Red Dead Redemption 2 Five Finger Fillet Guide – Table Location, Winning Tips

This guide will help you with the Five Finger Fillet in Red Dead Redemption 2. This mini game requires fast reflexes as players need to beat their opponent’s time.

Five Finger Fillet is of the many Table Games that players can play to earn money. However, there is a chance that you will lose your money if you fail to beat your opponent. That is where our RDR2 Five Finger Fillet Guide comes in to help you with rules and the strategy to ensure your victory.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Five Finger Fillet

Our RDR2 Five Finger Fillet Guide will help you find the locations for all of the tables in the game. We will also discuss the rules and strategy to ensure your victory.

Where To Find

Five Finger Fillet can be found across the game’s world. You will find Five Finger Fillet table in the town of “Strawberry” and “Valentine”. Also, you can play this mini-game at your main camp.

However, the main camp won’t always have this game available as the mini-games rotate between Poker, Blackjack, Dominoes and more. The Five Finger Fillet table in the town of Strawberry is permanent. Furthermore, the table you find in the game gets marked on your map.

How To Play

Five Finger Fillet is a pretty simple game. In this mini-game, Arthur needs to stretch out his hand and lay it on the table. Then he needs to stab the table between his fingers while avoiding cutting any of his fingers.

While it sounds simple enough but it isn’t. Players have to match the button prompts in order for Arthur to stab the table without cutting his finger.

The game starts with Arthur’s opponent completing a lap of stabbing the table between his fingers. Then Arthur needs to do the same but faster. However, players don’t need to do anything else but match the button prompts.

However, you need to be very quick as these button prompts will pop up quickly. If Arthur stabs his hand, your attempt will reset. Not only you need to match the button prompts but you need to press then quickly to beat your opponent’s time.

Win two rounds out three and you win the reward. If you manage to successfully press all the button but if you are slow then you will lose the round.

How To Win

To beat your opponent’s time, players will have a total of five chances in each round. This gives you some room to make mistakes. This also allows you to make a few mistakes to memorize the button prompts.

Therefore, I encourage you to make a couple of mistakes to familiarize with the prompts. Then quickly press the buttons to beat your opponent’s time.

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