Red Dead Redemption 2 Robbery Locations 

In Read Dead Redemption 2, you will be committing robberies for various purposes. To be successful, you will need to know where to find them.

Robbery is an integral part of Red Dead Redemption 2 as you will do these both outside and outside missions. For many players, these can be confusing, especially where to find these robberies. For this very purpose, we have drafted the RDR2 Robbery Guide that will focus on the various locations and the walkthrough of each of these robberies. 

1. Home Robbery Locations

These kinds of robberies have been here forever. Homestead stash Robberies are available in RDR2 right from the start of Chapter 2. During homestead robberies, you must find and retrieve a certain stash hidden away in that house and, finally, escape. 

Doing them when everyone is sleeping is the best way to complete homestead robberies. Otherwise, it can get pretty violent. We would not recommend robbing a house in the middle of the day. 

Aberdeen Pig Farm 

This homestead stash robbery is a bit darker than the others because of the encounter you will have. You’ll come across this homestead to the Southeast of Emerald Ranch. 

A couple invites you in for a drink. If you go inside and start to look around, you’ll get the feeling that something is not quite right mainly because you’ll find some bones in a cabinet upstairs. If you accept the couple’s offer for a drink, you’ll pass out, and they will rob you. 

You will wake up in a ditch and then have to go back for your money. Kill them and take the money back from behind the painting in the dining room. Then loot the woman’s body for a Silver Chain Bracelet that is needed for the Bear Claw Talisman. You can then proceed to loot the rest of the house. 

 (If you want, you can just kill them right away and skip the whole encounter before looting them but that’s less fun). 

Catfish Jacksons 

A father and son live in this homestead that is located directly south of Braithwaite Manor and south of Rhodes. What’s interesting about this homestead is that you can see a story play out every time you revisit it. The first time you go there, you hear an argument between the father and the son. 

The second time you see the father sleeping outside while the son is in his room. The third time, the father will be very angry because the son is missing. Coming again later, the roles will be reversed, and the father will be the one missing. 

If you’re just interested in looting then from the start, you can loot a chest outside the house.  Then go inside and take down the father before threatening the boy into giving you the location of the stash. It’s in the chimney that has the double-barrel shotgun hanging above it (which you can also collect) 

Chez Porter (Time-Sensitive) 

This is the first Homestead robbery you can do, so approach Javier at Horseshoe Overlook once you finish The First Shall Be Last.  You two will then ride to the Chez Porter across the Dakota River, north of Valentine. 

You’ll have to walk for a bit and then spy on the house with binoculars. Eventually, you’ll get your chance to move in closer so take cover behind the rock to the right while Javier makes a distraction by setting a shed ablaze. Take out the enemies as they approach the burning structure and then get ready for more to show up out of the house and barn. 

You can rob the Chez Porter homestead once you’ve cleared the area of enemies. Be sure to collect the hidden stash from under a crate in the barn, along with the Weapon Case in the house. Also, get the Pump Action Shotgun from the bedroom. 

Lonnie’s Shack (Time-Sensitive) 

You can visit this homestead with Sean during a companion activity in Chapter 3. Or you can even do it alone, but we suggest you go with Sean. This homestead is South of Emerald Station, just near the Aberdeen Pig Farm. 

If you approach it alone, you’ll see 4 guys getting drunk together. They might pass out if you wait long enough and then simply sneak in to loot the house. Alternatively, you can shoot them, but that’s the riskier route. Just spare one so he can tell you about the location of their stash. 

Either way, once you’re inside, be sure to collect the  Double-Action Revolver from a weapon case under a bed 

Van Horn Mansion 

This mansion is located directly south of Van Horn. You can try sneaking into the basement during nighttime or come during the day and kill both people there to start looting. Once inside, start collecting whatever you can, especially the bag of money on the table. 

Watson’s Cabin 

This cabin is Northwest of Wallace Station and north of Strawberry, as marked on the map below. 

When you enter the house, an old woman will confuse you with someone else and tell you to leave the “delivery” down in the cellar. If you go down there, you can collect the Semi-Auto Shotgun from a weapon case and loot other things while she yells at you from upstairs.  Once you’re back upstairs, she’ll call you out for robbing her and swear her sons will make you pay. 

Come back a day later, and the sons will attack you, so kill them all along with her (she’ll be shooting at you, too) before going inside to loot the lockbox on the table. Also, loot the chest in the corner and the nearby nightstand for more collectibles, such as the Gold Earring you need for the Boar Tusk Talisman. 

Willard’s Rest 

You can find this homestead by the Northeast edge of the world map after you complete the quest ‘A Fork in the Road’ during Chapter 6. 

A woman known as Charlotte lives here, and she will ask you to teach her hunting. You can revisit her multiple times, and when you help her with a shooting lesson during one of these visits, you’re allowed to loot a Jewelry Box in her bedroom when you wake up. 

2. Stagecoach Robbery Missions

Stagecoach robberies are available from the start of the game, but you make robberies more profitable by completing the quest ‘The Spines of America’ of Chapter 2. As soon as you complete the quest ‘Friends in Very Low Places’ of Chapter 3, you can unlock six additional coach robbery missions. 

You will need to talk to two specific ‘discouraged’ employees, specifically ‘Hector’ and ‘Alden’, at the post offices to get hints on the location of the six coaches. 

You can find Hector in the Strawberry Post Office and Alden in the Rhodes Post Office. Additionally, you will find notes in your suitcase that reveal more information on your targeted coaches. 

Fort Riggs 

Hector’s first tip informs you of a coach from Blackwater coming to River Road near Fort Riggs. It has a couple of guards, so you can run at it guns blazing or take up a vantage point on top of the mountain past the river. Once the guards are dealt with, break open the lockbox at the back of the coach and get $110. 

Appleseed Timber 

This is the second tip you get from Hector. The coach will arrive at Appleseed Timber, just Northeast of Strawberry. Do this one however you want. Shoot the guards, call out the driver, or plant dynamite on the road. Once that’s done, collect money from the box at the back. 


The third tip from Hector points you West of Strawberry. An armored coach is carrying the bank’s money to Owanjila. Get some dynamite, kill the guards, and throw the stick into the coach to blow it up. Then retrieve the money from inside before getting out of there. 

North Scarlett Meadows Coach 

Alden will give you this tip the first time you visit him. This stagecoach is carrying antiques just Northwest of Blackwater. You can see the location by checking the North Scarlett Meadows Coach Tip in your inventory. 

Go to the location and wait for the stagecoach to appear. When it does, you can lie to the driver so that one of the guards has to check the wheel. You can then take out all the guards by using your Dead Eye skill. Alternatively, you can rob the coach as soon as you see it, but the previous method is more efficient. 

Then, carefully drive the stagecoach to Seamus at the Emerald Ranch Fence to get paid. Ensure you don’t drop any statues by driving recklessly, which will lead to a lesser payout. 

South Scarlett Meadows Coach 

Talk to Alden in Rhodes, and he’ll inform you that this carriage is heading through a road southwest at Bolger Glade. Go there and wait for the coach, then take out the driver as soon as it arrives. 

The passenger will run, tackle, and interrogate him until he points out the location of the lockbox. You can find it under the coach, so take the money and, if you want, drive the carriage over to Seamus for $25. 

Coach Convoy 

This is the last tip Aiden gives you. It’s about a coach approaching the Railway bridge northeast of Hill Haven Ranch. This convoy is heavily guarded, so the best approach is to stand on the bridge and snipe the guards from a distance. Loot both coaches when you’ve taken out all enemies. You can collect cash from lockboxes at the back of each coach. 

Coach Robbery: Sean (Time-Sensitive) 

On the outskirts of Valentine. 

Coach Robbery: Bill (Time-Sensitive) 

Northwest of Dewberry Creek. 

Coach Robbery: Micah (Time-Sensitive) 

At the Van Der Linde’s camp. 

Coach Robbery: Lenny (Time-Sensitive) 

Shady Belle mansion. 

3. Shop Robbery Locations 

Have you ever been scammed by a shop so bad that you’ve wanted to rob them? Well, fear not! You can do this in this ultimate crime simulator: Red Dead Redemption 2. 

Shop robberies are a unique part of the Red Dead Redemption 2 Robbery feature. Do note that some of the shops have small stories to tell and rewards for you to claim. Look for clues in those shops. Once you have enough information, talk to the shop owner, and he will reveal the shop’s deepest secret. 

Rhodes Gunsmith 

At the gunsmith’s store in Rhodes, you can hear a boy asking for help from the basement. He’s talking to you through the window, so you need to confront the shop owner. Threaten him with a gun until he takes you down to the basement to where the boy is. The boy is a kidnap victim because he resembles the Gunsmith’s missing son. 

Shoot the boy’s chains to free him and then loot the Lockbox, along with the Weapon Case that has the Lancaster Repeater in it. 

Saint-Denis Gunsmith 

Enter the gunsmith in Saint-Denis and knock on the locked door in the backroom. You’ll be told to leave, so threaten the shopkeeper until he unlocks your door. Immediately melee the guard inside and threaten him so that he tells you the location of the gambling room upstairs. 

Head up to the third floor and enter the second door. Grab the money from the table and then check the vault behind the guy standing there. 

Strawberry General Store 

Head to this story in Strawberry and check for a window under the front porch. If you look inside, you can see the shopkeeper’s illegal moonshine business, so head inside the store and threaten him at gunpoint. 

He will then take you down to the basement, and although there initially appears to be nothing of value there, you need to be persistent in your threats until the shopkeeper reveals the location of a hidden stash behind a loose brick. Take what’s in there and head out. 

Valentine Doctor 

This robbery location is unlocked in Chapter 2. Go around the doctor’s building, and you’ll see a security door. Knock on it, and you’ll be told to bugger off. So, go to the doctor and demand answers at gunpoint. 

He’ll then open the locked door for you, but you need to be ready since you’ll be shot at the second he does. Take out all the gamblers and the young lady, then get out of there with the money on the table and the Schofield Revolver from the weapon case. Robbing shops in Red Dead Redemption 2 also count towards the Bandit player challenge.   

Bank Robbery: Charles 

You will find this robbery in Red Dead Redemption 2 at the Rhodes Bank. 

4. Train Robbery 

A Train Robbery in Red Dead Redemption 2 is similar to coach robberies. You have to wait for a train to arrive at your location and hop onto it. Then you must head towards the engine car and threaten the driver to stop the train. If he doesn’t listen, incapacitate him. 

Train robberies are an integral part of the Red Dead Redemption 2 Robbery scheme, so be sure to do them often. They can also be done multiple times. 

Do note that quite a few handsome men will guard all trains. You must dispose of them before you can safely rob a train. If you leave any witnesses behind, your crime will be reported, and you will gain that “WANTED” sign. 

Red Dead Redemption 2 Robbery Tips 

Now that you’re well acquainted with all the robbery locations in Red Dead Redemption 2, here are some of how you can be an effective robber: 

  • Always take out your potential targets stealthily. This is especially useful for shops as it prevents you from becoming WANTED.
  • Ensure no witnesses are present in your vicinity when robbing stores and stagecoaches. 
  • Take out potential eyewitnesses with stealth to avoid escalation.
  • For stagecoaches, try to ambush them by blowing off or shooting their wheels.
  • Make sure to head to the main cabin of trains before you start robbing them, as that is where most of the good loot is.
  • Cover your face with a bandana when committing robberies.
  • Regularly view your robbery tips by opening your inventory.
  • Always complete every random encounter you see in the world; you can get a robbery tip from strangers this way (prisoners are especially good for this, and a prisoner south of Rhodes sometimes gives you a tip if you help him).

Red Dead Online Robberies  

In the online component of Red Dead Redemption 2, crimes work a little differently. While all locations exist the same as they do in the story mode, you won’t be able to rob every single we’ve listed above.  

Homesteads can only be robbed if you are given a mission to do so. Sean, Anthony, and other characters in the story mode give you these missions. Completing these robberies gives you capital. Additionally, with a more recent update, Rockstar has added free-roam robberies into the game. There isn’t a set trigger point for them, and they only occur randomly. Please go to the dollar sign on your map whenever it appears.  

Shops can be held up and robbed in any town or area, as we’ve listed above, while stagecoaches are found randomly. Trains can be robbed similarly to how it works in the story mode. Banks can only be robbed through Blood Money missions.  

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