Starfield Neon Vendors Locations Guide

Like many other Starfield locations, Neon has many Shops that you can visit to buy and sell different items and resources.

In Starfield, you will explore many vibrant cities, and Neon City will be one of those, reminding you of the Cyberpunk theme. Once you arrive in Starfield Neon, you can explore it to your heart’s content and watch out for different Vendors here.

This way, you can purchase items from these shops, including weapons, ammo, gear items, aid (food and drinks), resources, and apparel. If you have missed out on either of these vendor locations at the Starfield Neon City, then worry not, as I will discuss all these shop locations in this guide.

Weapons, Ammo, and other Gear Vendors in Neon

If you are looking to buy Weapons, Ammo, and Gear items at Neon City, you will be surprised to find a lot of vendors there. Each vendor will have these items stocked up at different prices in Starfield. We have listed 5 of these Shops located in various areas of the Neon City, providing you with all kinds of weapons, ammo, and other gear items.

Sieghart’s Outfitters

This is the first vendor in Starfield at the Neon City. You can buy weapons, armor gear, etc., from this specific vendor.

Trade Authority

If you have any stolen goods or contraband items, you can sell them to the merchant here by the name of Tade Authority at Neon City. This will include weapons, gear items, etc.

Neon Tactical

You will meet with a specific vendor, Frank Renick, at the Neon Tactical vendor shop at Neon City in Starfield. You can also purchase his weapons, armor, ammo, etc. here.


Newill’s Goods

At this particular vendor shop, you will be able to purchase a lot of things at a reasonable price. These will include Ammo, Gear, and Miscellaneous goods in Starfield.


Once you visit the Arboron vendor at Neon, you can get your hands on some fantastic weapons. These will include the likes of weapons such as particle beam weapons in Starfield.

Starfield Neon Aid and Resources Vendors

If you want to gather supplies in the form of Aid and Resources, you can visit different vendors at Neon City in Starfield.

Chunks (The Well)

In Starfield, you will come across the Chunks shops in different locations, and as such, you will find one in Neon City. This shop will serve you Aid in the form of Food products for a certain price.

Chunks Express

The Chunks Express is similar to the first shop, except you will find it at a different location. This shop will also serve you Aid in the form of Food products outside the Neon City.

Frankie’s Grab and Go

If you want a nice place to buy Food and Drinks (Aid), visit Frankie’s Grab and Go at Neon City in Starfield.

Legrande’s Liquors

Legrande’s Liquor store is another shop in Neon City that can offer you Aid in the form of Drinks and different Blends.

Mining League

You should also visit Mining League in Neon City if you are low on resources and require these for crafting purposes in Starfield. Moreover, you can also gather Mining supplies from here too.

Offworld Eats

This is like a fast-food shop that you will come across in Neon City in Starfield. It will offer you Aid in the form of Food and Drinks, which you can purchase reasonably.


The Quickshop is an excellent place to stop at Neon City to grab food and supplies. You can discover it quickly and can also purchase drinks from here.

Reliant Medical

In Starfield, you will come across different places which may offer you food and resources. However, the Reliant Medical shop provides you with Medical Aid, which can be resourceful if you want to recover your HP.


You can even visit the Ryujin Shop at Neon City to buy different clothing items (apparel) and Neurocamps for additional Buffs in Starfield.

TerraBrew Coffee

The TerraBrew Coffee spot is quite an excellent place to serve you any drink (Aid) if you want to take a break from your adventures at Neon City.


The Tranquilitea area also provides you with Aid in the form of Drinks and Miscellaneous Items in Starfield.

Xenofresh Seafood

The Xenofresh Seafood shop serves Food, which you can purchase from this store at the Neon City in Starfield.

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