Red Dead Redemption 2 Hunting Requests Guide

In Red Dead Redemption 2, you can find a poster for a hunting request in any of the 5 Train Station or Post Office. In this RDR2 Hunting Requests Guide, we are going to talk about what you need to complete these quests and their locations.

To start doing these RDR2 Hunting Requests, you don’t need to get all of these posters; just get one. Once you finish that request, the next request will automatically be added to your satchel.

We are also going to talk about the rewards that you can earn from completing these RDR2 side activities. The Hunting Requests locations in Red Dead Redemption 2, they can be found in six different towns and they are as follows:

  • Valentine
  • Rhodes
  • Strawberry
  • Saint Denis
  • Van Horn
  • Armadillo

Red Dead Redemption 2 Hunting Requests Locations

You can collect one hunting request at a time and the stage does not depend on which one you pick up. It will be the same no matter which one you opt for. Each notice is a request for a list of animal carcasses that Ms. Hobbs needs.

If you can get these and sent them to her, you will receive a reward. Here we are going to talk about which animal carcasses you need, their potential locations and the rewards for fulfilling these RDR2 Hunting Requests.

Do note that these carcasses need to be perfect which means that you need to track animals of pristine quality and kill them with perfect kills.

This is something that you need to keep in mind. Without these mentioned requirements, you will not be able to get the reward for these hunting requests. The following are the carcasses that you need and the rewards that you can get.

Hunting Request Carcasses Required Reward Where To Find
1. Perfect Rabbit Carcass Perfect Squirrel Carcass $50 Squirrels and Rabbits are the most commonly found animals in the game. They can be found anywhere in the northern area of the map.
2. Perfect Cardinal Carcass Perfect Rat Carcass Perfect Woodpecker Carcass $70 Cardinals and Woodpeckers and very easy to find. When you find one, keep your distance or it will fly away. A good place to find rats is in the cave behind the waterfall of Elysian Pool.
3. Perfect Chipmunk Carcass Perfect Opossum Carcass Perfect Oriole Carcass Perfect Robin Carcass $100 Chipmunks can be found in the northern areas of the map, they look like squirrels but are much harder to find. It’s hard to pinpoint a specific place for Opossums, just wander around and you’ll eventually run into one. Orioles are only found in some specific places in the middle of the map. Robins can be found in an area on the north-east part of the map.
4. Perfect Songbird Carcass Perfect Sparrow Carcass Perfect Toad Carcass Perfect Skunk Carcass Perfect Bullfrog Carcass $120 Songbirds and Sparrows are very common, they can be found pretty much anywhere on the northern part of the map. Toads and Bullfrogs can be found near water, Look for rivers, lakes or islands. Skunks spawn in the north-east part of the map.
5. Perfect Cedar Waxwing Carcass Perfect Bat Carcass Perfect Blue Jay Carcass Perfect Crow Carcass Perfect Beaver Carcass $150 Ms. Hobbs’ Letter The Cedar Waxwing is another very common bird, it isn’t that hard to find one. Bats are found in caves, like the one behind the waterfall of Elysian Pool. The Blue Jay can be found near the middle of the map, close to water. Crows are extremely common. They are present everywhere on the map. Beavers like to live around rivers and lakes. Try the river on the

These were all the Hunting Requests that you can complete in RDR2 as an optional activity in the game.

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