Red Dead Redemption 2 Stranger Missions Guide

Red Dead Redemption 2 Stranger missions guide will help you with these side missions that are not associated with the story. We also have a dedicated guide for collectibles, such as Geologies for Beginners.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Stranger Missions

Stranger missions are special side missions that have you meeting interesting individuals and doing certain tasks for/with them. These characters bring further life to the game’s world, and some even unlock special characters and side stories.

Strangers may change locations depending upon the progression of Arthur’s own story. They may also appear at different times of the day so you cannot be 100% sure if you will be able to find a particular stranger mission you are looking for.

However, the locations below are your best bet. Just try them out at different times of the day.

A Test of Faith

For the first stranger mission, A Test of Faith, you’ll be tasked to locate the remains of dinosaurs. You’ll have to search the entire map to find each and every one of these Dinosaur Bones.

To find the Stranger travel towards the Horseshoe Overlook, once there head south, and continue along until you find him. Head to our Dinosaur Bones Locations Guide for details on this Stranger Mission.


A Fisher of Fish

The “A Fisher of Fish” mission can be initiated by traveling towards the Flat Iron Lake and heading towards its northeast shore. Once at this location you must then search for Jeremy Gill and interact with him.

Your objectives tab will then be updated to catching twelve Legendary Fish. You can capture these fish from any available water source throughout the map.

We have a separate guide for the locations and recommend lures for catching each of those Legendary Fish.

The Noblest of Men, and a Woman

For this mission, you must travel to Valentine and enter the Saloon here. Doing so will initiate a cut-scene sequence, and upon its conclusion, you will be given a brand new objective.

Your task will be the collection of quotations for the old writer’s book.

Look at all the photos in your inventory and check out the updated location indicators on the minimap.

Players of the first Red Dead game will find some familiarity with the mentioned name; Black Belle. Emmet Granger. Falco Hernandez and Billy Midnight complete the 4 outlaws.

You’ll find the entire mission to be action-packed, especially with Black Belle and Falco. Keep your skills sharp since the mission will see you face off against some outlaws.

Geology for Beginners

To initiate this mission travel towards Strawberry Town, once there, head to its northwestern side, and locate a small hut. Head inside and interact with Francis Sinclair to start the mission.

Your objectives list will then be updated to note ten distinctive Rock Carving signs. Travel across the whole map to find them. Check out our guide dedicated specifically to finding them.

Smoking and other Hobbies

Travel towards the Heartlands, and head towards the New Hannover part to interact with Phineas Ramsbottom. You can do so during the game’s second chapter.

Your objectives list will then be updated to finding Cigarette Cards. Travel across the whole map to find all 144 of them.

Arcadia for Amateurs

You can initiate this mission when in the game’s second chapter. You can begin it by traveling towards Strawberry Town and heading in the southeastern direction to find the river running here.

Interact with the stranger Albert Mason, move towards the indicated spot, and pursue a Coyote responsible for snatching a bag.

The coyote will escape in the west direction through the two shacks., eliminate it, collect the bag and return it to the photographer,

Now upon completion, you must wait out 2 in-game days after which Mason will appear at the Wallice station.

This section of the mission will see a wolf’s attack, that you must fend off.

Now wait another two days for the next part of the mission, after these times head towards the Emerald Ranch h

The Smell of the Grease Paint

During Chapter 2 and later This task can be started by coming across Miss Marjorie arguing inside the Van Horn Saloon.

Fight Bertam, then find Magnifico in the location that has been identified to the southwest of Van Horn.

When he runs away, pursue him until you get to the river, then utilize the mini-map to locate him in the haze.

In order to start a cutscene, look for him in the neighboring tree and pursue him once more by following the arrow on your mini-map.

After finishing this, go to the Saint Denis theatre to see Miss Marjorie play live. After the performance, speak with the ticket taker to obtain a letter from Marjorie and the mission rewards.

Oh, Brother

In Chapter 4 forward the mission can be started. This incident occurs in Valentine’s Chapter outside the general shop. After the cutscene, use Dead Eye to shoot the bottles above the heads of the two brothers who are fighting.

You can encounter the two brothers in Valentine’s saloon garden after 24 in-game hours. Give in to their demand and hit them.

Wait another 24 hours, then locate them near New Hannover’s Cumberland Falls on the west bank of the river.

To finish this Strangers mission, push the barrels here, then ride with Helen to the location marked on the map downstream of the river.


The mission can be started From Chapter 2 through to Chapter 6. Go to Saint-Denis, and look for a woman collecting money for veterans near the tailor in the northwest of the town.

You may do her a favor and give her $20. Alternatively, you can choose to steal from the lock box, which will get you a few bucks but severely damage your reputation.

The police will also pursue you here. Whatever the case, finishing this chore will help the structure get built after the game’s epilogue starts.

He’s British, Of Course

To start this mission, finish the “The New South” mission in Chapter 3 – This odd encounter may be found between Emerald Station and Rhodes.

The stranger will be sitting on a tipping circus trailer when you arrive. The zebra may be found in the location southwest of Emerald Station that is marked on the map after the dialogue.

You can ride it back to its spot after calming it down or lassoing it.

When you have finished this portion of this quest, go to Rhodes’ northeastern end to locate Margaret’s helper.

To locate the path, use your Eagle Eye vision. Place the corpse inside the cart after finding the dead animal by following it, and then hide behind the assigned log.

When the “tiger” leaps in, close and lock the door. To finish this phase of the objective, return to Margaret’s camp.

Next, search the barn for Margaret’s final lost animal at Emerald Ranch. Return outdoors and dash to the stalls to the north of the barn after following its path.

Kill the beast and take your prize, then head back to Margaret’s camp to get your reward.

No Good Deed

To start this mission finish “American Distillation” from Chapter 3 and two more Red Dead 2 story objectives.

The mission timings are from 6 AM to 6 PM. To find this stranger, go northeast of Rhodes Saloon. Let the cutscene complete before moving towards the indicated area on the northeastern side of the map.

Southwest of Macomb’s End, near the river, is a wagon. Drive the wagon back after eliminating any thugs that get in the path. On the return route, a couple of riders may assault you as well, so be prepared.

The Iniquities of History

The mission can be initiated by finishing the “An Honest Mistake” mission in Chapter 3. Jeremiah Compson is lying on a seat outside the Rhodes railway station.

After interacting with him, proceed toward his former home up north. Look inside it through the back door for his possessions.

The fireplace in the living room is where you’ll find the old pocket watch perched. You can also look at a picture placed on the second fireplace.

When you do, two thugs will show up to take you out, eliminate both of them, and retrieve Compson’s destroyed pistol

To discover the ledger, approach the trap door on the parquet floor, descend, and look inside the hidden basement. When you have these three things, return to Jerimiah.

The Ties that Bind Us

The mission can be started by finishing “The Joys of Civilization” mission in Chapter 4. Find two inmates by going to the jail outside of Rhodes.

Your objective will be to take down wanted posters around town.

Near the saloon, a bounty hunter is in possession of one. You’ll have to use some force to take it from him.

The locations of the other posters are as follows:

  • On the other side of the Doctor’s office
  • At the Gunsmith shop entrance
  • In Rhodes, placed on the noticeboard at the railway station
  • Placed on a noticeboard near the sheriff’s office

Collect all 5 of the posters, travel southwards from the railway station to reach the campfire, and connect with the fugitives. Then you are given the choice of either burning off the posters or catching the two fugitives for a cash reward, choosing the former will let you progress further along in the mission.

After 24 hours in the game have passed, travel towards Dewberry Creek and find the fugitive site there. You’ll encounter two ill fugitives who’ll request you to find a cure.

Hand them a health cure and wait another 24 hours. After which meet up with the fugitives in Strawberry. Finally, go to the wooden shed for the last meeting and the completion of the mission.

The Artist’s Way

The mission can be initiated after completing The Joys of Civilization mission of Chapter 4. Travel towards Saint Denis and head to Doyle’s Tavern to search for Charles Chatenay.

Interact with him and wait 24 in-game hours before again connecting back with him in an alleyway in the middle of the city. You’ll find him in danger so save him.

Wait another 24 in-game hours and meet up with him in Saint Denis’ art gallery. Visiting hours are 6 am to 6 pm. You’ll have to fight alongside and accompany him.

Wait two more game days, then travel towards the Saint Denis gunsmith to discover him dressed as a woman.

He needs to be escorted to the docks. Upon reaching the ship, a few guys will ambush you, defeat them using any means available.

A letter from Charles informing you of the drawing he sent you will arrive next however you must wait another two days. In case you require cash, you can flip it at a fence.

A Bright Bouncing Boy

To initiate this mission, you must first finish “The Joys of Civilization” mission in Chapter 4 of the playthrough. Playing hours for the mission are between 6 am and 6 pm.

To commence a cutscene sequence, head towards the park southwest of Saint Denis. Next, you’ll be driving a boat on the lake. Return the boat to the pier after destroying the immobile battleships and dodging the mines.

Destroy moving sailboats by performing the same action on them. Once the sailboats have been destroyed, wait for a whole game day.

You will need to wait till there is a rainstorm before continuing with this Stranger task. Visit Marko at the northwest part of the map between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m. during the storms.

Lightning conductors must be positioned within the electrostatic fields. To locate these fields and to position, the conductors, use the detector you possess.

Three are close to each other: the first is in front of your starting location, the second is up the hill to the northwest of it, and the third is to the east of the first.

After placing all three, go back to Marko. Next, ascend the nearby tower to the lab door to examine the switching array.

The central switch should be used after the two side switches have been used. returning to the lab once more.

Go to Marko to obtain the electric light and learn what happened to our pal after two game days.

The Mercies of Knowledge

To initiate this mission, you must first finish “The Joys of Civilization” mission in Chapter 4 of the playthrough. Travel towards the Saint Denis slums and head northeast of the city, where you may discover this stranger.

Ask the cashier about the moonshine at the Rhodes railway station during the day after the cutscene. Read the note in your bag, then proceed to the Bluewater Marsh location that has been indicated.

Take out all the guards after calling out the driver to get him to halt the wagon. To prevent the goods from being harmed, slowly return the wagon to the professor.

Head towards the police station after completing the cutscene sequence and speak with the chief at the front desk.

Don’t be confrontational while haggling over the amount; instead, try to reduce the payment to $50. After paying him, go back to the professor.

You can speak with the professor once you’ve finished the initial state of this task. He will ask you to apprehend McDaniels, a bounty. To discover your goal, which is northwest of Emerald Station, read the poster in your bag.

You must eliminate his companions before pursuing McDaniels. Use the lasso to capture him alive, then deliver him to the professor.

Go to the gallows in Saint Denis’s center after 24 in-game hours. To finish this bizarre task, plunder the professor’s corpse to get the electric chair’s blueprint.

The Wisdom of the Elders

To initiate this mission, you must first finish the “Fleeting Joy” mission in Chapter 5 of the playthrough. A sizable railroad bridge is located to the west of Van Horn. Go there.

When the man falls, pick him up and bring him to Butcher Creek in the neighborhood. Wait 24 in-game hours, then kill the hounds that attack you in the marked region behind the home between 12 am and 7 am (night).

Save the community by going to the newly marked area beside the bridge. After that, help a second person over the bridge by running after them. Back them up to their building with an escort.

Ride to the woodland southwest of Butcher Creek after finishing this section of the task. You must eliminate the 13 cursed goals hanging from the trees in this area.

Eagle Eye and the short-lived red dot that displays on the mini-map when you are nearby will help you locate them quickly. When you’re finished, go back to Obediah.

The mine northwest of Butcher Creek is the next location you must ride to. Take the board off the doorway and enter. After the explosion, enter via the left-facing entrance.

Your health will start to be affected by fumes, and that will serve as the mission’s time limit. Till you reach the exit, move forward through the region. After the cutscene, go back to Butcher Creek and gather the letter and bill stacks.

Idealism and Pragmatism for Beginners

To initiate this mission and to see Mayor Lemieux’s letter, you must first finish “The Gilded Cage” mission in Chapter 4 of the playthrough.

At first, this assignment is only accessible between the hours of 10 p.m. and 5 a.m. Go to the mayor’s residence in Saint Denis’ northwest neighborhood.

Drive to the art gallery after the cutscene. From a safe distance, keep along with the professor until he turns left and heads for a fountain.

Face him here and scare him by beating or threatening him. To finish this portion of the task, go back to Jean Marc.

Read Mayor Lemieux’s second letter after finishing the preceding section, then go to his residence at night. To the north of Saint Denis, go to the location marked.

Await the arrival of the red coach before boarding it. Next scare them off using Hector Fellowes and complete this objective.

The following evening, go back to the mayor’s home. You must go after Jean Marc, the same person that was with you when you were handling Professor Shiftacre.

Confront Jean Marc on Rue de Zacharie, which is located south of the mayor’s residence.

Carefully transport him back to the mayor’s residence without being seen. A wonderful place to do this is at the park in front of you.

Take the northeast exit, then go west before turning north. The mayor can be followed back to his property, where you will have a decision to make.

You’ll acquire respect if you don’t kill Jean Marc. If you kill him, you must submerge his body in water to benefit from a constant 10%. Discount when purchasing Saint Denis stores.

The Veteran

To initiate this mission, you must first finish Chapter 6 of the game’s playthrough. You must travel west of Annesburg to find this stranger. By O’Creagh’s Run, he is leaning up against a rock.

After speaking with him, proceed to the location marked on the map. The man’s horse may be found alongside the lake. Approach the horse and comfort it. Lead the horse back to the veteran when you’ve calmed it down.

Head to the veteran’s cabin in the early morning or daytime 24 in-game hours after returning the horse.

Once on board, paddle to the highlight location, outfit your boat with the unique lure and begin fishing. Row to your friend after he falls into the water to assist him. again, row to the fishing location and reach the Northern Pike.

To catch a northern pike, slowly reel and pull the rod up when it does.

You may see Hamish Sinclair at his cabin again throughout the day 24 hours after the fishing trip is over.

You’ll discover that a wolf is after you. Eagle Eye may be used to locate the path. You will be attacked by a pack of wolves at the trail’s conclusion.

Use Dead Eye and shotguns to deal with them successfully. 24 hours after dealing with the wolves during the day, your last meeting with Hamish Sinclair may occur.

Following the sequence, you must pursue a legendary boar until its path takes you back to Hamish.

Analyze the dead wolf that is perched on a neighboring hill. Go to the place marked to find Hamish again when you hear gunfire. During the Dead Eye moment, shoot the pig many times in the head to quickly kill it.

Take the animal’s trophy away. To finish this bizarre task, you can either take Hamish’s horse to a stable to keep him safe or claim him right away.

The American Inferno, Burnt Out

To initiate this mission, you must first finish The Landowning Classes mission in the Epilogue mission of the playthrough.

This stranger may be seen on a rocky outcropping southwest of Strawberry throughout the day. He will then extend an invitation to you to visit him at his cabin in Tanner’s Reach 24 in-game hours later.

Follow him on horseback and assist in releasing the imprisoned animal. When you go to the camp, start a fight, and take out your adversaries.

Visit Miller once more and drop some food at his door after 24 hours have passed. If you don’t have any, go out and get some or make some. After two in-game days, come back once more to finish this weird quest.

Set the curtain on fire after picking up the platinum pocket watch from his desk.

American Dreams

To initiate this mission, you must first finish the three chance encounters in the “Murder Scene” mission of the playthrough. The only time this unique task is offered is from 10 p.m. until 5 a.m.

You may access the basement entrance in Lucky’s Cabin, southwest of Valentine, if you have created the map by finishing the Murder Scene encounters.

You may examine a knife and some memorabilia there. After the cutscene, knock out your attacker by stunning him. Tie him up, then drive him to the Valentine waypoint.

Use Dead Eye to shoot the killer as he starts to attack the sheriff. If you kill the killer, get your billfold prize. If you don’t, the sheriff will survive but you won’t receive a prize.

A Fine Night for It

To initiate this mission, you must first successfully complete either the Spooked Horse, Touch Procession, Stalking Shadows, or Voice missions of the game’s playthrough.

Go visit this stranger in the Bayou, northwest of Lagras, late at night between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m. after completing one of the above-mentioned chance encounters. After hearing his tale, decide to assist him.

Clear the Night Folk from his property by following him there. Here, shotguns do remarkably well. The people brandishing machetes may murder you with only one blow, so take caution around them.

Jack Hall Gang Treasure

Players must find treasure maps for Maximo, who can be located atop a cliff west of Flatneck Station, as part of this quest. Players must locate three Jack Hall Gang treasure maps, the first of which Maximo already owns.

You have the option of robbing him in order to obtain the map or paying him $10 to sell it to you.

South of Valentine, in Caliban’s Seat, is where you may find the second treasure map.

To get the treasure map, climb the enormous rock formation and then go along the ledge until you reach the wall that may be searched. The map will be hidden behind a wall crack.

West of Bacchus Bridge in Cotorra Springs is where you may find the third and last Jack Hall Gang Treasure map. Visit the rock formations and take a position such that you can observe all three of the adjacent geysers.

That rock will contain the map. You can go on to find the treasure after you have all three maps.

The genuine treasure is located next to Grizzlies East in O’Creagh’s Run. On the island in the middle of the lake, you may climb up to the high rock and gaze south to see another rock.

To discover the treasure, examine this little pebble.

This concludes our RDR2 Stranger missions, walkthrough guide!

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