Starfield Akila City, you should know its Vendors and other mercantiles.

Weapons, Ammo, and Other Gear Vendors in Akila City

The following Starfield Akila City merchants sell weapons, ammo, and gear items.

Laredo Firearms

Laredo Forearms is located along the city walls, and you can access it by turning left from the city gate transit. This Akila CIty shop in Starfield offers wild weapons and fantastic equipment.

Trade Authority


Trade Authority is located along the city wall just after the Laredo Forearms. This is a spot where you can sell your items for Credits.

Shepard’s General Store

It is on the right side of the city gate near the walls. This is a one-stop vendor in Starfield Akila City, and you can get almost anything here.

Rowland’s Arms

Rowland’s Arms is located in the Coe District center. You can get a variety of arms and ammunition in this store.

Trade Authority Kiosk

Located near the entrance of Spaceport, You can trade your items for money here.

Ship Service Technician

You are also located in the Akila City Spaceport. You can get your spaceship repaired and upgraded at this spot.

Starfield Akila City Aid and Resource Vendors

The Hitching Post

This bar is located in the Coe District center near the walls.


Chunks is a restaurant located in a big building behind Rowland Arms.

Terrabrew Cofee

This is a coffee vendor located in the Starfield Coe Plaza District.

Midtown Minerals

Midtown Minerals is located on the eastern side of the Coe Plaza District. You can buy Titanium, Tungsten, Nickel, and other minerals here.

The Aggie’s

This is a bar located along the walls in the northern part of the city.

Stoneroot Inn

Stoneroot Inn is located in the Midtown District. This bar and restaurant serves the best dishes in Akila City.

Sinclair’s Books
This Book shop in Starfiled Akila City is in the Midtown District near the Stoneroot Inn.

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