Red Dead Redemption 2 Hygiene Guide – Staying Clean, How to Shave and Bathe

Red Dead Redemption 2 is a realistic game and you can get dirty in the Wild West; that is exactly why we have compiled this Red Dead Redemption 2 Hygiene Guide. Our RDR2 Guide will surely help you in your path to becoming a respectable outlaw. After all, you can be a clean and honorable outlaw in the Wild West.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Hygiene

Our Red Dead Redemption 2 Guide to staying clean will totally focus on the numerous ways Arthur can get dirty, avoiding getting dirty and cleaning yourself. Hygiene is a very important aspect of a person, so be sure to follow some of these tips. You never know when people start crawling away from you. We will try to make this guide as accurate as possible.

The Road to Getting Dirty

In a game of shooting and the Wild Wild West, getting dirty isn’t exactly very difficult. Since it’s the 1890s, you won’t find any particularly paved roads.

Getting shot at by any of your enemies in the game, carrying dirty items such as animals or their carcasses, rolling on the floor laughing, or trying to become a hippie can lead to getting dirty in the game and not being liked by NPCs.

Yes, some of the ways are kind of weird but it’s the 90s! The 90s are meant to be weird. As a proud Generation Z kid (2001), I can say that the 90s were the best time of my life. There are numerous ways to get dirty in this game:

Get Shot
You get dirty if you get shot, anywhere, even if it’s not in the guts. Bloodstains are very hard to get rid of, and thus, if you are shot at too much, you will become a target to be ridiculed.

Carry Dirty Items
If you kill an animal and try to pick up its body or carcass afterward, the blood and other liquid will drip down from the animal onto your clothes. Of course, the smell will linger too.

Jumping onto the Ground
Remember when mama used to tell you not to roll over on the ground because your clothes will get dirty? Well, this game certainly knows that mama is always true.

Try to barrel roll or bullet drop onto the ground and you will be faced with severe consequences.

Not Maintaining your Body Hair
Yes, hygiene in Red Dead Redemption 2 does involve your body hair. Shaving regularly is the way to a proper hygiene. Arthur’s beard grows quickly, so be sure to visit a barber pretty often.

However, if you are out of town, you can access the shaving kit near your bed in any of the RDR2 camps. You can keep a beard but maintain it.

Get Run Over
If you get in an accident, being run over by a horse or a cart, you will get dirty. But you’ll have more things to worry about than just getting dirty. Accidents are scary.

Consequences to being Dirty

If you are dirty, people will avoid you, at all costs. If you are slightly dirty, people will talk behind your back. The game features eavesdropping ability so be sure not to use that feature when you aren’t particularly clean.

If you are more than slightly dirty, people will start liking you less. Some outlaws will try to shoot you up. Your gang members will try to give you an intervention. After all, interventions can be pretty useful.

If you are really dirty, people will run away from you. Everywhere you go; people will run away. Although that might seem pretty funny at the start, it starts getting pretty sad.

It will be really tough trying to accept side quests from people and getting into a hotel for a bath can be pretty annoyingly difficult too.

How to Stay Clean in RDR2?

Putting some care and attention to Arthur’s hygiene will help you in grand ways. People will start calling you good things and won’t run away from you. Heck, people will even try to be friendly with you.

After all, nothing’s better than a peach boy in the 1890s. A-Anyways, there are several ways to keeping your hygiene like bathing and shaving regularly.

Don’t be afraid of losing a few good coins to the hotelkeeper or the barber, as they’re an important investment to your likeness in the world.

But then again, if you wish to look like a very unfriendly person, keeping a good hygiene might work against your cause. In any case, you can maintain your cleanliness in Red Dead Redemption 2 in several ways, including:

Bath Daily
Visit one of the local hotels for a normal bath, or a deluxe bath where a woman will give you a good scrub. Nothing’s better than having a bath but not having to do anything, right?

I myself sometimes wish I could sleep in the shower but somehow wake up to be perfectly clean.

How to Shave
Shave your beard when it tends to grow too long. Also, your head. After all, nothing’s better than having less hair in hot weather, aye?

Visit your local barber and ask him for a quick shave or choose any of the hairstyle. Do note though, you will NOT be able to magically grow hair through your barber. So much for San Andreas, huh.

Bath after a Good Run
After a good raid, or even after hunting a big animal, be sure to take a bath. You never know when you start smelling. Poor Arthur needs his popularity, okay?

Thanks for reading our short Hygiene Guide in Red Dead Redemption 2. Be sure to follow us up. We will be sure to have tons of other guides on Red Dead Redemption 2 soon.

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