How To Get Tungsten In Starfield

Tungsten in Starfield can be used as a building material to build bases and storage containers.

Tungsten, also known as Wolfgram, is a valuable resource in Starfield that you can use to build structures. You will mine it from different planets, but Tungsten can also be added to your inventory using console commands. This method only works on the PC.

You will need Tungsten when building out your outposts. Getting Tungsten can be tricky since it is rare. But you can also purchase it from several shops on different planets to fast-track the process in Starfield.

Where to get Tungsten in Starfield?

Tungsten is typically mined on planets with cold environments in Starfield. Although you can also buy it from different vendors, mining it is the better option as you can get it in vast quantities. Four planets will be the main locations you can get, and mine Tungsten in Starfield.

Planets with Tungsten veins

Tungsten is one of the rarest resources you can acquire in Starfield. It is typically found on planets with extreme environments. Below are the best planets where you can farm some Tungsten veins in Starfield:

  • Titan (Sol)
  • Bondar (Alpha Centauri)
  • Voss (Alpha Centauri)
  • Pluto (Sol)

Once on the surface, use your scanner and look for things with a blue color to find Tungsten. Inside your heads-up display, you need to look for the “Wolfgram (W)” word, which will indicate the presence of Tungsten.

Titan is the most Tungsten-rich place among all the planets listed above, but it is also the farthest. Bondar is also a good option because it is close to your starting point, Vectra. You will need a Laser Cutter to mine Tungsten. You can get one while playing through the One Small Step mission in Starfield.

Shops that sell Tungsten

Additionally, you can buy Tungsten as a resource from various vendors and merchants in the game. Each block of Tungsten will cost you 16 Credits to purchase at their shop. You will get a discount of 2 Credits if you have Commerce Skill equipped.

ShopHow to Get it
Jemison MercantileYou must travel to Neon City, located inside the Volii Alpha planet. Once there, talk to an NPC named Dietrich Sieghart to get Tungsten.
UC DistributionTalk to an NPC named Wes Teng in a shop located in New Atlantis, Jemison. You will find the shop in the Commercial District.
Sieghart’s OutfittersYou need to travel to Neon city located inside the Volii Alpha planet. Once there, talk to an NPC named Dietrich Sieghart to get Tungsten.
Jae Montreal’s StoreThe NPC Jae will sell you Tungsten inside the shop located in the city named New Homestead. This city is inside the Titan planet in Starfield.
Tungsten shops Starfield

Starfield Tungsten Item ID

You can also cheat through the game and add Tungsten to your inventory via console commands. Open the console command menu with the “~” key and type: player.additem 0000556B n where the “n” at the end is the number of Tungsten blocks you want to receive.

For example, if you want to get 10 blocks, replace the “n” with a 10. If you want only 1, replace the “n” with 1.

Where to use Tungsten in Starfield?

Tungsten is used in building outposts and buildings in Starfield. You will also use it to build a drilling rig, fabricators, and research projects. It is an ingredient used in 36 crafting recipes, including the Extractor for Iron, Heavy Shielding for your spacesuit, and various shielding for your Helmet. You will also use it in various weapon mods, such as the Armor Piercing Rounds mod and Medium Magazine.

How to use an Extractor to farm Tungsten in Starfield

One of the best ways to farm Tungsten in Starfield is via an extractor. Extractors are outpost components that let you mine resources from a planet. This depends on the resources the planet is rich in. As we have discussed above, Titan, Bondar, Voss, and Pluto are all tungsten-rich planets, so this is where you’ll set up your Tungsten extractor.

To place an extractor. You’ll first need to find the vein of the resource. Once you’ve located a vein, place down an extractor. Resource extractors come in three main configurations, each with different resource and power requirements. You can build either of these three Tungsten extractors.

ExtractorPower RequirementResource Requirement
Tungsten5 Power5x Iron2x Tungsten4x Aluminum
Tungsten – Commercial10 Power2x Isotopic Coolant1x Drilling Rig4x Tungsten3x Adaptive Frame
Tungsten – Industrial20 Power6x Tungsten4x Isoptic Coolant5x Adaptive Frame1x Aldumite Drilling Rig
Tungsten extractor requirements Starfield

Select the one that best fits your needs. You’ll also need to set up an adequate power source for the success of this method. If you’ve done everything correctly, you should now have a steady supply of Tungsten.

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