Red Dead Redemption 2 Legendary Fish Locations Guide

Fishing is a great side activity in Red Dead Redemption 2 that lets you harvest healthy meat from fish of varying sizes. One of the special side quests associated with fishing is the search for Legendary Fish. Legendary Fish are huge variants of the different species of fish you can harvest in the game. Our Red Dead Redemption 2 Legendary Fish locations guide will help you catch all 13 of them.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Legendary Fish

To start your Legendary Fish search, you will need to begin a mission called “A Fish of Fish”.

Speak to Jeremy Gill located on the northeast shore of Flat Iron Lake. He will give you a map showing the location of all 13 Legendary Fish and ask you to send the fish by mail.

You will need to store the Legendary Fish on the back of your horse because of their enormous size, and then send them through a post office to Jeremy Gill.

RDR2 Legendary Fish Locations Map

Catching Fish with Reeling Technique

To Lure legendary fish, you will need three different kinds of lures:

  • Special Lake Lure
  • Special River Lure
  • Special Swamp Lure

Legendary Fish cannot attack you like Legendary Animals, but they can put up a huge fight when they get caught in the lure. Even with the best lures, they are very difficult to catch.

They will struggle a lot and your spool will likely run out of line and threaten to snap with these fish.

In order to prevent this, you need to play a war of attrition with the fish. When the fish is caught, it will try to free itself through struggle.

A great technique to win the tussle is to tilt the left analog stick downward to pull the rod up and then reel slowly. Do this, then give a second or two’s rest, and then repeat the processes.

You should repeat this as often as possible until the fish resumes its struggle and a new cycle begins. This movement will significantly increase your chances of successfully catching the Legendary Fish.

Catching Legendary Fish

Once you catch and mail Jeremy Gill all 13 species, he will invite you to his shack followed by a trip to Rio Bravo to catch the Legendary Channel Catfish. You will need to reach Epilogue 1 for that trip to be available.

You will also get intermittent rewards for mailing Legendary fish. Mailing the first Legendary Fish will grant you a Lake Lure. Mailing 10 will fetch you $45 and a succulent fish meat dish.

Mailing all 13 and accompanying Jeremy Gill for the Legendary Catfish will get you the Special Spinner.

Legendary Fish Locations

Below are the locations of each Legendary Fish in the game. Follow the map location markers to better understand the location.

You should use the “special” variant of the lure for each water body type. If a Legendary fish is found in a river, use the Special River Lure. If it is in a Lake, use the Special Lake Lure.

The only Legendary Fish found in the swamp is the Longnose Gar, for which you will need the Special Swamp Lure.

Legendary Bluegill (Special Lake Lure)
You can find the Legendary Bluegill at the Flat Iron Lake. It is located between the shore and the island south of Clemens Point. The Special Lake Lure works best here.

Legendary Bullhead Catfish (Special River Lure)
The Legendary bullhead catfish is located in Sisika Island. This is just west of the penitentiary. The Special River Lure works best here.

Legendary Chain Pickerel (Special River Lure)
You will find the Legendary Chain pickerel in Dakota River, northwest of Flatneck Station. The Special River lure will do its job just fine for catching the Pickerel.

Legendary Lake Sturgeon (Special River Lure)
The Legendary lake sturgeon can be found by fishing from the southern railroad bridge that leads to Saint Denis. Stand on the edge of the bridge to avoid being hit by trains. The Special River Lure works best here.

Legendary Largemouth Bass (Special Lake Lure)
To the southeast of Lake Don Julio, you will find the San Luis River. Fish here to find the Legendary Largemouth Bass. The Special River Lure works best here.

Legendary Longnose Gar (Special Swamp Lure)
Head to Lagras at the northwest tip of the Lakay peninsula. Fish here to encounter the Legendary Longnose gar. The Special Swamp Lure works best here.

Legendary Muskie (Special River Lure)
You can fish for the Legendary Muskie at the foot of the lighthouse in Van Horn Trading Post. The Special River Lure works best here.

Legendary Perch (Special Lake Lure)
For the Legendary Perch, you will need to head to the southwest side of Annesburg to the Elysian Pool Lake. The Special Lake Lure works best here.

Legendary Redfin Pickerel (Special Lake Lure)
The Legendary Redfine Pickerel can be found in Stillwater Creek to the east of MacFarlane’s Reach. The Special Lake Lure works best here.

Legendary Rock Bass (Special Lake Lure)
The Legendary Rock bass can be found in the Aurora Basin’s pier. This is located to the west of Blackwater. The Special Lake Lure works best here.

Legendary Smallmouth Bass (Special Lake Lure)
Head west of Strawberry to the Owanjila Lake. You will find the Legendary Smallmouth Bass here. The Special Lake Lure works best here.

Legendary Sockeye Salmon
Head to the west edge of the Grizzlies to find Lake Isabella. Toss your lure into the lake and you should snap up the Legendary Sockeye Salmon. The Special Lake Lure works best here.

Legendary Steelhead Trout
The Legendary Steelhead Trout can be found directly north of Annesburg at the northeast portion of the world map. It is located in the Willard’s Rest next to the waterfall. The Special River Lure works best here.

Legendary Catfish (Special Swamp Lure)
This one is special Fish as you will not be able to find this one until you have caught all of them and mailed. This is technically a part of the quest and 14th fish of this quest. Once you have mailed all 13 other fish, Jeremy will send you an invite asking to meet up for final fish hunt. You will go to the asked location and then the duo will make a trip to Rio Bravo and will catch this Legendary Catfish

This concludes our Red Dead Redemption 2 Legendary Fish Locations Guide!

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