Persona 5 Royal Confidants Guide

Persona 5 Confidants Guide to help you learn everything you need to know about Confidants, their Arcanas, locations, and abilities.

Confidants in Persona 5 can essentially be considered as Social Link from Persona 3 and Persona 4. There are, however, a few changes. It’s a good idea to build relationships with Confidants as they provide social and battle bonuses.

Another reason why you should do it is because of Arcana ranks. Increasing Arcana unlocks abilities such as follow-up attacks, increased power, etc. Apart from this, it also unlocks romance options and new cutscenes.

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Persona 5 Royal Confidants

Below we have summarized details of every P5R confidant along with information regarding which character holds that confidant position and how you can progress through their ranks.

For detailed information about each confidant such as best gifts for the confidant or dialogue choices to rank up, you can check out our individual confidant guides.

The Fool Confidant

Confidant: Igor


Automatically found through story progression. The Fool automatically levels up as you progress through the game.

  • Rank 0 — Rank 1: 12th April
  • Rank 1 — Rank 2: Kamoshida Palace Break-In
  • Rank 2 — Rank 3: 5th May
  • Rank 3 — Rank 4: Clear Madarame Palace
  • Rank 4 — Rank 5: 11th June
  • Rank 5 — Rank 6: Clear Kaneshiro Palace
  • Rank 6 — Rank 7: 22nd August
  • Rank 7 — Rank 8: 31st August
  • Rank 8 — Rank 9: 11th October
  • Rank 9 — Rank 10: 24th December

The Magician Confidant

Confidant: Morgana

Automatically found through story progression.

You automatically gain co-op points with Morgana by simply progressing through the game.

  • Rank 1 — Rank 2: Enter Kamoshida’s Treasury
  • Rank 2 — Rank 3: Clear Mudarame’s Palace
  • Rank 3 — Rank 4: 20th June
  • Rank 4 — Rank 5: Clear Kaneshiro’s Palace
  • Rank 5 — Rank 6: 25th July
  • Rank 6 — Rank 7: 29th August
  • Rank 7 — Rank 8: 17th September
  • Rank 8 — Rank 9: Clear Okumura’s Palace
  • Rank 9 — Rank 10: 23rd December

The Priestess Confidant

Confidant: Makoto Nijima
Time/Date: 6/25 in the Afternoon

Found in front of the Student Council Office | Outside of School.

Makoto Nijima can be pursued after the Kaneshiro Palace is cleared and your Knowledge is above Rank-3. You’ll also need maximum Charm to go past rank 5.

The Empress

Confidant: Haru Okumura
Time/Date: 10/31 in the Afternoon

Found on the school rooftop. You need to have your Proficiency at Level 5.

The Emperor

Confidant: Kitagawa Yusuke
Time/Date: 6/14 in the Afternoon

Found in the underground street Shibuya. Do note that you’ll need 4 ranks in Proficiency if you wish to go beyond rank-5.

The Hierophant

Confidant: Sojiro Sakura
Time/Date: 4/20 in the Afternoon

You need to help him at Le Blanc. In order to advance your relationship, you need to have rank-5 in Kindness.

The Lovers

Confidant: Ann Takamaki
Time/Date: 4/15 in the Afternoon

Found in the Underground Mall Shibuya | Classroom. In order to get all the way to rank-10, all you need is a 2 in Kindness.

The Chariot

Confidant: Ryuji Sakamoto
Time/Date: 4/12 in the Afternoon

Found outside your classroom & Shibuya Arcade. You don’t really need a whole lot of attribute points to max his Confidant rank and should spend this time somewhere else.

The Justice

Confidant: Goro Akechi
Time/Date: 6/10

Automatically found through story progression.

The Hermit

Confidant: Futaba Sakura
Time/Date: 8/31 in the Afternoon

Found outside Le Blanc. You need to make sure that you’ve at least 4 Kindness.

The Fortune

Confidant: Chihaya Mifune
Time/Date: 6/22 at Night

Found in the Shinjuku Street. To get started with her, you’ll need about 95,000 yen which she’ll refund at rank-9. In order to build relationship, you’ll need to buy certain items from her and complete a few missions.

The Strength

Confidant: Caroline & Justine
Time/Date: 5/18

Found in the Velvet Room.

The Hanged Man

Confidant: Munehisa Iwai
Time/Date: 5/6 at Night

Found inside the Military Shop. Going past rank-7 will require you to max out your Courage so bear this in mind!

The Death

Confidant: Tae Takemi
Time/Date: 4/15 in the Afternoon

Found in the Yongenjaya Clinic. In order to go past rank-7, you’ll need rank-2 Courage and rank-4 Charisma.

The Temperance

Confidant: Sadayo Kawakami
Time/Date: 5/24 at Night

You need to call her with the phone in Le Blanc.

The Devil

Confidant: Oya Ichiko
Time/Date: 6/18 at Night

You find in a bar in Shinjuku. You don’t really need any Attributes to max the relationship with her.

The Tower

Confidant: Shinya Oda
Time/Date: 9/4 in the Afternoon

You’ll need to complete a small quest in order to unlock him. The first thing that you need to do is to get the name of a criminal in the Shibuya Arcade and fight his shadow in Mementos.

Once done, speak with Oda in the Akihabara Arcade and then speak with Futaba in Sangenjaya. After that, head to Akihabara Arcade in the afternoon and speak to Oda.

Star Confidant

Confidant: Hifumi Togo
Time/Date: 6/25 in the Afternoon

Found in the Kanda Church. Do note that you’ll need a rank-2 in the Emperor Arcana and 3 in Charm to start her co-op route.

The Moon

Confidant: Yuki Mishima
Time/Date: 5/6 at Night

Found in the Central District Shibuya | Shinjuku Street. You should definitely consider reaching rank-10 with this guy if you want a lot of XP.

The Sun

Confidant: Toranosuke Yoshida
Time/Date: 5/6 at Night

Found in front of Shibuya Station.

The Judgment

Confidant: Sae Nijima
Time/Date: 7/9

Automatically found through story progression.

The World

Automatically found through story progression.

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