Red Dead Redemption 2 100% Completion Checklist Guide

Relishing the full Wild West adventure demands you to have finished the game with 100% completion. Especially with a game like Red Dead Redemption 2, you’ll want to set your foot in every corner, tame every beast, and uncover every secret.

See if you can really tell your friends that you’ve completed the game in its entirety with this RDR2 100% Completion Checklist Guide.

Red Dead Redemption 2 100% Completion Checklist

Finishing the main story in RDR2 is only the start of the real deal. Apart from the Stranger Missions and side activities for leisure, you can need to unlock a whole lot more before you can claim to have completed the game in its entirety.

These include gathering a bunch of collectibles, fishing a tonne of challenges, and discover a whole lot of interactions within the environment. Below, you’ll find all the tasks that are required to be accomplished for 100% completion of the game.

Main Story

  • Finish all the chapters of the game, 107 missions in total.

Side Activities


  • Discover and inspect 50 different animals.
  • Discover and acquire 10 pieces of equipment.
  • Discover and inspect 10 different species of fish.
  • Discover 10 different breeds of horses.
  • Discover and operate 48 different Weapon Types.
  • Encounter all 6 Gangs.
  • Discover and obtain 20 different wild plants.
  • Discover all 5 Shacks.


  • Finish all Challenges.
  • Reach maximum level of Health, Stamina and Deadeye attributes.
  • Reach maximum level of bond with Horse.



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