Red Dead Redemption 2 Shacks Locations Guide

In Red Dead Redemption 2, shacks and cabins can be found in the wilderness. These might look like worthless buildings at first sight but they can have stories and secrets of their own hidden inside. You can also find items to collect.

These items include valuables, cigarettes, and special tonics. The total completion requires that you find at least 5 of these RDR2 shacks and cabins.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Shacks Locations

For your convenience, we have created a map that displays the locations of all available cabins in RDR2 to attain 100% completion status. Please refer to serial numbers in the table and the corresponding pointers on the RDR2 map.

There is a lot of depth in RDR2 and you never know what you will find in one of these buildings. This RDR2 Guide helps you pinpoint which shack you want to go to. The shacks are marked with the home icon.

Dormin Crest Shack (Shack #1)

This shack is located towards the Northwest, in the icy areas of the map. It’s west of Spider Gorge and Deadboot Creek. It’ll be out in the wilderness and is pretty hard to miss. Inside you’ll find a Cigarette Card and some rations.

Fairwale Shanty Shack (Shack #2)

In the somewhat opposite direction of the previous shack. This one can be found in the Northeast. In other words, directly north of the Grizzlies East. On your map, where you see the word ‘AMBARINO’, the shack can be spotted right above the ‘O’. It’s in an unassuming location, with nothing really surrounding it. You’ll find several things here: a couple of corpses, platinum stopwatch, a gold nugget, and jewelry.

Snowfield Shack (Shack #3)

This is directly south of where the Dormin Crest Shack is located; west of Lake Isabella, look around for a snow covered shack. Inside it you’ll find a cheat code waiting for you inside a locked drawer.

Dodd’s Bluff Cabin (Shack #4)

Directly south of Widow Creek, near the river. To be more specific, the point where a straight line heading west of Fort Wallace and a line heading south of Widow Creek intersect, that is where the shack is located. You’ll locate a pair of corpses, salmon, a gold nugget, and hair pomade.

Clawson’s Rest Shack (Shack #5)

This shack can be found northwest from Valentine – follow the Dakota River and you’ll eventually find the shack. Break in or open the lock to enter to discover a ghastly sight. Outside of that, you’ll be able to acquire 3 Cigarette Cards, a book, and rations.

Martha’s Swain Shack (Shack #6)

This shack can be found in between Annesburg and Moonstone Pond; or in other words, slightly east from ‘Three Sisters’. Plenty of rations and jewelry to be found here.

Hani’s Bethel (Shack #7)

Head to Emerald Ranch and from there, start heading up north. Slightly northeast of Heartland Overflow, on the map, you’ll see a small lake; the shack is near it. You’ll have an interesting encounter with a UFO.

Vetter’s Echo Cabin (Shack #8)

In the northern part of Big Valley, east of the Pronghorn Ranch, you’ll find this shack (it’s slightly below where you can see the word ‘Little’ written on the map). There, you’ll find a Cigarette Card and some money.

Shepherd’s Rise Cabin (Shack #9)

This shack is only available in the epilogue, and it can be found southeast of Wallace Station, close to the train tracks – North of Strawberry.

Ridge View Cabin (Shack #10)

Another shack that’s only available in the epilogue – this one is directly east of Emerald Station, just a hop and skip away. The shack is filled with herbs that can refill your Deadeye Meter.

Osman Grove Cabin (Shack #11)

This one is south of where the Clawson’s Rest Shack is located – southwest of Ridge View. Inside this shack you’ll discover a few corpses, alongside them you’ll gain possession of a book and some provisions.

Lenora View Cabin (Shack #12)

This one is northeast of Hawks Eye Creek and northwest of Monto’s Rest. This shack doesn’t have much to offer outside of a letter pertaining to a relevant character.

Old Trail Rise Shack (Shack #13)

This shack is located in the Heartlands, east of Dewberry Creek. The shack is a victim of some conflagration and looks the part. It has a basement so be sure to explore it thoroughly. You’ll find a Valerian Root, a Cigarette Card, and behind one of the stones there will be a wad of cash.

Robard Farm (Shack #14)

This shack is located north of Rhodes, more specifically this shack is located slightly north of Southfield Flats Pond. Inside the shack you’ll discover a Cigarette Card, some money, and a few provisions.

Bayall Edge Shack (Shack #15)

Can be located in the west part of the Bayou, slightly east of where it says ‘Kamassa River’ on the map. This shack will contain information that alludes to Armadillo’s fate.

Bear Claw Shack (Shack #16)

This shack can be found southwest of Blackwater – southwest of Manzanita Post. This will not be a lone shack, rather a set of them. All the goodies can be located at the bottom of a dried up well; a lockbox filled with money.

Argil Rise Cabin (Shack #17)

The third and final shack that can only be accessed during the epilogue. This shack can be located southeast of Rhodes.

Crawdad Willies Shack (Shack #18)

This shack can be found directly east of where Shady Belle is located. Not difficult to uncover, primarily due to the fact that there will actually be people here to interact with. Inside the cabin, you’ll spot a trail of blood, following which will lead you to two escaped convicts, one of whom is dead. If you let the remaining convict go, he’ll tip you off about a location where you’ll uncover a fair amount of money.

Old Harry Fen Shack (Shack #19)

South of Bolger Blade and southeast of Braithwaite Manor, this rundown shack used to belong to an ex-slaver. There’s not much in terms of collectibles here, but the shack does offer an interesting story about its inhabitants.

This was our RDR2 Shacks Locations Guide. Let us know what you think about the game so far!

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