Red Dead Redemption 2 Points of Interest Locations Guide

With our RDR2 Points of Interest Locations Guide, you will be able to discover all 46 POIs in RDR2 to attain 100% game completion.

Points of Interest are a type of collectible in RDR2. They aren’t tracked in the progression tab but present interesting world-building opportunities through peculiar characters, objects, and locations.

There is a total of 49 Points of Interest in Red Dead Redemption 2 and in this guide, we’ll be looking at the locations of all of them. You’ll know you’re at a Point of Interest when you get a prompt to Inspect something. Once you do, Arthur will put out his journal and start scribbling about it.

Meditating Monk

The meditating Monk can be found on top of the mountain east of O’Creagh’s Run in Grizzlies East. Climb up the mountain to locate it. Do note that the monk only appears around noon time.

Face in Cliff

The Face in Cliff POI is not far from the previous one. It is found northeast of the Three Sisters and dead north of the Moonstone Pond. You’ll once again have to climb the mountain into which the face is carved.

Strange Statues

The Strange Statues POI is located inside a cave near the East Grizzlies and to the east of Donner Falls. The cave can be accessed through a hidden entrance marked on the map above. Enter the cave to find the statues.

Mysterious Hill Home

The Mysterious Hill House is located to the northeast of Bacchus Station. The house’s roof is covered with moss, so it can be fairly difficult to spot.

Mammoth Skelton

The Mammoth Skeleton is located in the western part of Ambarino, between the Spider Gorge and the Deadboot Creek. The skeleton will be found on the path on the map image above. It will be covered in snow, so keep a keen eye when looking for it.

Frozen Settler

The Frozen Settler is found at the top of Mount Hagen. He’ll be next to a couple of rocks in the location marked on the map above. Once you interact with him, you can collect the Morion Helmet from his corpse.

Defaced Grave

The Defaced Grave is located right at the northern edge of Barrow Lagoon, near the small cabin.

Strange Statues (paintings)

The final POI in Ambarino is found in Window Rock. There will be a large overhanging rock with paintings of statues on it. Simply approach it.

Warped Tree

The first POI in New Hanover is found within the Heartlands, to the southwest of Emerald Ranch. It is on top of the hill in the area marked on the map above.

Register Rock

Register Rock is located south of the Heartlands Oil Field in New Hanover. The rock will be next to a large tree with text scribbled.

Oil Derrick

The next POI located in the Heartlands dead center, northeast of Flatneck Station. Here, you can also find some resources, including food and alcohol.

Trading Post

The Trading Post is found to the east of Flatneck Station. It appears as a small, white hut.

Brush Fire

The Brush Fire Points of Interest is located right next to the Dakota River and the N of the New Hanover text on the RDR2 map. It’s hard to miss as the fire’s aftermath spreads over a large area.

Barrel Rider

The Barrel Rider can be found on the river bank near Donner Falls. Depending on how you approach the area, you may need to climb down to reach the bank.


The Meteorite is found in the Roanoke Ridge area of New Hanover. It can be found toward the north of Annesburg, at the northern limit of the map.

Abandoned Trading Post

The Abandoned Trading Post is found right next to the meteor. Just walk a couple of yards east. This POI appears as a dilapidated wooden hut.

Fossilized Man

The Fossilized Man is found close to the previous POIs. He’ll be on a rock ledge right above the train tracks.

Meteor House

The Meteor House is also located in the general vicinity of the previous three POIs. Follow the map image above to find it. The Meteor House will appear burned and destroyed as a meteor crashed through it.

Old Tomb

The Old Tomb is found a little way away from the previous collectibles. It is located right near the river bend in Roanoke Ridge. It’ll be in a shallow pit.

Old World Scripts

The Old World Scripts POI will be found on the opposite end of Roanoke Ridge. It’ll be amongst a couple of rocks right by the bank.

Trail Trees (I), Trail Trees (II), Trail Trees (III), and, Trail Trees (IV)

All four Trail Trees are found along a path near Annesburg in Roanoke Ridge. Start from the marker on the map closest to the New Hanover text on the map and make your way to the river bank to find all four Points of Interest in RDR2

Manmade Mutant

The Manmade Mutant POI is located west of the Van Horn Trading Post. The mutant will be on the house’s second floor, located in the marked area on the map above.

Serpent Mound

The last POI in New Hanover is close to the Manmade Mutant. Follow the map image above to locate a tower. Climb it and look down to find the Serpent Mound.

Hermit Woman

The Hermit woman can be found in the northwestern limit of West Elizabeth. Reach the area marked on the map image above to find her cabin.

Crashed Airship

The Crashed Airship POI is just a few feet south of the Hermit Woman. It’ll be found amongst the trees off the main path.

Hidden Tunnel

The Hidden Tunnel POI is located in s small crevice right where you find the Crashed Airship. Head into the indentation in the area marked on the map above.


The Obelisk POI is located northwest of Strawberry, near the previous one. It’ll be on top of the hill overlooking the Owanjila Dam. The Obelisk is a tall, needle-like structure.

Native Burial

The Native Burial can be found dead north of the Owanjila Dam. It’ll be in the middle of a forest clearing in the area marked on the above map.

Giant Remains

The Giant Remains are in the middle of Big Valley in West Elizabeth. They’ll be underneath a cliff, along the path on Mount Shann.

Pagan Ritual

The Pagan Ritual POI is located to the west of Owanjila Dam. It’ll be found in a forest clearing and feature a half-cut corpse in the middle of a large white symbol.

Faces in Trees

Faces in Trees is located right next to the Owanjila Dam. Head to the area marked on the map above and look for drawings of faces on the tree trunks.

Whale Bones

The Whale Bones POI is also located right next to Owanjila Dam. Head to the area marked on the map above to locate the bones.

Circus Wagons

To locate the Circus Wagons, head over to Hanzanita Post, which is found toward the west of Blackwater in West Elizabeth. It’ll be along the path marked on the map above.


The last Points of Interest in West Elizabeth is located to the west of Aurora Basin in RDR2. The Wickuip is a white tree.


There aren’t any Points of Interest in Guarma.

Tiny Church

The Tiny Church is found north of Saint Denis in Lakay. It’ll be next to a large tree.

Gray’s Secret

Gray’s Secret, a letter, can be found in Caliga Hall. It is located on a table at the back exterior of the house marked on the map image above. This points of interest can only be found after you’ve completed the mission ‘A Short Walk in Pretty Town’ in Chapter 3 of RDR2.

Withered Arm

The Withered Arm is located to the south of Caliga Hall. It’ll be found off the main path in the area marked on the map above.


The Phonograph is located in Bluewater Marsh. It’ll be inside a boathouse by the marsh in the area marked on the map above.

Bolger Glade

The Bolger Glade POI is located toward the east of Braithwaite Manor. It appears as a series of trenches in the open.

Abandoned Church

The Abandoned Church is located at Bolger Glade. It’ll have a couple of squatters, so come prepared.

Braithwaites’ Secret

The Braithwaite’s Secret POI is located in the Braithwaite estate area. It can be found to the west of the manor. You’ll hear a woman’s voice when you enter the area of the map. Follow it until you locate a white outhouse. Braithwaite’s Secret is inside the outhouse.


The final Points of Interest in Lemoyne is located west of Bluewater Marsh in RDR2. Go to the area marked on the map above to find Pleasance, a couple of old derelict buildings.

Donkey Lady

The Donkey Lady is located to the south of Armadillo. She can be found next to a well in the village marked on the map above.

Flying Machine

The Flying Machine is found to the west of Armadillo in Cholla Springs. It’ll be on the ground in the area marked on the map above.

Jesuit Missionary

The Jesuit Missionary is found at the western limit of the map near the San Luis River. He’ll be leaning up against a couple of rocks near the main path.

Sperm Whale Bones

The last Points of Interest in New Austin is found to the southeast of the Tumbleweed in RDR2. The Sperm Whale bones will be embedded in the earth in the area marked on the map above.

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