How To Complete Gatakis Shrine In Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom

Ride the Winds to reach the top of the Gatakis Shrine.

Gatakis Shrine in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is about using your glider in conjunction with air drafts to reach the places that seem impossible to access. This shrine is important for two reasons: To open a fast travel point near the Rito Village and to learn the Glider mechanism in strong air currents to defeat the Wind Temple boss.

Locating and entering the Gatakis Shrine in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is relatively easy, but solving its puzzle requires extreme precision. In this guide, we will help you complete this shrine with our detailed step-by-step guide and acquire its only treasure chest in the process.

Gatakis Shrine Location in Zelda: TotK

Gatakis Shrine is present inside the Rito Village and serves as a checkpoint for the area. You can reach this area by creating upward air drafts by throwing a pinecone in a campfire or by burning a collection of logs. You can also use the nearest Skyview Tower to reach this shrine successfully.


This area is extremely cold, so we recommend purchasing the Snowquill Armor set first.

The exact coordinates for the Gatakis Shrine in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom are (-3651, 1802, 0168) and it is to the west of Central Hyrule. We recommend finding and unlocking this shrine as soon as possible as you will be visiting this area a lot.

Gatakis Shrine Walkthrough

The puzzle presented by the Gatakis Shrine in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is known as Ride the Winds. The objective of this puzzle is to use wind currents to get high in the air and reach the areas that are otherwise inaccessible.

1. From the shrine’s entrance, go straight and jump from the ledge to glide across the gap safely.

2. Keep gliding and turn right to cross the lasers. Make sure that you don’t hit them, or you will lose a good chunk of health.

3. Upon reaching the next area, jump down a massive hole. There is a spinning slab inside with a hole to pass through.

4. There is a strong wind current that won’t allow you to descend if you try to glide. Position yourself and dive (press the R button) through the opening in the slab.

5. There is a massive ice structure beneath that you can break by attacking it with either Fire Arrows or simply crushing it with a weapon.

6. Go down further and then turn left to locate a ledge with the treasure chest. There is a construct enemy there so be careful.

7. Use your glider to gain some more height and land safely on the ledge. Defeat the enemy and open the treasure chest to obtain a Strong Construct Bow.

8. Use the glider to gain some air again and then dive through the opening in the meshed wall near the two construct archers.

9. Make sure to open your glider once more to reach the altar room at the top of the shrine.

10. Interact with Rauru and Sonia’s statues to complete the puzzle of the Gatakis Shrine in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom and obtain a Light of Blessing as a reward. You can exchange four Lights of Blessing at any goddess statue to either increase your health or stamina.

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