Red Dead Redemption 2 Dinosaur Bones Locations Guide

In order to complete the Stranger Mission titled A Test of Faith in Red Dead Redemption 2, you need to collect Dinosaur Bones that are hidden all across the game’s world.

The Stranger Mission can be started by beginning the second chapter and talking to the stranger who happens to be excavating fossils. The stranger can be found towards the south of Horseshoe Overlook.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Dinosaur Bones Locations

Dinosaur Bones in Red Dead Redemption 2 can be fairly tough to find, especially if you don’t know where to look for them. To help you with that, we have created a map that will show you all the locations of this collectible.

To complete “A Test of Faith”, you need to find a total of 30 Dinosaur Bones in RDR2. The following are the locations of these RDR2 Bones followed by an image of the map showing you where to look for them exactly.

These descriptions might seem a bit confusing so we have marked the location on the map for you. You can check out the locations below – right-click to open the image in full size.

Heartlands Oil Field Bone
Location: At the bottom of the well under the oil derrick.

Head to the Heartlands Oil Rig. Head down the ladder to find the shapely Dino-Skull.

Heartlands Dewberry Creek Bone
Location: West of Dewberry Creek, in the open.

Head to Dewberry Creek, just north of Eris Field, and to the west, you will find an open rocky area where the bone is located.

Scarlett Meadows Dewberry Creek
Location: South of Dewberry Creek, in the open.

On the Map, located the place just beneath ‘L’ of Lemoyne. There should be a small creek, on this creek use Eagle Eye to find the bone.

Heartlands Grassy Hill Bone
Location: On a grassy hill in the open.

Head east of Flatneck Station, and follow the railroad between it and the Old Greenbank Mill, head slightly north. You will find the bone on the grassy hill.

Big Valley Rocky Slope Bone
Location: On a rocky hill in the open.

In West Elizabeth, there will be a rocky slope (see map) that you can navigate to on your horse, while near the top, look down and use dead-eye to spot the bone.

Grizzlies Rock Wall Bone
Location: At the base of the rock cliff.

In the north side of the dakota river up from Valentine, a little bit to the left of the path will be the location of the bone.

Heartlands Cliff Face Bone
Location: At the base of the rock cliff.

Take the road southwest that rides along the Dakota River. In a ridge in the road, head up to a cliff face, the bone will be at the base of the cliff.

Heartlands Abandoned Shack Bone
Location: On the ground, south of the cabin.

In New Hanover head to north over the ‘O’ of Hanover, and you will find an abandoned shack, face south to find this bone.

Cholla Springs High Desert Bone
Location: Inside a small rock wall at the base of the hill.

West of Rattlesnake Hollow, you will find this arm bone dug into the side of the base of a ridge.

Cholla Springs Jorge’s Gap
Location: On a hill, southwest of Jorge’s Gap, in the bushes.

Along the western ridge of Jorge’s Gap, the bone is just north of Mercer Station between the bushes.

Hennigan’s Stead Pike’s Basin
Location: On a plateau at the west of the canyon.

Head along the western route to a ridge just above the bottom of the dried river in Hennigan’s Pike. You will find the bone here.

Hennigan’s Stead San Luis River
Location: Above the river shore to the north of the small islet.

In San Luis will be a small shore, make your way up and use deadeye to find the bone.

Cumberland Forest Six Point Overlook
Location: At the top of the cliff. Just at the edge.

This bone is found at the top of the southeastern edge of Six Point Overlook.

Grizzlies Calumet Ravine
Location: In the red rocky outcrop, near the top of the hill.

Off the path north on the east side of Donner Falls, the bone is located near the hilltop.

Grizzlies Dakota River Ledge

Location: On a small ledge below the top of the cliff.

Go northwest of Fort Wallace, on the other side of the river, make your way to the high ledge, approaching from Cotorra Springs. Use dead-eye to find the bone.

Grizzlies Northern Boundary
Location: On a grassy hill in the open.

Follow the north road at Grizzlies East on your map, you will get to a flowery grove. Head south and up a hill to find the bone.

Grizzlies O’Creagh’s Run Overlook
Location: On the ridgeline, west of OÇreagh’s Run.

East of Grizzlies East, waltz through mountaintops and you will eventually find the bone stuck in the ground.

Ridge Overlook
Location: On a rocky plateau south of the railway bridge.

If you head east from O’Creagh’s Run, you will find a railroad junction adjacent to Roanoke Valley’s. You will find the bone here.

Cumberland Forest Bacchus
Location: Next to a stone spike at the top of the rock cliff southwest of the Bacchus Station.

Head to Fort Wallace, approaching from the north of the Dakota River. Ride uphill until you reach a ridge near Bacchus station. Bone will find the bone here.

Roanoke Ridge Valley Overlook
Location: On the cliff that overlooks the path heading down toward the Brandywine Drop waterfall.

Head up Roanoke Ridge, up the path near to Brandywine Drop waterfall, you will find a ridge. The bone is here.

Roanoke Ridge Kamassa River
Location: On the intermediate level of the cliffs on the west side of Kamassa River.

Head up to the west bank from Elysian pool sup the Kamassa River. The bone will be located near here.

Roanoke Ridge Van Horn
Location: A thick bone on the ground at the edge of the clearing.

Northwest of Van Horn, you will find this bone under the trees.

Heartlands Northern Boundary
Location: At the top of the cliff close to the edge.

On top of a hill just west of Valentine, this bone is found.

Big Valley Beryl’s Dream Overlook
Location: On rocky terrain, about halfway up Mount Shann, where the path winds in an approximate S shape.

Near Mount Shann, you will find a road with a wiggling “S” road, at the top of this road is the bone’s location.

Heartlands Southern Gorge

Location: Follow the bed of the dried-up river next to the oil derrick. The bone is near the top of the hill.

Follow the dried-up river from the Heartlands Oil Rig, head to the source of the river, the bone will be here.

Big Valley Northern Cave
Location: Inside a cave at the bottom of Mount Hagen.

Take the road north from Wallace Station and steer left to the bottom of a slope of hills. It is inside a cave.

Rio Bravo Del Lobo Rock
Location: On the small slope near the eastern top of Rio Del Lobo Rock.

Southeast of Fort Mercer along a ridge, you will need to head to the southern tip. You will find the bone here.

Rio Bravo San Luis River
Location: On the big rock plateau overlooking Fort Mercer.

The bone is present southwest of Fort Mercer, on a ridge overlooking the San Luis River.

Gaptooth Ridge North Tumbleweed
Location: At the top of the cliff overlooking the canyon, on the east side.

Go to the summit of the canyon. Use dead-eye to find the bone.

Gaptooth Ridge South Tumbleweed
Location: At the southeast edge of the plateau overlooking Tumbleweed.

Go to the south of Tumbleweed to a ridge overlooking the plain. The bone will be in the ground.

Paleontologist Deborah McGuinness asks you to find the locations of 30 Dinosaur Bones and you have to mail the coordinates of the bones in order to get rewards. You get different rewards depending on the number of Dinosaur Bones you find.

The following are the rewards and the number of bones that you need to find in order to get each reward.

Number of Locations Mailed Reward
1 Quartz Chunk
15 Skull Statue
30 Deborah MacGuniess Invitation Jawbone Knife


This was our RDR2 Dinosaur Bones Locations Guide. Let us know how your experience has been and whether or not you are enjoying the game?

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