Starfield Sumati Survey Guide

Sumati is a planet in Starfield that players can visit to get its survey data.

Sumati is the second planet you can survey from the star in the Starfield Narion System, which has safe water and a temperate climate. This planet has a very strong magnetosphere with a gravity of 0.89.

It also contains marginal flora and fauna; however, it does not need to be scanned for surveying this planet. You need to look for planet resources and planet traits while surveying Sumati from the Survey Checklist.

How to 100% Survey Sumati in Starfield

Surveying Sumati 100% requires you to scan the seven resources and three planet traits on this planet using your scanner. All of these items can be found inside the Survey Checklist given below.

Sumati Survey Checklist                                          

ResourcesChlorine, Water, Chlorosilanes, Tetrafluorides, Copper, Lead, and Flourine
Planet TraitsDiseased Biosphere, Psychotropic Biota, and Global Glacial Recession

All Fauna on Sumati

Although Sumati offers marginal fauna, there is no particular one you need to look for to survey this planet.

All Flora on Sumati

No flora needs to be scanned on this rocky planet to survey it.

How to Find Resources on Sumati in Starfield

To find resources on Starfield Sumati, you must take out your scanner and look for the following resources from the Survey Checklist, highlighted in blue.

NameTerrain“Water is one of the fundamental requirements for life used in research projects at the Research Laboratory.”
Fluorine (F)Mountain“Caesium is used as a fuel component, in the manufacturing of Starfield ship components such as an ion engine and weapon mods such as the Stealth Lasers Muzzle Mod.”
Chlorine (Cl)Mountain“Chlorine is an uncommon inorganic resource found in Starfield that can be used in a number of crafting outpost structures such as the Pharmaceutical Lab, Tick Turret Mk I, and Laser Turret Mk I.”
Chlorosilanes (SiH3Cl)MountainChlorosilanes are used for a variety of crafting and research projects such as Resource Extraction I, Optic, and Laser Mods I and II projects.”
Water (H20)Mountain“Water is one of the fundamental requirements for life which is used in research projects at the Research Laboratory”.
Tetraflourides (xF4)Mountain“Tetraflourides is used for research projects and to craft weapon mods such as Explosive Rounds and Hornet Nest.”
Lead (Pb)Mountain“Lead is a resource that is used in the majority of gear-crafting and base-building projects.”
Copper (Cu)Mountain“Copper is an uncommon inorganic resource used to unlock research projects, upgrade your gear, and build various Outpost.”

To find these resources, you first need to start your scanner and scan every part of the Sumati. Once you come across a mineral from the Starfield Sumati Survey Checklist, it will be marked as “Blue Outline.” It will turn into a “Green Outline” once scanned.

All Biomes on Sumati in Starfield

Specific biomes for the Sumati planet have not been discovered yet. However, you can explore the surface of this planet to investigate the points of interest generated here.

How to Discover Sumati Traits

Three planet traits are found on Sumati; you must take out your scanner and go toward the unknown location markers to discover them. You will find the following traits:

  • Psychotropic Biota: Discovered after scanning the Fungal Grottos in Lush or Unusual Groves
  • Diseased Biosphere: Discovered after scanning an Infected Grove.
  • Global Glacial Recession: Discovered after scanning two Glacial Remnants.

There are special places on Starfield Sumati that you can visit to get these traits mentioned above. From the looks, these places look like a marvel of nature, such as the mineral outgrowth or Fungal Colony. Once acquired, it will be marked as complete from the Survey Checklist.

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