Starfield All Gagarin Landing Side Missions Guide

Gagarin Landing is a small industrial settlement in the Alpha Centauri System that has some thrilling side missions for you to embark upon in Starfield.

Gagarin Landing in Starfield is an industrial settlement that was once an energetic part of the Colony War. This small town was once home to large mechs factories, but to end the conflict, the factories had to be banned.

The settlement might not look as fancy as the other cities such as New Atlantis and Neon City, but you can look forward to some important Gagarin Landing side missions to do in Starfield for unique rewards.

If you want to know about the side missions that take place in this location, we have got you covered. We have compiled this guide to provide an overview of all Gagarin Landing side missions in Starfield.

How to get to Gagarin Landing in Starfield

To get to Gagarin Landing, you must head to the Gagarin Planet located in the Alpha Centauri star system. As you progress through your journey in Starfield, you’ll come across the Breach of Contract mission that will take you to this settlement.

You can explore this location and complete all Starfield Gagarin Landing side quests to claim its boundless rewards.

All Gagarin Landing side missions in Starfield and how to start them

The following are all Gagarin Landing side missions in Starfield. We have provided brief descriptions of each mission to provide an overview of what happens as you go through the quests.


Missed Connections

In Missed Connections in Starfield, you’ll pick up a task from Helena Strickland in Reliant Medical. She’ll ask for your help in tracking down a courier who was supposed to deliver an important package.

You’ll have to head out and search for the courier at different locations. However, things will get intense when you finally find the courier. Successfully investigating the scene and reporting to Helena will earn you great rewards.

Missed the Mark

Missed the Mark in Starfield is a continuation of Missed Connections, and you’ll have to track down the actual culprits responsible for stealing Helena’s package.

After your investigation of the courier took a huge turn, you must find the person responsible for all this mess.

Expect to make a lot of critical choices during these Gagarin Landing side missions in Starfield that can impact your storyline.

UC Wants You

In Starfield’s UC Wants You, you’ll have to help Zinalda Kulpers distribute a bunch of recruitment material from various local organizations.

You’ll have to head to each organization and persuade them to put the posters up. Successfully convincing the organizations to put the recruitment material up will win you some great rewards.

Sure Bet

In Sure Bet in Starfield, you’ll meet a bartender named Lizzy. She’ll tell you about the abandoned ship that holds premium and rare booze.

Moreover, you’ll get the task of finding the ship and retrieving the booze. But watch out, as you head to the ship, you’ll face resistance from the Crimson Fleet who are there for their own benefits.

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