Red Dead Redemption 2 Stranger Missions Guide

Red Dead Redemption 2 Stranger missions guide will help you with these side missions that are not associated with the story. We also have a dedicated guide for collectibles, such as Geologies for Beginners.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Stranger Missions

Stranger missions are special side missions that have you meeting interesting individuals and doing certain tasks for/with them. These characters bring further life to the game’s world, and some even unlock special characters and side stories.

Strangers may change locations depending upon the progression of Arthur’s own story. They may also appear at different times of the day so you cannot be 100% sure if you will be able to find a particular stranger mission you are looking for.

However, the locations below are your best bet. Just try them out on different times of the day.

A Test of Faith

In this stranger mission, we go back, back as you are requested by archaeologists to find dinosaur bones. These are scattered across the map.

The stranger itself can be found in the southern region of Horseshoe Overlook. Head to our Dinosaur Bones Locations Guide for details on this Stranger Mission.

A Fisher of Fish

The mission is acquired by speaking with Jeremy Gill at the northeast shore of Flat Iron Lake. You will then be required to catch all 12 Legendary Fish that roam the many water bodies of the map.

We have a separate guide for the locations and recommend lures for catching each of those Legendary Fish.

The Noblest of Men, and a Woman

Head to the saloon in Valentine to trigger a cut-scene that ends as an old writer requests you to get quotes for his book from 4 legendary outlaws around the world of Red Dead Redemption 2.

Once you have inspected the collected photos, their locations will be marked on your map.

Some names will sound familiar if you played the original Red Dead Redemption. The four outlaws are Black Belle, Billy Midnight, Emmet Granger, and Falco Hernandez.

All are pretty action-oriented especially the first and last one. You will also need to take part in duels with some of the outlaws, so prep up those quick-drawing and quick-shooting skills.

Geology for Beginners

This Stranger Mission can be acquired from Francis Sinclair in a hut situated northwest of the town of Strawberry.

You will need to embark on a journey to note down 10 unique Rock Carvings across the different places on the map. We have a separate guide for it.

Smoking and other Hobbies

In the New Hannover region of The Heartlands, you can speak with a stranger named Phineas Ramsbottom during chapter 2.

This prompts you to collect the 144 collectible Cigarette Cards hidden around the world of RDR2. You obtain cash and other unique consumables in return for these cards.

Arcadia for Amateurs

Unlocked: From Chapter 2 onward – The stranger, Albert Mason, is located by the river southeast of Strawberry, which itself is located in the southwest. Talk to the stranger, then head to the highlighted area. You need to chase a coyote that stole Mason’s bag. It runs to the west between two shacks. Shoot it, then retrieve the bag and deliver it back to the photographer.

Once you complete this, wait for two in-game days. Mason can now be found northwest of Wallace Station. Wolves will attack in this new part of the quest and you have to take them out.

The next encounter is also two days after the previous one. You will encounter Mason north of Emerald Ranch. Talk to him and ride to the wild horses to the northwest. Herd them to the waypoint to complete this phase.

For the fourth encounter, you will have to wait an additional two days. You’ll meet him at the east side of Lagras swamp. Get into the boat and row to the highlighted areas. Lure the alligator to complete this phase.

The final encounter is also two days after the fourth. This is at a viewpoint north of Horseshow Overlook, and one of RDR2’s cutscene-only encounter.

The Smell of the Grease Paint

Unlocked: From Chapter 2 onward – You can start this mission by finding Miss Marjorie engaged in an argument inside the Van Horn Saloon. Beat Bertam in a fist fight, then head to the highlighted area to the southwest of Van Horn to find Magnifico. Chase after him when he escapes until you reach the river and use the mini-map to keep track of him in the smoke.

Search for him in the nearby tree and chase after him again by following the indication on your mini-map till a cutscene is triggered. Once you’re done with this, head to Saint Denis theater to watch a live performance by Miss Marjorie. Speak to the ticket taker after the show to receive a letter from Marjorie and your reward.

Oh, Brother

Unlocked: Chapter 4 onward – You can find this encounter during Chapter in Valentine outside the general store. There will be two brothers fighting; after the cutscene shoot the bottles above their heads using Dead Eye. After 24 in-game hours, you can meet the two brothers in the backyard of the saloon in Valentine. Oblige their request and punch them.

Wait another 24 hours and find them at the Cumberland Falls located at the west river border of New Hannover. Push the barrels here, then ride with Helen to the area shown on the map downstream of the river to complete this Strangers quest.


Unlocked: From Chapter 2 till Chapter 6 – Head to Saint Denis, to the northwestern part of the town near the tailor to find a lady raising money for veterans. You can gain some honor by donating $20 to her. You can also opt to loot the lock box instead which will give you a few dollars but have a massive hit on your honor.

You will also be chased by the lawmen here. Regardless, completing this task will build the structure once you begin the game’s epilogue.

He’s British, Of Course

Unlocked: Complete Chapter 3’s quest “The New South” – You can find this stranger encounter between Emerald Station and Rhodes. You will find the stranger sitting on an overturned circus caravan. After the conversation, head to the area highlighted on the map southwest of Emerald Station to find the zebra. You can calm it down or capture it with your lasso and ride it back to the its location.

Once you have completed this part of the mission, head to the northeast edge of Rhodes to find Margaret’s assistant. Use your Eagle Eye vision to look for the trail. Follow it until you find the dead animal and put the corpse in the wagon, then take cover behind the designated log. Once the “tiger” jumps inside, shut the door and lock it. Head back to Margaret’s camp to complete this part of the mission.

Next up, head to Emerald ranch inside the barn to find Margaret’s final missing animal. Follow its trail, then head back outside and run to the stalls north of the barn. Take out the beast and collect your trophy before returning to Margaret’s camp to receive your reward.

No Good Deed

Unlocked: Complete Chapter 3’s “American Distillation” and two additional RDR2 story quests. This mission can only be done between 6am and 6pm. Head to the northeast of Rhodes saloon to find this stranger. After the cutscene, ride to the highlighted area on the map in the northeast.

The wagon is by the river southwest of Macomb’s End. Kill the thugs that come in the way, then drive the wagon back. You will be attacked by a few riders during your journey back as well, so be ready for that as well.

The Iniquities of History

Unlocked: Complete Chapter 3’s “An Honest Mistake” – The stranger’s name is Jeremiah Compson, and he lies on a bench outside the Rhodes train station. Speak to him, then make your way to his old house in the north. Access it through the backdoor and search for his belongings.

The antique pocket watch rests on the fireplace in the living room. The second fireplace has a photo which you can examine. Once you do, two thugs armed with knives will attack you. Take them out whichever way you want.

After the fight, pick up Compson’s broken pistol. Head to the trap door in the parquet floor and go downstairs to find a secret basement to find the ledger. Once you have these three items, head back to Jeremiah and speak to him.

The Ties that Bind Us

Unlocked: Complete Chapter 4’s “The Joys of Civilization” – Head to the prison outside Rhodes to find two prisoners. They will request you to remove five wanted posters in the town. One of them is in the hands of a bounty hunter near the saloon. You will need to loot it from him after showing some force.

The following are the locations of the other posters:

  • One opposite to the doctor’s office
  • Outside the gunsmith’s shop
  • Noticeboard inside the Rhodes train station
  • Noticeboard next to the sheriff’s office

Once you have found all five posters, meet the fugitives in a campfire directly south of the train station. You have the option to capture these two for bounty reward or burn the posters right there and then to proceed further in this Strangers mission.

After burning the posters, wait 24 in-game hours and then head to the fugitives’ camp near the Dewberry Creek. They are both sick and ask for a cure. You can a health cure from your inventory or buy some from the doctor and give it to them.

Wait another full day to unlock the final encounter with the convicts to the northwest of Strawberry. Head toward the wooden cabin for the final encounter.

The Artist’s Way

Unlocked: Complete Chapter 4’s “The Joys of Civilization” – Head to Saint Denis and find the stranger Charles Chatenay in Doyle’s Tavern. An in-game day after meeting him, you can find him again in a back alley at the heart of the city. Deal with the man threatening Charles to save him.

Wait another day, the pay him a visit at the art gallery in Saint Denis. This needs to be done between 6am and 6pm. Assist him during a fight and walk with him.
Wait for 2 in-game days, then head to the gunsmith in Saint Denis to find him disguised as a woman. You will need to escort him to the docks. As you arrive to the ship, you will be attacked by a few men. Take them out whichever way you like.

Wait another 2 in-game days to receive a letter from Charles that informs you about the drawing he gave you. You can sell it at a fence if you need money.

A Bright Bouncing Boy

Unlocked: Complete Chapter 4’s “The Joys of Civilization” – This mission is available between 6am and 6pm only. Head to the park located southwest of Saint Denis to trigger a cutscene. You will now have control of a boat on the lake. Destroy the stationary warships while avoiding the mines, then return the boat to the dock.

Repeat the same task on moving sailboats and destroy them. Wait 24 in-game hours after destroying the sailboats. For the next part of this Stranger mission, you will have to wait till there is a thunderstorm. Visit Marko during the thunderstorm between 10pm and 5am in the northwestern corner of the map.

You will need to place lightning conductors in electrostatic fields. Use the detector you have to find the electrostatic fields and place the conductors. One is located in front of your starting point, the second up the hill northwest of the first one, and the third lies to the east of the second.

Return back to Marko once all three are placed. Next, climb the tower opposite the lab entrance and inspect the switching array. Operate the switch as follows: the two side switches, then the middle switch. Return back to the lab.

After 2 in-game days, head to Marko to get the electric lantern and find out what happened to our friend.

The Mercies of Knowledge

Unlocked: Complete Chapter 4’s “The Joys of Civilization” – You can find this stranger in the Saint Denis slums to the northeast of the city. After the cutscene, head to Rhodes train station during the day time and ask the clerk about the moonshine. Read the note in your satchel, then head to the highlighted area in Bluewater Marsh.

Call out the driver to make him stop the wagon, then take out all the guards. Take the wagon back to the professor at a steady pace to avoid damage to the cargo. After the cutscene, head to the police station and talk to the chief behind the counter. Haggle about the payment (don’t be aggressive) and bring it down to $50. Pay him, then return to the professor.

After completing the first state of this mission, you can talk to the professor again. He will ask you to capture a bounty named McDaniels. Read the poster in your satchel to find the location of your objective, located northwest of Emerald Station. You will need to take out his companions and give chase to McDaniels. Capture him alive using the lasso and take him back to the professor.

After 24 in-game hours, head to the gallows in the center of Saint Denis. Loot the professor’s body to obtain the blueprint for the electric chair to conclude this stranger quest.

The Wisdom of the Elders

Unlocked: Complete Chapter 5’s “Fleeting Joy” – To the west of Van Horn there is a large railway bridge. Head to it. Pick up the man when he collapses and carry him to Butcher Creek nearby. Wait for 24 in-game hours, then between 12am and 7am (night time) head to the highlighted area behind the house and kill the dogs that attack you.

Head to the new highlighted zone by the bridge and save the village. After that, assist a second individual that runs across the bridge. Escort them both back to their building.

After completing this part of the mission, ride to the forest to the southwest of Butcher Creek. Here, you will need to destroy 13 cursed objectives that hang from trees. You can find them easily using Eagle Eye and by spotting a red dot that briefly appears on the mini-map when you are close by. Return to Obediah when you’re done.

Next, you need to ride to the mine northwest of Butcher Creek. Remove the plank from the entrance and walk inside. After the explosion, head through the opening to the left. Fumes will start affecting your health which act as a time limit for this mission. Advance through the area until you reach the exit. Return to Butcher Creek, and after the cutscene collect the bill stacks and letter.

Idealism and Pragmatism for Beginners

Unlocked: Complete Chapter 4’s “The Gilded Cage” and open Mayor Lemieux’s letter. This mission is initially only available at night between 10pm and 5am. Head to the mayor’s house in the northwest part of Saint Denis. After the cutscene, drive to the art gallery. Follow the professor from a safe distance until he takes a left and walks towards a fountain. Confront him here and beat/threaten him until his is intimidated. Return to Jean Marc to complete this part of the mission.

After completing the previous part, read Mayor Lemieux’s second letter and head to his house at night. Head to the highlighted area to the north of Saint Denis. Wait for the red coach to arrive, then hope on it. Intimidate Hector Fellowes to complete this part of the mission.

Head back to the mayor’s house the next night again. You will need to target Jean Marc, the same individual who accompanied you when you were taking care of Professor Shiftacre. Head to Rue de Zacharie that is south of the mayor’s home and confront Jean Marc.

Carry him back to the mayor’s house carefully without being detected by anyone. The park in front of you is a great way to do this. Use its northeast exit, then head west and finally north. You can follow the mayor back to his property, after which you are given a choice.

If you spare Jean Marc, you’ll gain honor. If you kill him, you’ll need to drop his body in the water and enjoy a permanent 10% discount in all Saint Denis shops.

The Veteran

Unlocked: Chapter 6 onward – For this stranger, you will need to head to the west of Annesburg. You will find him against a rock by O’Creagh’s Run. Talk to him, then head to the highlighted area on the map. You will find the man’s horse by the lake. Walk up to the horse and calm it. Once you have placated the horse, lead it back ot the veteran.

24 in-game hours after returning the horse, head during early morning to day time to the veteran’s cabin. Once inside the boat, row to the highlight area and equip your road with the special lure and start fishing. When your companion falls in the water, row to him to help him. Row to the fishing spot again to get the Northern Pike to bite. Pull the rod up when it does and reel gently to successfully fish the northern pike.

24 hours after the fishing experience ends, you can visit Hamish Sinclair once again in his cabin during the day. You will find yourself on the trail of a wolf. Use Eagle Eye to follow the trail. At the end of the path, you will be ambushed by ap ack of wolves.

Use shotguns and Dead Eye to deal with them effectively. Your last encounter with Hamish Sinclair can be triggered 24-hours after dealing with the wolves during the day time. After the cutscene, you will need to go after a legendary boar until its trail leads back to Hamish.

Inspect the dead wolf at the top of the nearby hill. When you hear gunshots, head to the highlighted area to find Hamish again. Shoot the boar multiple times in the head to take it out instantly during the Dead Eye moment. Take the trophy from the animal. You can choose to claim Hamish’s horse right now or take him to a stable to keep it safe to complete this stranger quest.

The American Inferno, Burnt Out

Unlocked: Complete Epilogue 1’s “The Landowning Classes” – You can find this stranger on a rocky promontory southwest of Strawberry due the day time. After that, you will be invited by him 24 in-game hours later at his cabin, located in Tanner’s Reach. Tag along with him on horseback and free the trapped animal on the way. Once you reach the camp, brawl the opponents and knock them out.

After 24 hours, visit Miller again and leave some food at his door. If you don’t have any, buy some or cook some at the spot. Return one last time after two in-game days to complete this stranger mission. Pick up the platinum pocket watch on his desk, then set the curtain on fire.

American Dreams

Unlocked: Complete all three “Murder Scene” chance encounters – This stranger mission is available between 10pm and 5am only. After having assembled the map by completing the Murder Scene encounters, you can open the basement door shown in the picture at Lucky’s Cabin, located southwest of Valentine.

You will find some collectibles and a knife to inspect. After the cutscene, stun your assailant and knock him out. Tie him and take him to the waypoint in Valentine.

When the murderer assaults the sheriff, activate Dead Eye and shoot the criminal. Collect your bill fold reward if you succeed in killing the murderer. If you don’t you will not get any reward even though the sheriff will live.

A Fine Night for It

Unlocked: Complete one of the following chance encounters: “Touch Procession”, “Stalking Shadows”, “Spooked Horse”, or “Voice”. After completing one of the chance encounters above, head late at night between 10pm to 5am to this stranger in the Bayou, northwest of Lagras. Listen to his story and agree to help him.

Follow him to his property and clear out the Night Folk. Shotguns work exceptionally well here. Be careful with the machete wielders as they can kill you with a single hit.

Jack Hall Gang Treasure

This mission has players looking for treasure maps for Maximo, who can be found on a cliff west of Flatneck Station. Maximo will task players with finding 3 Jack Hall Gang treasure maps, the first one of which he actually has. You can either choose to buy the map from him for $10 or rob him to acquire it.

The second treasure map is in Caliban’s Seat, just south of Valentine. Go up the large rock formation and then continue along the ledge till you reach the searchable wall to acquire the treasure map. A crack in the wall will have the map inside it.

The third and final Jack Hall Gang Treasure map is in Cotorra Springs, west of Bacchus Bridge. Go to the rock formations and stand next to the one which lets you see all three geysers nearby. The map will be in that rock. Once you have all 3 maps, you can proceed to get your hands on the treasure.

The actual treasure is in O’Creagh’s Run, near Grizzlies East. Climb on to the high rock on the island in the middle of the lake and look towards the south of the island and you will see another rock. You can inspect this small rock to find the treasure.

This concludes our RDR2 Stranger missions walkthrough guide!

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