Starfield: The Well Location In New Atlantis

Find the hidden underground city called The Well.

The Well is an underground district or city in Starfield home to many vendors, establishments, and even a Medbay. It is situated under the city of New Atlantis. This may seem easy to access, but it’s the opposite.

You need to know about a specific area to reach the Well. Let’s continue with this guide on how to reach The Well Starfield and more about the area.

Where to find The Well in Starfield New Atlantis

To reach The Well, you don’t need to go anywhere from your starting point as this location is in the UC capital city, the New Atlantis. This city is on planet Jemison, which is in the system you start the game in, Alpha Centauri System.

There are different ways to access The Well in Starfield. The first location from where you can reach The Well is behind the Jemison Mercantile. Go to the elevator in the Spaceport District on the right side of Jemison Mercantile. Select the Well option, and you’ll be there.

The second way to reach the Well is through the MAST Districts. Go to the MAST district in Starfield via a transit car. Then, go straight towards the elevator on the right side of the room and get to the Well.

Another entryway to the Well is through The Lodge. After joining Constellation, you’ll get access to the Lodge, which opens a new path to The Well. Come outside the crafting room in the Lodge to find a door on the left. Access it to get to the Well.

List of Shops, items, and quests at The Well

The Well area in Starfield has many shops where you can buy different aid items, resources, weapons, etc. Below, you will find all the shops in The Well and items they have for sale.

ShopItems for Sale
Jake’sAid (Food and Drinks)
Apex ElectronicsResources and Miscellaneous Items
UC SurplusWeapons and Gear
MedBayAid and Healing
Kay’s HouseAid (Food and Drinks)
The Trade AuthorityAmmo, weapons, rare materials, and clothes

The Well has some good side quests to raise your EXP during exploration. Here is the list of all the side quests not connected to any other quest in Starfield.

The Kindness of Strangers150 EXP and 2000 Credits
The Boot150 XP and Some credits
Suspicious Activities50 EXP and Some credits
A Shipment for Salinas100 EXP and Some credits
Reliable Care100 EXP and 2500 credits
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