Persona 5 Romance Guide

Persona 5 Romance Guide to help you establish friendships and romance the game's female characters available in the game.

Persona 5 Romance Guide is here to help you establish friendships and romance the game’s female characters. There are 9 female characters in Persona 5 that you can romance during the course of the game.

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Persona 5 Romance

This guide will point you in the right direction concerning all the dialogues and actions you will need to initiate in order to form a bond with all the romanceable character in P5.

With a total of 9 girls you can romance; you should keep in mind your favorite one and approach them accordingly.

However, note that if you happen to date more than one at the same time, it can certainly bring about some hilarious consequences on Valentine’s day.

Ann Takamaki
Location: Shibuya Underground Mall on April 4th
To romance Ann Takamaki, increase her Confidant Rank to 9. Moreover, hang out with her & increase your Kindness to 2. After reaching Confidant Rank 9, choose one of the two dialogue options.

Choose ‘You Have Me’ to romance her and choose ‘You Have the Others’ to establish a friendship.

Makoto Niijima
Location: 3rd Floor Library after Completing Castle of Lust
To romance Makoto Niijima, talk to her in the library and increase her Confidant Rank to 9.

However, before speaking to her, talk to the man outside the Shinjuku bookstore followed by speaking to Makoto.

After selecting ‘I’ll be Your Study Partner’, select ‘I do’ to start the relationship.

Futaba Sakura
Location: Hermit Arcana on August 8th
To romance Futaba Sakura, you need at least 4 in Kindness. From there, accept whenever she invites you and find her near Cafe Le Blanc. After a little while, you should be able to see the two options.

Select ‘Because I Love You’ to romance her and select ‘Because We’re Teammates’ to establish a friendship.

Haru Okumura
Location: Automatically Found
After establishing the social rank, head to the school rooftop and have at least Confidant Rank 7 to start the romance. You basically need to accept all the invitations and respond positively to her advances.

Dr. Tae Takemi
Location: Cafe Le Blanc
After meeting her, agree to take part in the medical study. You’ll also need Rank 2 Guts and Rank 4 Charm to proceed the relationship with her.

Reach Rank 8 Charm to complete the ‘Bad Medicine’ and either select ‘I Love You’ or ‘I Wanted to See You’ to start an intimate relationship with the doctor.

Sadayo Kawakami
Location: Found Automatically
Before calling Sadayo Kawakami for the first time, make sure you’ve enough Guts. From this point onwards, try to call her more often and reach Confidant Rank 8. Once done, complete ‘A Teacher Maid to Suffer’ to reach Confidant Rank 9.

Now all that remains is to select ‘I Want to Keep Seeing You’, ‘I Mean What I Say’, & ‘I’m a Man; You’re a Woman’ to start the relationship.

Hifumi Togo
Location: Found on June 26th
To start romancing Hifumi Togo, you’ll need Rank 3 Charm and Rank 5 Knowledge. After completing ‘Upstaging the Stage Mother’ and select ‘I Want to Stay by Your Side’ & ‘I Want Us to Date’ to start the relationship.

Chihaya Mifune
Location: Fortune-Telling in Shinjuku at Night
After meeting Chihaya Mifune, spend 100,000 Yen to buy a stone and return to complete ‘Ending the Boyfriend’s Abuse’. Once done, continue to rank up with her.

During the course of your journey, select ‘Encourage Her’, ‘Overturn Your Fate’, ‘Follow his Heart’, ‘Thieves May Steal Her Away’. After that, continue to hang out with her, accept her invitations, and complete ‘Debunking the Psychic’.

Lastly, select ‘So I Can be With You’ to start romancing her.

Ichiko Ohya
Location: Crossroads Bar in Shinjuku on June 22nd
After establishing the social link, accept her invitations and hang out with her as much as possible.

Once you’ve completed ‘Fighting for Truth in Journalism’ and select ‘I Took it Seriously’ and ‘I Love You, Ichiko’ to start the relationship

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