Best Ways To Farm Credits (Money) Fast In Starfield

You are going to need a ton of Credits (in-game money) to spend on everything in Starfield. Here's how to become rich!

Credits are the in-game currency of Starfield that you can use to purchase new gear, weapons, and ships. They are actually not that hard to come by as they’re found in almost any activity you do in Starfield whether it’s completing a mission or looting a corpse.

There are many different methods through which you can farm Credits to clench your thirst for improving your gear or getting a new ship in Starfield

If you’re on the lookout for better gear or want to upgrade your ship in Starfield but are low on Credits. This guide is for you.

Best ways to farm Credits (Money) in Starfield

There are several ways to farm money in Starfield. You just need to keep playing the campaign and explore each planet for riches.

Complete all Missions and Quests

While an obvious method, certain missions can fetch you a good number of Credits in Starfield. In addition, some missions will reward you with rare items that can be used to upgrade your ships and gear. Thus, saving you money.

Faction quests, furthermore, combine both of the aforementioned aspects. They are great for making and saving money.



Starfield lets you sell contraband as a smuggler. Some rare items can fetch you high amounts of Credits in the game. It can be a little time-consuming though.

There are many alternative methods as well but this one takes the cake as it can help you gross a good amount of money by transporting and selling off items from one planet to another in Starfield.

Raiding enemy ships

This method involves you becoming a lone pirate and raiding enemy ships in outer space. This is a very good way to earn some extra Credits on your way to explore a new planet in Starfield.

Ships can be found orbiting around planets waiting to be looted. Defeat the enemies inside the ship, search their bodies, and scan the ship to find Credits as well as some good loot.

Although this may sound easy, many ships won’t seize to your demands but instead fight back, so make sure you have the right Ship to battle them and loot them for every last Credit they have in Starfield.

Scavenging dead bodies

Credits are the universal currency of Starfield and every single NPC will be carrying some on them. After defeating enemies such as the Zealots and Eclipse Mercenaries, you’ll make a quick coin by looting their bodies. Even some innocent NPCs who were caught in the crossfire can be looted for Credits.

Selling unwanted items or junk

Starfield is filled with so many items ranging from your gear to ship parts found on different planets, which could become a hassle for your inventory management.

That’s when selling off unwanted items comes in, helping you get rid of stuff you don’t need and making you some Credits on the side. The items that can be sold are Ammunition, Starship parts, weapons, and gear.

Your regular items won’t go for much other than a few hundred Credits but if you come across items with Blue or Purple highlighted on them, make sure to grab them as they can go for a tidy profit.

Building Outposts

This method is completely optional but can genuinely help you earn some passive money in Starfield. Establish an outpost and refine them so that they can collect rare items for you to sell to a vendor.

The items can go for a hefty price depending on what you have for sale and how much cash the vendor has to offer you. There could be a downside as well, increasing your sale of items can cause you to visit other vendors who may not have the funds to purchase them for you for a bigger profit.

Upgrade your Commerce Skill

Every single method mentioned above and further give you bonus Credits after you have upgraded your “Commerce Skill” in the Social Tree of Starfield.

At level 1’ you can buy for 5% less and sell for 5% more. As you upgrade your skill the better deal you’re going to get, helping you get a hold of a huge sum of Credits in Starfield.

Using cheats

If all else fails, you can always rely on cheat codes to add some million Credits in Starfield. However, do note that using cheats or console commands can disable your achievements.

Open your console command and type the following cheat: player. Additerm 1000000 – where amount is the number of Credits you want. In this case, it’s a million easy Credits.

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