Starfield Cydonia Vendors Locations Guide

In Starfield Cydonia, you will find different shops where you can buy and sell different items, including the Contrabands, which are Illegal.

If you have ventured to the Planet Mars, you will come across the landmark Cydonia, with some important Vendors in Starfield. You will also have to complete some missions there, and after completing these, you can visit the Vendor there to purchase new items.

These include weapons, ammo, gear, apparel, medical supplies, drinks, etc. Some of these can be pretty easy to miss there so I will be covering all of these in detail.

Furthermore, I will also explain what you can purchase from each Starfield Vendor’s locations at Cydonia. You will come across these five Shops at Cydonia in Starfield, which will include:

  • The Broken Spear
  • Trade Authority Outpost
  • UC Exchange
  • Reliant Medical
  • Jane’s Goods

Weapons, Ammo, and other Gear Vendors in Cydonia

Cydonia is one of the cities you will find on Mars, and you will also get to complete some missions here. However, you will require weapons, ammo, and other gear that can be easily purchased from three vendors around this place.

UC Exchange

Once you have ventured to Cydonia in Starfield, you can visit the UC Exchange Vendor. You can interact with the NPC vendor, Jack, and see what this place offers. As it turns out, you can buy weapons and gear items from here.

Jane’s Goods

If you proceed toward the southeastern side of Cydonia city, you will come across another vendor named Jane Weller. You can meet her at Jane’s Goods shop and purchase goods from her, including Gear and Miscellaneous items.

Trade Authority

You can sell contraband items to the merchant at the Tade Authority shop in Starfield, Cydonia City. This will include weapons, gear items, etc. Moreover, you can also purchase some ammo and gear items from here.

Starfield Cydonia Aid and Resources Vendors

If you are short on supplies and need Aid and Resources, you will find two vendors at Cydonia in Starfield. However, they will be located at different spots, so you must take your time to find them.

Reliant Medical

Reliant Medical can be found on the north side of the UC exchange vendor. It will serve the purpose of a hospital/medical clinic in Starfield. You can recover your lost health by purchasing medicine from that place. Moreover, you can also get a detailed analysis of your stat condition from that particular area in Starfield.

The Broken Spear

The Broken Spear is a small drinking place where you can go and buy drinks (Aid) if you want to take some time off from your missions. This way, you can relax for a bit and plan out your next moves. Moreover, you will also come across some NPC characters at this Vendor location in Starfield Cydonia, which you can later recruit as your crew members.

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