Best Power Sources For Outposts In Starfield

Turning the lights on.

There are a total of three outpost power sources in Starfield. Each power outpost has unique traits that help it run better on your chosen planets. Unfortunately, setting up remote outposts on any planet in Starfield requires a Power Source to make it operational.

This is one of the many limitations you will face during your outpost building in Starfield. However, you must overcome the odds and prevent the environment from taking away your privilege of powering up your outposts in Starfield.

Knowing the best planet to build your outpost in Starfield is good, but that outpost is useless until you can generate power to run its modules. Starfield has three different types of Outpost Power Sources in Starfield to generate power for the outpost.

Depending on the environment and power requirement, you can adopt any of the aforementioned power sources for your Outpost. You must use a specific power source in certain cases, as any other would not be viable.

For example, a planet with a thick atmosphere that doesn’t allow for too much sun will not be a good place to put down a Solar Array to power up your outpost. Below, we have listed the three Outpost Power Sources you can choose to have in Starfield:

  • Solar Array
  • Wind Turbine
  • Fueled Generators.

1) Solar Array

As evident by its name, this power source needs sunlight for power generation. So it is best to use this source type if your plant has excess to plenty of sunlight.

Power GeneratedResources Required
4Beryllium: 2, Aluminum: 4, Copper: 3
Solar Array power source table

The Solar Array is not good for plants that require little light or grow completely in the dark.

2) Wind Turbine

The next power source is the Wind Turbine, and like the Solar Array, it also explains the generation process with its name. It is recommended to use this source for the planets having a comparatively thicker atmosphere and high wind speeds. This requires wind as fuel for its proper operation. It provides the least amount of power compared to the other Power sources.

Power GeneratedResources Required
3Cobalt: 2, Aluminum: 5, Nickel: 3
Wind Turbine power source table

Wind Power is best for planets with thicker atmospheres which you can check from the planet information provided by the Starmap. These atmospheric conditions come from plants that generate a lot of wind.

3) Fueled Generator

The third power source in Starfield is the Fueled Generator. Unlike the previous two sources, which depend on the planet’s atmosphere and environment to work properly, this source only requires Helium-3 as its fuel.

It is the most powerful source to facilitate an outpost. However, it is also pretty expensive to run due to Helium-3 consumption. We recommend setting it up in places where you are already extracting Helium.

Power GeneratedResources Required
20Iso-centered Magnet:1, Tungsten: 4, Austenitic, Manifold: 1, Tau Grade Rheostat: 1
Fueled Generator power source table

Starfield outpost power not working

Despite your efforts in setting up your Outpost power sources in Starfield, you will come across an issue where the outpost power is not working. Although you have enough power to run the outposts, the outpost extractor fails to produce any energy.

The best fix to this issue is to repair the extractor. Simply head up to it and repair it by holding R. Additionally, you want to press E to activate the solar panels. Sometimes, due to heavy rainfall or bad weather, the extractor gets destroyed from the outside. Thus, failing to produce power. Therefore, using this method, you will be able to fix the Starfield outpost power bug.

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