Starfield New Atlantis Vendors Locations Guide

Being a massive city, navigating New Atlantis in Starfield to find different Vendors locations can be a lot of work. Until now that is.

New Atlantis is the biggest and earliest city players will visit in Starfield. Being the seat of power for the United Colonies, it makes sense that the pristine New Atlantis would be filled with shops and vendors in Starfield. Due to the size of the city, finding these vendors can be a lot of work, so we decided to compile every New Atlantis shop location for you guys.

We will divide the New Atlantis map in Starfield into two sections and mention the stores available on both. One is New Atlantis’s surface or “rich” districts, while the second area with shops and vendors is The Well. The Well is an underground level with low-income housing.

We have detailed every shop and vendor you can find on New Atlantis in Starfield and what kind of items they sell. For your convenience, we have also included a New Atlantis shop map highlighting every vendor’s location.


Vendors restock their inventories every 24-48 hrs. in UT time. You can revisit them later if you don’t find your desired items. Make sure your time zone matches the UT one before you skip time.

Weapons, Ammo, and other Gear Vendors in New Atlantis

Below is a collection of all the Starfield merchants in New Atlantis that you can find that sell you gear items and equipment.

Jemison Mercantile

Sells: Aid, Ammo, Gear, Resources, Weapons

To find Jemison Mercantile in New Atlantis, you need to fast travel to the Spaceport. It is to the left after you exit the Spaceport and enter the city, just right from The Viewport Tavern.

Centaurian Arsenal

Sells: Ammo, Weapons

Centaurian Arsenal shop is in the Residential District of New Atlantis in Starfield. The shop is between Athena Tower and Mercury Tower, north of Chunks.

EIT Clothier

Sells: Apparel, Gear

EIT Clotheir vendor is found in the northernmost part of the Residential District. It is right in front of the Orion Tower. It sells various gear and clothing items.

UC Distribution Center

Sells: Aid, Ammo, Gear, Resources, Weapons

It is found in the Commercial district of New Atlantis, in front of the Outland shop in Starfield. Go around the Jemison Mercantile building and proceed north to find the UC Distribution Center.


Sells: Aid, Ammo, Gear, Resources, Weapons

If you are wondering where Outland is in Starfield, the shop is directly opposite the UC Distribution Center in the Commercial district of New Atlantis. Go around the Jemison Mercantile building and proceed north to find the UC Distribution Center. From there, you can easily find Outland in Starfield.

UC Surplus

Sells: Ammo, Gear, Weapons

UC Surplus shop in Starfield is next to Kay’s House in the New Atlantis. It offers players a decent range of weapons compared to other weapon shops.

Trade Authority

Sells: Ammo, Gear, Weapons

This Trade Authority building is located in The Well. Trade Authority Store on New Atlantis is next to Apex Electronics, right past Med Bay.


You cannot sell contraband at this Trade Authority kiosk

Apex Electronics

Sells: Aid, Electrical goods, Miscellaneous Items

Apex Electronics shop in Starfield is near the Med Bay in The Well inside New Atlantis City. 

Starfield New Atlantis Resources and Aid Vendors

Reliant Medical

Sells: Aid

Reliant Medical shop is in the northern part of New Atlantis’ Residential District in Starfield. It is available to the left of EIT Clothiers, near Orion Tower. Players can get medical attention and buy healing items they might need later.

The Viewport Tavern

Sells: Aid

The Viewport Tavern is right next to the Spaceport. It is found directly left to the entrance of New Atlantis, near the Self-Service Bounty Clearance counter. Besides purchasing food from this vendor in Starfield, players can meet some crew members here.

Terrabrew Coffee

Sells: Aid

There are two Terrabrew Coffee shops inside New Atlantis in Starfield. The first one is found to the right of Jemison Mercantile, near Spaceport. The second Terrabrew Coffee shop is inside New Atlantis’s commercial district. The coffee shop is directly opposite to the train station. Players can also get health items and O2 recovery items from Terrabrew Coffee.


Sells: Aid, Consumables

Chunks store is present in the Residential District of New Atlantis. The shop sells food items that players can carry as healing items. You can find the shop directly south of the Mercury Tower.

Dawn’s Roost

Sells: Aid, Consumables

Dawn’s Roost vendor in Starfield is in the southern part of the Residential District. You can find it in the basement of Pioneer Tower. Dawn’s Roost is one of the fanciers and more luxurious restaurants in New Atlantis.


Sells: Aid, Beverages, Food Items

CJ’s vendor in Starfield New Atlantis is in the Residential District, northwest of Athena Tower and directly north of Centaurian Arsenal, right next to the Apollo Tower.


Sells: Aid, Consumables

Whetstone is a small restaurant in the Commercial district of New Atlantis. Head north from the Terrabrew Coffee.

Med Bay

Sells: Aid

Med Bay shop is inside The Well part of New Atlantis in Starfield. It is in the northwestern part of The Well, west of Apex Electronics.

Jake’s Bar

Sells: Aid, Consumables

Jake’s Bar is near the entrance of The Well, directly south of Med Bay.

Kay’s House

Sells: Aid, Consumables

It is found near the western entrance of The Well. It is near the train station in The Well. Some side missions are also available at Kay’s House Bar.

Aphelion Realty

Sells: Houses

Aphelion Realty is located in the MAST District of New Atlantis and is responsible for getting you a residence in the area. You can get one in The Well if you have UC citizenship. Go up to the Memorial in the center of the district and it will be the building right in front of it.


You get the UC Citizenship after completing the mission Friends Like These for the UC.

New Atlantis Vendor Bugs

There are quite a few bugs related to New Atlantis Vendors in Starfield. Here’s how you can resolve them.


The New Atlantis Vendor chest glitch, where you could clip through the wall and access their inventories, has been patched. You can clip through the wall but there will be no chest this time.

Vendor Credits not resetting

After exhausting the Vendor Credits of sellers in New Atlantis, they do not restock their inventories even after waiting for a couple of days for some players.

This is because the time in New Atlantis is different from the Universal Time of Starfield. The days are shorter so even after sleeping for a couple of days, the UT required for restocking is not met.

You can resolve this by visiting the Research Outpost on Venus in the Sol System and sleeping there for around 48 hrs.  


The time required for restocking Vendor Credits can be different for different Vendors. The Spaceport might do it sooner than the ones in The Den.

Ship Technician and other Vendors disappear

Some players have encountered a bug where the Vendors of New Atlantis disappear or not be present in their shops. There has been no official solution for this as of yet but there are a few workarounds you can try.

This happens when Vendors get stuck in areas or are teleported to maps in the middle of nowhere. Certain active missions, like the main story or the faction questlines, can also interfere with them. The main ones that seem to resolve the issue after completion are Final Glimpses and the Eyewitness quest from the UC Vanguard storyline.

The most common Vendor for this is the New Atlantis ship technician. For this method, you will need to downgrade your ship’s grav drive to less than 28 LY.

During the mission, Final Glimpses, you will need to use the upgraded version for your ship. The game will then automatically mark the location of the technician on the map for you. For us, he was with two UC guards in the MAST District. After waiting a couple of hours, he returned to his original location.

If you are not that far off in the storyline yet, or playing the New Game Plus version, you can call him back to his location using the console command: 0015636E.moveto player


Using console commands can disable your achievements. There are mods for Starfield that can be used to reactivate them.

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