Iun-Orok Shrine Walkthrough In Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom

Right as you enter the Iun-orok Shrine in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, you will start The Right Roll trial.

While there are a whopping 152 different shrines map in Zelda: TotK scattered around the Surface and the Sky, some of them are more difficult to find than others.

While most Shrine locations aren’t that difficult to find in Zelda: TotK, the main thing with most of them is that they have a difficult puzzle to solve. In the case of the Iun-orok Shrine though, it is the opposite. While the puzzle is sort of like football and is more fun than it is hard; reaching this shrine’s location can be quite confusing.

Since most players struggle with the Iun-orok Shrine in particular, a complete walkthrough of it can be of great help. That said, before we move on to the puzzle, we will discuss the Iun-orok Shrine’s location in detail.

Where to find the Iun-orok Shrine in Zelda: TotK

Iun-Orok Shrine map location in Tears of the Kingdom

You will find the Iun-orok Shrine all the way at the western end of the map – the Tabantha Frontier Region in Tears of the Kingdom.

Specifically, this Shrine is located inside the Tanager Canyon West Cave in this specific region, which is north of Piper Ridge.

Perhaps the best way to get there is through Lindor’s Brow Skyview Tower. Once you are at said location, you must jump off and glide down in the southeastern direction until you reach the base of the valley.

You will see a cave at the base of the ridges in this area, specifically at the following coordinates:

  • X: -3308
  • Y: 0789
  • Z: -0100

However, before proceeding into the cave, it’s best to come prepared with a bunch of Bomb Flowers or Rock Hammers because you will be demolishing a lot of walls once inside.

When adequately prepared, head through the entrance of the cave. Continue heading straight across the linear passage until you see a fall from the floor. Jump down into the opening and continue straight along the path.

Soon enough, you will see an opening blocked by a layer of red rocks. You can use either the Bomb Flowers or the Rock Hammer to break down this obstruction depending on your preference.

However, do note that there are a couple of enemies in this area you must be wary of, but they can be run completely past.

In this next area, you will come to a fork. From here, you can take any path you wish, as both will lead to the Iun-orok Shrine in Tears of the Kingdom. However, both the right and the left paths will have an Ice Like within, which can prove to be quite troublesome.

Try to stun the Ice Likes first with electricity and then attack them consistently while they are in a stunned state. You must especially be wary of their Ice breath because that can become a major problem.

Although both paths lead to the Iun-orok Shrine, the path to the right is the best one to choose – especially if you are low on demolishing materials. This is because the rocks on this path are relatively easier to break through compared to the ones on the left.

After breaking the first layer of rocks with your preferred choice of weapon, continue along the path and make a left, where you come across another set of rocks blocking your path.

There is also a Shock Like here, which you need to get rid of in order to proceed further. Note that you must especially be wary of their projectiles as well because they fire five of them consecutively.

Defeating the Shock Like will also open up a way to a Chest that contains a Kite Shield. After grabbing this reward, push through the rock wall in front of you to reach another area.

This area contains the Iun-orok Shrine, which is located at the coordinates:

  • X: -3538
  • Y: 0853
  • Z: -0133

However, even after locating the Iun-orok Shrine in Tears of the Kingdom, our job is not completely done. We must now enter the Shrine and complete the puzzle to reap its rewards.

How to solve the Iun-orok Shrine puzzle in Zelda: TotK

Right as you enter the Iun-orok Shrine in Tears of the Kingdom, you will start The Right Roll trial.

Just in front of you is a ramp that leads down to an orange target. There is also a small ball lying on the ground to your right.

To solve the first part of the puzzle, you must grab the ball on your right using Ultrahand and place it on the ramp, aligning it with the orange target at the base of the ramp.

Let go of the ball in such a way that it hits the target on the way down. Once that happens, the first part of the puzzle will be completed and the door will open into the next.

For the rest of the parts as well, the key to the Iun-orok Shrine puzzle’s solution is using the balls provided smartly.

Next, walk through the new path revealed behind the target. In front of you now should be two balls, and to your left, a single target – but the ramp is triangular.

To solve this part of the puzzle, grab both balls using Ultrahand and attach them together. Then, align them against the ramp such that there is one ball on each side. Once they are perfectly aligned, let go of the balls in such a way that at least one of them hits the target – if not both.

Once the target is hit, the door will open and a new area will be unlocked. In this new area, there will be three balls of various sizes, an elevated chest to your left, and a curved ramp with a target at the end to your right.

For this one, you must attach all three balls together in an ascending manner of size (horizontally) to make a structure resembling a staircase.

To reach the chest on the left, grab the set of balls with Ultrahand and place it next to the platform. You can climb on top of the balls to reach the chest, which contains Arrows (x10).

As for the target, this time, you do not need to let go of the balls and roll them across the ramp. Instead, keep ahold of them using Ultrahand and walk down the ramp. The ball’s orientation should be in such a way that they are stacked one on top of the other (vertically).

Place this stack at the end of the ramp so they can reach across the gap and fall down hitting the target on the other end, hence completing the puzzle. The door will open and the next area revealed holds the altar. Interact with the palm sign to obtain a Light of Blessing

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