Starfield New Homestead Shipyard Location Guide

The New Homestead is a small settlement on the Titan moon that even has a Starfield Shipyard you can visit.

New Homestead is one of the many Starfield locations with a shipyard you come across while exploring. This shipyard is located on a planet’s moon and offers various ship services such as upgrades and repairs. Like any other shipyard, you can buy ships for Credits from the New Homestead Shipyard and repair any faults in your existing ships.

Although the inventory of the New Homestead Shipyard is not that exciting, you can still visit it to avail of ship services and take a look at the ships it has to offer. You can also find Starfield Nova Galactic ship parts from this Shipyard. I will explain everything you need to know to get there and the services the shipyard has to offer.

New Homestead Shipyard location in Starfield

The New Homestead Shipyard is located on the Titan moon of Saturn, which cannot be landed upon itself, but its moon houses the New Homestead settlement. The first step to finding this Shipyard is locating the Sol System on the Starfield map.

After entering the Sol System, look for Saturn, which is hard to miss due to its distinct rings. However, Saturn is not your destination. Select its moon, Titan, which will be orbiting the planet.

On Titan’s surface, you will see the New Homestead city, which you must land on. After landing in the New Homestead, look for the Trade Authority kiosk right where you landed. A Ship Services Technician is standing next to the Starfield New Homestead Shipyard.

All ships you can buy from New Homestead Shipyard

The New Homestead Shipyard offers different ships, repairs, and upgrades for your existing ones. The ships I found on my visit to this Shipyard in Starfield are mentioned below, along with their credits.

  • Discover – 43348 Credits
  • Autobahn – 284899 Credits
  • Roanoke II – 224876 Credits
  • Conqueror II – 291560 Credits
  • Trebuchet II – 166560 Credits
  • Venture II – 219031 Credits
  • Narcissus II – 166036 Credits
  • Vagabond – 85745 Credits

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