How To Travel To Vectera In Starfield

Find Vectera, the moon of Planet Anselon.

During the Back to Vectera quest in Starfield, there would be a point when players would need to go to Vectera. Once the Old Neighborhood quest is completed, Sarah will direct the players to find Barrett on Argos Extractors Mining Outpost present on Vectera.

However, you were given no directions to find this moon. You don’t have to worry as we have covered the location of Vectera in detail so you can reach it easily.

Starfield Vectera Moon location

To find the planet Vectera, you’ll need to go to the Narion System. This is just above the Alpha Centauri system. If you want to see it from the Sol System, it’s northeast of it. Look in the outer orbits for a planet named Anselon, the sixth orbit specifically. You’ll find Vectera near it, as it is the Moon of Anselon.

The first time that you’ll come to Vectera is when progressing in the quest Back to Vectera. You must complete Sarah’s request for this quest in Starfield, so look for a landing space called Argos Extractors Outpost. Land here to talk to Barrett, who is part of the quest, and continue.

If you are anywhere far off, it’s better to travel to the Sol or Wolf system, the two closest systems to Narion, and then jump to it.

Vectera in Starfield has some minerals present in it which can be mined. These resources include Aluminum, Argon, Benzene, Nickel, and Water. There is nothing more to do on this moon than tasks related to the main storyline.

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