Where To Farm Tungsten In Starfield

Tungsten in Starfield can be used as a building material to build bases and storage containers.

Tungsten, also known as Wolfgram, is a valuable resource in Starfield that you can use to build structures. These can be repurposed to be used as temporary bases and storage containers. Farming Tungsten is easy as it is an abundant resource, but you can also purchase it from several shops on different planets.

Starfield All Tungsten farming locations

To farm Tungsten, you need to visit areas where it is abundant. If we study the geography of Starfield, we will find out that it is in the composition of various planets.

Each planet has different mineral-rich characteristics, and you need to visit the ones where Tungsten is rich. Just a heads up about where you will be able to find Tungsten, which will be extremely cold. Therefore you need to wear gear according to that.

The Tungsten rich planets in Starfield are listed below:

  • Titan (Sol)
  • Bondar (Alpha Centauri)
  • Voss (Alpha Centauri)
  • Pluto (Sol)

Once you have reached the orbit of one of the Starfield planets above, you need to land your spaceship on the surface. Once on the surface, you need to use your scanner and look for a blue color to find the Tungsten. Inside your heads-up display, you need to look for the “Wolfgram (W)” word, which will indicate the presence of Tungsten.

Among all the planets listed above, Titan is the most Tungsten-rich place, but you need to travel far to get there. To get there, you need to Grav Jump to Saturn, and you will find Titan inside its orbit.


If you aim not to travel far in the Starfield galaxy, you can also travel to Bondar to get Tungsten. This is because it is close to your starting point, Vectra. Remember that the air of Bondar is filled with toxic fumes, which will increase your odds of getting Lung Damage. With the right medical equipment, you can prevent it.

Once you have made your way to the Tungsten place, you can use the Laser Cutter from One Small Step to mine it.

Where to buy Tungsten in Starfield

If you do not want to get into the hassle of mining Tungsten, you can also shop it from the following places. Each block of Tungsten will cost you 16 Credits to purchase. You will get a discount of 2 Credits if you have Commerce Skill equipped.

ShopHow to Get it
Jemison MercantileYou must travel to Neon City, located inside the Volii Alpha planet. Once there, talk to an NPC named Dietrich Sieghart to get Tungsten.
UC DistributionTalk to an NPC named Wes Teng in a shop located in New Atlantis, Jemison. You will find the shop in the Commercial District.
Sieghart’s OutfittersYou need to travel to Neon city located inside the Volii Alpha planet. Once there, talk to an NPC named Dietrich Sieghart to get Tungsten.
Jae Montreal’s StoreThe NPC Jae will sell you Tungsten inside the shop located in the city named New Homestead. This city is inside the Titan planet in Starfield.

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