Starfield Paradiso Vendors Locations Guide

In Porrima II, you will find a resort, Paradiso, that has some shops you can visit to buy different items in Starfield.

Paradiso is another location where you will come across some Vendors in Starfield. You may come across this area while exploring the Porrima System in Starfield. However, it is not easy to find if you don’t know the right planet, the Porrima II.

Paradiso will remind you of a resort-type area like the one on Earth. After a fair bit of exploring, you will also find the Paradiso Hotel. Here, you can unlock the Lost and Found mission, along with many shops.

If you run low on resources such as weapons, ammo, gear items, and aid, visit Starfield Paradiso Vendors in the Paradiso Hotel. I will cover the locations of these shops and what you can purchase from them in Starfield.

Weapons, Ammo, and other Gear Vendors in Paradiso

Once you arrive at Paradiso in Starfield, you can take your time to explore this location, and in doing so, you will come across a large, infamous Paradiso Hotel. Enter this specific hotel, and you will find some shops inside. These will include:

1. General Store

The General Store is relatively easy to spot at the Paradiso Hotel as this shop will appear larger than the rest in this building. You can go inside and meet with the Starfield NPC vendor there. He will offer you weapons, ammo, armor, etc., for the right amount of Credits.

If you have enough of those in Starfield, then you can purchase these from this shop in Paradiso.

2. Café Luxe

If you are looking for something specific regarding weapons, armor, and ammunition, you can also try the Café Luxe. This particular shop is inside the Paradiso Hotel as well. Make sure to visit this Vendor to purchase gear items in Starfield.

Starfield Paradiso Aid and Resources Vendors

You can discover some shops at Paradiso Hotel, which will sell you Aid and Resources. These will include the following options.

1. Tranquilitea

You can visit this Vendor to purchase a Drink (Aid) at Paradiso in Starfield. This shop will be a bar where you can relax and enjoy your drinks while thinking about your next mission.

2. Chunks

Chunks can be found on nearly every planet in the settled system, and it is no surprise that you will find one in the Paradiso area. This one will be located in the Paradiso Hotel, so you can purchase Food and Drinks (Aid) if you are running low on those in Starfield.

3. Enhance!

This merchant in Paradiso Starfield will provide your character with any kind of appearance change that you desire, given that you have the required amount of credits.

Ship Vendor in Paradiso

You will also be able to discover a Ship vendor in the Paradiso area in Starfield. He will be one of the spaceport employees, so you can go to him and interact with him if your ship needs repairs or upgrades.

Furthermore, you can also check the ships this merchant in Starfield Paradiso has listed for sale. These will include options like Sunsail II, Rambler II, Responder, etc.

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