Persona 5 Hifumi Confidant (Star) Guide

Unlocking and leveling up Hifumi confidant rank in Persona 5 is quite difficult and requires a lot of effort which is why we are here to help

Hifumi Togo is a 17-year-old shogi protege from Kosei high school in Persona 5. She belongs to Star arcana and is not an active member of the party. Hifuma can be romanced after reaching rank 9 of her confidant rank.

To get you started and help you max out Persona 5 Hifumi confidant rank, we have prepared this guide that goes over everything including how to romance her.

How to unlock Hifumi’s confidant in Persona 5

Unlocking Hifumi and confidant rank is pretty difficult. You need to meet certain conditions and keep track of particular dates to unlock her first rank. First, you need to reach Rank 2 of Emperor Arcana (Yusuke Kitagawa).

During the rank 2 interaction, Yusuke will tell you about a star shogi player from his school. Hifumi hangs out at the Kanda district. You need to watch television on 25th June (25/6) to unlock the Kanda district. Last but not least, you need to have charm at rank 3 to approach Hifumi. This will unlock her first rank.

Where to find Hifumi and her availability

Hifuma is available to hang out on the nights of Mondays, Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays. She is also available in the daytime if it is raining. Hifumi’s confidant rank in P5 can’t be progressed on sunny days.

How to hangout with Hifumi

You can also hang out with Hifumi in other places.



All responses are +3.

Bonus. King Piece

Wilton Buffet (Friendship route)

All responses are +3.

Obaida (Romance route)

For “Similar to this Ferris wheel. You showed me a different view, and changed my world.”

Reply with either.

  • What kind of world is that? (+3)
  • You can always count on me. (+3)

Inokashira Park

All responses are +3.

Hawaii (10th September 9/10)

You need to have at least rank 5 for Star confidant before leaving for the trip. Also have a persona from Star Arcana to get maximum bonus from the interactions.

For “Perhaps I should go change.”

  • You look great. (+3)

For “Shrimp are symbolic of living a long life. Shall we have some?”

  • Yeah, I’d like to try some. (+3)

For “We would’ve had a more enjoyable time if I had made better conversation.”

  • I had fun. (+3)

For “If only we went to the same school.”

Reply with either.

  • Let’s play a match soon. (+3)
  • We will see each other again. (+3)

Bonus. Honu Charm

Shopping in Akihabara (22nd September 9/22)

For “I’m sorry I’m holding us up.”

  • Take your time. (+2)

For “Thus, the clear solution was to find a place of more comfort, so that my creativity might flow once more.”

  • Why not strip? (+3)

For “A bit eccentric, isn’t she?”

  • That’s good. Right? (+3)

For “Fascinating. What kinds of fortunes does she tell?”

  • Money. (+3)

Confidant abilities and effects

You get the ability to Fuse Lucifer (highest rank persona from star arcana) by maxing out Hifumi’s confidant rank. She will also give you Kosha piece on 19th March (3/19) for completing her confidant which unlocks Touryou in new game plus.

1Koma SabakiSwap party members with back up members on Joker’s turn.
3UchikomiA back up member can follow up if Joker downs an enemy.
5Kakoi KuzushiAllows you to attempt an escape even when surrounded.
7NarikinDouble money if battle is won in 1 turn after ambush.
9TouryouTurn delay decreases to zero, allowing you to escape battle instantly.
MaxTogo SystemSwap party members with back members during anyone’s turn.

Best dialogue choices for each Persona 5 Star confidant rank

Always bring a Star persona before meeting Hifumi in P5. This is a must.

Rank 1

For “Before you head home, would you like to exchange IDs with me? There’s no obligation, of course.” (Persona 5 Royal only)

  • Lucky me. (+3)

Rank 2

For “I tend to get very aggressive. It’s as if I assume the role of a queen of a kingdom.”

  • That’s interesting. (+2)

For “Um, well, I’m doing a photoshoot for one.”

  • But you don’t want to, right? (+2)

Rank 3

For “Did you see it? It was called ‘The Venus of Shogi’.”

  • Describes you perfectly. (+2)

For “It’s as if she wants to be the manager of a celebrity.”

  • Having a difficult time. (+2)

For “But this hardly seems fair. How can I teach you properly when I’m this distressed?” (Persona 5 Royal only)

  • Bring it on. (+2)

Bonus. Knowledge +1

Rank 4

For “She’s my senior. I defeated her in a recent title match.”

Reply with either.

  • I didn’t mind. (+2)
  • Must have been the katsu curry. (+2)

For “What do you think about them?”

  • They are cool. (+2)

For “I hope this won’t discourage you from spending time with me. Really, I would be delighted to do this again.” (Persona 5 Royal only)

Reply with either.

  • I’d love to. (+2)
  • Where shall we go next? (+2)

Rank 5

For “I apologize. That must have been quite a shock.”

  • She’s scary. (+2)

For “But it’s honestly quite difficult for me.”

  • You should stop then. (+2)

For “She didn’t mean to offend you at all. I hope you’ll accept my apology in her place.” (Persona 5 Royal only)

  • You have got a lot to deal with. (+2)

Bonus. Knowledge +1

Rank 6

For “So now she’s even more insistent on having me do more TV and magazine interviews than before.”

  • Is that frustrating? (+2)

For “Maybe I should stop playing shogi and just get a job… That way, my family won’t get hurt again.”

Reply with either.

  • Do you still like Shogi? (+2)1
  • Do what you love. (+2)

For “You might make a fine priest yourself. Considering how good a listener you are, I mean.”  (Persona 5 Royal only)

  • You are imagining things. (+2)

Bonus. Knowledge +1.

Rank 7

For “I confess I am a bit scared, though.”

  • It may come down to luck. (+3)

For “But I’m sick of being treated like an idol. I have to show them what I’m made of.”

  • I believe in you. (+3)

Bonus. Knowledge +1

At this point you must have Max knowledge stat to continue

For “That way, I can use the weekly magazine’s popularity against them and instantly become famous.”

  • That won’t work. (+2)

Rank 8

To start this rank, side quest “Upstaging the staged mother” needs to be completed.

For “Perhaps they eavesdropped on our conversation?”

  • I am glad her heart changed. (+3)

For “I was just a little curious about your thoughts. Regarding my decision to reveal my fixed matches, that is.” (Persona 5 Royal only)

  • I support it. (+2)

Bonus. Knowledge +1.

Rank 9

For “However, I’m not going to give them the satisfaction. I’m going to win… with these very hands.”

  • Give it all you got. (+2)

For “I was so ashamed of myself. I didn’t want to hurt the pieces any longer.”

  • A very queenly decision. (+3)

For “So this is goodbye.” (EXTREMELY IMPORTANT)

  • I want to become stronger. (Friendship route)
  • I want to stay by your side. (Romance route)

For “What do you mean by that?” (Depends on your previous answer)

  • I want us to date. (Romance route)
  • We’ll be friends forever. (Friendship route)

Rank 10

For “I quit the Ladies Professional Shogi Players’ Association. I need to start over as an amateur.”

Reply with either.

  • You’ll triumph in the end. (+3)
  • Just don’t lose. (+3)

Best Gifts to give to Hifumi

NameLocationCost (Yen)
Fountain penShinjuku8000
Rose Bouquet (unique)Shinjuku2400
Black MugShinjuku1800
Sakura Fan (unique)Underground Mall4800
Incense SetUnderground Mall3800
Book CoverUnderground Mall3000
Dragon Sword Keychain (P5R)Akihabara500
Designer PerfumeUnderground Mall1500
Glass VaseUnderground Mall1500
CastellaUnderground Mall1500
Uji Matcha FlanUnderground Mall2400

How to romance Hifumi

Hifumi’s romantic route is pretty straightforward forward but you need to keep an eye out for the following things.

  • You need to have max Knowledge before starting Hifumi’s 7th confidant rank.
  • Complete “Upstaging the staged mother” in mementos before 8th Star confidant rank.

During rank 9, select “I want to stay by your side” followed by “I want us to date”

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