Persona 5 Morgana Confidant (Magician) Guide

Persona 5 Confidant Cooperation Guide to help you learn everything you need to know about ranking up with Fool, Magician, and Judgement

A black cat with a sharp tongue and lots of courtesy for the ladies of Phantom Thieves, Morgana is the second main character we meet in Persona 5 Royal. Combing Mementos and metaverse in search of his lost identity, Persona 5 Morgana belongs to Magician Arcana. Seemingly having lost his purpose in life, Morgana gains new faith in himself after joining Phantom Thieves.

Morgana is an active party member in Persona 5 Royal and calls upon a magician persona, Zorro, to aid him in the battle. Morgana specializes in wind-based attacks and healing magics. Electricity-based attacks are Morgana’s weakness in Persona 5 Royal.

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How to unlock Morgana Confidant in Persona 5

Morgana’s confidant rank unlocks automatically on 15th April (4/15). being a major part of the story, you can’t miss it. Maxing out Magician arcana unlocks the ability to fuse Futunashi.

Where to find Morgana and his Availability

Morgana is always available with Joker as his house pet. You carry Morgana everywhere you go, including Shujin high, in your backpack.

Abilities to unlock at each rank

1Infiltration ToolsAbility to craft basic infiltration tools for metaverse.
2Baton PassPass your turn to other party member after 1 more.
3Follow UpIf Joker’s attack doesn’t down an enemy, chance for a follow-up attack.
4Kitty TalkTry to renegotiate with shadows if first negotiation fails.
5PickpocketSteal items from shadows during Joker’s melee attacks.
6Ace ToolsAbility to craft all infiltration tools for metaverse.
7Harisen RecoveryCan remove status ailments from party members.
8EndureCan survive a fatal attack with 1 HP remaining.
9ProtectCan protect Joker from a fatal attack.
MaxSecond AwakeningZorro transforms into mythical trickster, Mercurius.
RoyalThird AwakeningMercurius awakens to legendary Diego.

Best dialogue choices for each Persona 5 Magician Confidant Rank

Dialogue choices with Morgana don’t have any impact on the Magician confidant’s progress. you can choose any answer you want for Morgana in Persona 5 Royal. His confidant’s progression is automatic.


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