Red Dead Redemption 2 Dreamcatchers Locations Guide

Dreamcatchers are collectibles in the game that you can find scattered across Red Dead Redemption 2. They are hanging from trees and in order to interact with they you need to stand under them and inspect.

There are a total 20 Red Dead Redemption 2 Dreamcatcher in total. In this RDR2 Dreamcatcher Locations Guide, we are going to point out where you can find all the Dreamcatchers collectible in the game.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Dreamcatchers Locations

You will be able to take on the quest for dreamcatchers after starting RDR2 Chapter 2.

You will feel that the locations of these dreamcatchers are very random and spotting them can be quite a tricky thing. So you need to eye for the trees that look a bit different than their surroundings and if you still can’t figure them out and you think you are in the proximity of a dreamcatcher, you can use your eagle eye, you will see the dreamcatchers tree will be glowing yellow and it will be obvious.

After you have spotted an RDR2 dreamcatcher just walk up to it and investigate it. By just doing that it will be added to your log. Here is the list of all the dreamcatchers with their brief locations:

  1. East of Cotorra Springs, north of the train tracks.
  2. West to the trail north of Dakota River and to the southwest of window Rock.
  3. On the Grizzlies west, north of the Cattail Pond.
  4. Southwest of Valentine.
  5. West of Caliban’s Seat.
  6. West of Letneck Station.
  7. East of Caliban’s Seat and south of Citadel Rock.
  8. North of Citadel Rock.
  9. Southeast of Twin Stack Pass, in the Heartlands.
  10. Far south of Emerald Ranch.
  11. Between the fork in the road northwest of Bluewater Marsh.
  12. North of dreamcatcher #10, before the fork in the road.
  13. Northwest of Emerald Ranch, on the south end of Heartland Overflow.
  14. In the center of “O” in New Hanover northeast of Emerald Ranch.
  15. Far northeast of Grizzles East, near a watchtower.
  16. Near a river and fork in the road north of Annesburg.
  17. Near the “N” in Annesburg on the map, overlooking a fork.
  18. Below “U” of Annesburg on the map, near the road.
  19. Below “S” of Annesburg, to the east of road.
  20. Overlooking the Elysian Pool

For your convenience, we have created a locations map of Dreamcatchers that you can find in RDR2 – right-click to open image in full-size:


Once you have collected all of the Dreamcatchers, you will unlock a reward that is locked in the cave that is located behind the Elysium Pool Waterfall in Roanoke Ridge.

You need to head to the main chamber and climb up the slope. You will reach an alcove. You will find a cave painting on your right.

Here you need to examine the painting of the Buffalo with a hole in its eye. Doing this will get you an ancient arrowhead.

This is a special item that makes your Stamina Meter last twice as long you drawing your bow. If you are a stealth player, then this additional stamina will come in handy.

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