Starfield The Key Vendors Locations Guide

While doing Starfield mission, you will visit spacestation named The Key which can be used to buy weapons, armor, aid items, and ships from vendors.

While doing “The Key Ingredients” mission, you will visit The Key location in Starfield, where you will find several Vendors. You will unlock this location after finishing the “Rook Meets King” side mission involving the Faction Chain of Crimson Fleet. The Key is a space station orbiting close to “Freestar Collective Space,” where you will find many pirate members who will buy and sell stolen items and weapons.

Weapons, Ammo, and other Gear Vendors in The Key

You will find Starfield Weapons, Ammo, and other Gear Vendors in The Key’s “Reckoner’s Core” area. All of these vendors are listed below:

TK’s Tactical Gear

To find TK’s Tactical Gear Shop in Starfield, you must first get inside the “The Reckoner’s Core” in The Key. Once there, go to The Depot, where you will find an NPC named “Taryn Kallis.”

You then need to start a conversation with him to buy armor pieces, including the “Pirate Assault Spacesuit, the Pirate Sniper Spacesuit, and the Calibrated Pirate Corsair Space Helmet.”

Aludra’s Weapon Shop

Aludra’s Weapon merchant in Starfield is also inside the “The Reckoner’s Core” of the Key. To get there, make your way to “The Depot” and take a left. After traveling to the location, you will find an NPC named “Aludra.”

He will sell you several weapons, such as “Rare Rifles, Suppressed Pistols, and Explosives.” Behind this Starfield The Key vendor is a secret location where you will find weapons inside cases that can be picked up for free.


Zuri’s Essential

To find Zuri’s Essential shop in the Key area of Starfield, you need to get close to the “The Trade Authority” inside the “The Depot Tunnel.” After traveling to the location, you will find an NPC named “Zuri.”

You need to start a conversation with this merchant to buy weapons and items such as “Powerful Guns, Neuro Amps, Space Suits, and Resources.”

Trade Authority

The Trade Authority vendor is also in “The Depot Tunnel” inside the “The Reckoner’s Core.” After initiating the conversation with “Trade Authority Ckerk,” you can buy weapons, such as “weapons, ammo, spacesuits, packs, helmets, and explosives.”

You can buy and sell “Stolen” and “Contraband” items using the same shop in Starfield The Key.

Starfield The Key Aid and Resources Vendors

In Starfield, you can visit the shops listed below to get Aid and Resources items:

Isra’s General Goods

To find Isra’s General Goods, you must get inside “The Depot” in the “The Reckoner’s Core” of The Key. After reaching there, you will find an NPC named “Isra Liskova.” Start the conversation with the vendor, and you can buy food and resource items.

Med Bay

You need to go to the “Last Nova Bar” inside “The Depot.” After getting inside, you will find an NPC vendor named “Samina Mizrah,” who will sell you a couple of Medical Supplies after starting the conversation.

The Last Nova

The Last Nova vendor is close to the “The Medbay” inside The Depot. You can buy drinks from a Bartender NPC named “Bog.” You will also find a companion named “Jessamine Griffin” with good Persuasion skills that you can hire for “12000 Credits”.

The Clinic

The Clinic Shop in Starfield is not technically inside The Key, but as it is orbiting close to “Freestar Collective Space,” we can regard it as inside the Key. To get there, you must use your ship and fly to a space station inside the “Narion System.”

You will also visit this space station as part of the “The Key Ingredients” mission. After getting inside, you will find an NPC named “Doctor Joseph,” who will sell you some aid items after starting the conversation.

Ship Vendors in The Key

The Key location in Starfield also offers a Ship Vendor which you can visit to buy ship as well as ship parts:

Ship Services

The Ship Services vendor is inside the “Reckoner’s Core” part of the Key location. To get there, you must leave the Space Port and take a left to the “Reckoner’s Core.”

Following this path will lead you to the Ship Service, where you will find an NPC named “Jasmine Durand.” You must initiate the conversation with her to access the “Ship Builder Menu.”

Inside the menu, you can buy ships such as “Crimson Fleet Phantom, the Crimson Fleet Haunt, and the Crimson Fleet Ghost.” If you are interested in purchasing ship parts, you will also find parts for “Nova Galactic, Stroud, and HopeTech.”

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