Red Dead Redemption 2 Rock Carvings Locations Guide

Rock Carvings have been an act of people from the lands before time to try to save their legacies for their descendants. Similarly, Rockstar has decided to add Rock Carvings in Red Dead Redemption 2 and we have decided to take it upon ourselves to construct a guide that will totally help you in your journey to find them.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Rock Carvings Locations

Finding Rock Carvings is a part of Geology for Beginners Stranger Mission. Rock Carvings is an art, and art is an explosion!

Firstly, there are 10 Rock Carvings in Red Dead Redemption 2. Additionally, you can also collect all 10 to easily complete Collector’s Item Achievement/Trophy.

Most of the Rock Carvings are pretty easy to notice. They aren’t very hard to find but if you do run across any trouble with them, our RDR2 Rock Carvings Guide will definitely help you.

Before you begin, you will need to start the Stranger Mission “Geology for Beginners”. Geology for Beginners can be initiated by talking to the guy at a hut, northwest edge of Strawberry. He goes by the name “Francis Sinclair”.

Rock Carving #1
Head to the Grizzlies’ west region and follow the road that leads to Mount Hagen. As you reach the end of the road, you will find a rock with the Rock Carving on the side of the mountain. This Rock Carving is the one with the dirigible balloon aircraft thing. Make sure to wear some warm clothing as you are going on a snowy area and the whole peak will be covered with snow.

RDR 2 Rock Carving Mount Hagen
Rock Carving #2
Head towards the Whinyard Straight until you reach the point where it says ‘h’ of Whinyard. To reach that point, follow the road until you reach the bridge.

Whinyard rock carving
From the bridge, follow the river, towards the Whinyard Straight sign, West Grizzlies, Ambarino, North of Window Rock, you will find the Rock Carving on the left side. The eagle-looking carving is along the rock ledge of Whinyard Straight.

Rock Carving #3
The west of Cumberland is the region for Rock Carving 3. In the Northwestern corner of Cumberland Forest, New Hanover, climb the mountain, and walk until you reach the edge of it.

Head northwest of the ‘C’ in Cumberland Forrest, and you will find a large cliff that is overlooking the Dakota River. Make your way beneath the cliff and you will reach a small mountain pass leading down. Climb down through any means, and you will find the Rock Carving on a rock. It’s a utopian city’s Rock Carving, apparently.

Rock Carving #4
To the north of Fort Wallace, and directly beneath Bacchus Station in Cumberland Forest, New Hanover is the fourth Rock Carving. Once you reach the spot, you will find the Rock Carving directly beside the ‘S’ of Bacchus ‘S’tation.

RDR2 bacchus station rock carving
Follow the little hill’s climb and you will find the Rock Carving through a passage leading down to the other side of the little hill. The Rock Carving can be spotted facing high up the river. It’s a man-angel or something.

Rock Carving #5
Beneath the Moonstone Pond, and on a plateau, you will find a rock that has been carved as a pyramid from the inside. Head towards it and you definitely can’t miss it. An ancient Aztec empire, I think. It is very easy to reach with the least amount of danger of falling down.

Rock Carving #6
Head towards Roanoke, and you will find this collectible Rock Carving to be facing towards the road. You definitely can’t miss it if you are standing on the road.

Rock Carving #7
The east side of the Elysian Pool is de wae. You will see a massive rock to the east side of the pool, by the road. Head towards it and you definitely won’t miss the Rock Carving.

elysian pool rock carving
Rock Carving #8
The northwest of Flatneck Station is where you’ll find your next target. Climb the mountain in the region and you will find the rock Rock Carving almost at the top of the mountain. It looks like 2 walls on top of each other.

RDR2 rock carving
Rock Carving #9
Walk off the edge of the mountain beneath Mount Shann and towards the Hawks Eye Creek. You will find the Rock Carving at the ‘T’ of West Elizabeth. It looks like a strand of DNA to me, to be honest. You will be able to see the wooden cabin at the base of the mountain which will be your right spot to find the rock carving.

Rock Carving #10
Directly to the west of Strawberry, you will find the Rock Carving in the river of Owanjila. The rock carving is just southwest of the ‘O’ in Owanjila Lake. Follow this river and you definitely can’t miss the Rock Carving. An alternate way to find the rock carving can be approaching the west of the ‘L’ in Owanjila Dam.

owanjila rock carving
Post-Collection – After collecting all the Rock Carvings’ coordinates in the game (10/10), be sure to visit the Post Office.

We would recommend the Post Office in Strawberry because, well, you can’t be angry while saying ‘Strawberry’, can you? (I mean, I can’t. It’s probably Strawberry Shortcake’s fault.)

It will take 2 days in-game time for the Rock Carvings’ coordinates to be sent, so try to follow another quest in the meantime.

After 2 days, return to the Post-Office to receive an “Invitation from Francis Sinclair”. Visit Sir Francis again and the secret mission will now be complete.

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