Persona 5 Shinya Confidant (Tower) Guide

In Persona 5 Royal Shinya Oda is known as the "Gamer King" and is a child prodigy in arcade gaming. Shinya is a shy and introverted kid...

In Persona 5 Royal, Shinya Oda is known as the “Gamer King” and is a child prodigy in arcade gaming. Shinya is a shy and introverted kid obsessed with gaming and spends most of his time in the arcade. As you progress through Persona 5, you can develop a bond with Shinya by completing various tasks for him.

How to unlock Shinya Confidant in Persona 5

You will start the Shinya Oda Confidant while completing a request from the velvet room called “Winners Don’t Use Cheats.” This request is available after September 4, and your objective is to face a player using cheats. The location of this cheater is in Mementos.

After being obvious that it is not possible to take out the cheater, the party would decide in a retreat meeting that they have to take someone’s help from another arcade. That someone is Shinya. But Shinya Oda has a condition to help you in Persona 5 Royal. He will ask you to introduce him to the Phantom Thieves for doing you this favor.

Where to find Shinya and his availability

Shinya is available on limited days in Persona 5. You can find him on Sundays and other holidays. On some weekends, you can also hang out with him after school. You can find him inside the arcade in Akihabara, where he spends much of his time playing games.

Bear in mind that to hang out with him, you must have a high enough rank in knowledge to understand his gaming terms.

What abilities to unlock at each rank

Rank    Ability  Description
1Down ShotIt enables knocking down enemies using a well-placed shot
2Bullet HailIt allows you to fire a barrage of bullets at enemies.
3Warning ShotCan intimidate enemies and cause them to flee
5Laced BulletsThe overall success percentage of ailment-inflicting guns is increased
6Cheap ShotThe ability that reduces the cost of ammo for all gun-based attacks
8Electric SlugIt enables you to use an electrically charged bullet that can paralyze a foe
MAXOda SpecialIt allows you to fuse the persona of Mada, the ultimate persona of Tower arcana. Mada is a very powerful persona specializing in gun skills and has a variety of powerful abilities, making it a valuable addition to your persona roster.

Best dialogue choices for each Persona 5 Tower Confidant rank

As Shinya hails from Tower arcana, you should remember to take a Persona from Tower arcana with you to hang out with Shinya Oda in Persona 5.

Additionally, we have listed only those dialogues that provide some points in return.

Rank 1

For “Hey, we should exchange IDs. It’s not like I’m here every day, so…”

  • Call me when it’s game time. +2
  • Sure. +1
  • Do we have to? +1

Rank 2

For “Thanks to you taking so long to figure it out…”

  • Don’t compare me to you. +3
  • Sorry… +2


  • What a rude employee. +2

“…I need to get really strong, like the Phantom Thieves.”

  • Do you admire them? +2

“I believe in the Phantom Thieves and their strength.”

  • So do I. +3
  • I’ll let them know. +3

“Everyone sucks at first, but you can get good if you do it every day!”

  • I’ll work hard. +2
  • So then I can beat you? +2

Rank 3

For “That’s why I gotta get stronger!”

  • That’s the spirit. +2

For “Maybe we can go eat something again while we’re at it?”

  • Sure. +2

Rank 4

For “You cheated, didn’t you!?”

  • Yeah, you tell him! +2

For “You’ve gotta be kidding me…”

  • Get your revenge. +2

Rank 5

For “I mean, I couldn’t do anything to him… There’s just no way.”

  • It was pretty weird. +3
  • He must’ve rigged it. +3

“I’m definitely gonna demolish him!”

  • I’m sure you can do it. +2

For “The strategy I used last time didn’t work…”

  • You need a new strategy. +3
  • Are you going to give up? +2

For “I gotta think of a new strategy by the next time I challenge him!”

  • I’ll be cheering you on. +2
  • Think you can take him? +2

Rank 6

For “I won’t do it again… I don’t wanna be a bad guy.”

  • I believe in you. +3
  • That’s good. +2

For “Um… do you… hate me now?”

  • Not at all. +3

For “Are you sure you aren’t gonna hate me?”

  • Of course, I won’t. +2

Rank 7

For “So? Are you the one who’s been such a bad influence on my Shinya?”

  • I haven’t done anything. +2

Rank 8

For “So she IS bad after all…”

Either of the options.

  • No, she’s not. +2
  • Is that what you think? +2

For “Do you think they’ll actually be able to change her heart?”

  • Believe in them. +3
  • It’ll all work out. +2

For “That’s why I wanna help the Phantom Thieves. I wanna stop my mom.”

Either of the options

  • Let’s save her. +3
  • That’s admirable. +3

Rank 9

(You need to complete the Mementos Request “A Mother’s Aggression” to progress further.)

For “She broke down crying and told me that she’ll be a better mother from now on…”

  • I’m glad to hear that. +3
  • Thank the Phantom Thieves. +2

For “Am I weird… for feeling happy about losing? I mean, all I cared about before was winning.”

  • No, that makes sense. +3
  • It means you’ve matured. +3
  • A little bit, yeah. +2

For “I wonder why he’s cheating…”

  • He wants to win at all costs. +2

For “I’m so glad she’s back to her old self! I’m so thankful for the Phantom Thieves!”

  • Your wish came true. +2
  • You really think it was them? +2
  • You did a great job too. +2

Rank 10

For “I’ve got nothing left to teach you. You’re an elite player now.”

  • Thanks to my teacher. +3
  • Thanks to my hard work. +2

For “… I’m so happy right now.”

  • You made new friends. +3
  • You made things right. +2

Best Gifts to give to Shinya in Persona 5 Royal

The youngest of the confidants in Persona 5 Royal, the truth is that Shinya Oda does not exactly fit many of the gifts available from the game’s shops. You can buy a few gifts for him, though, which are the following.

Silver BangleTurtle Diamond Jewelry Store¥78,000
Snack Pack ¥5,800
Uji Matcha Flan / Matcha PuddingStation Underground Mall, Shibuya (1 Gift) and 6/26 TV Shopping (1 Gift)¥2,400 and ¥2,800
Chocolate TrufflesSupermarket, Station Underground Mall, Shibuya¥2,800
Rubik’s Cube ¥3,200
Motorcycle figureElectronics Superstore, Akihabara¥3,600
Dragon Sword KeychainOtaku Goods Shop, Akihabara¥500
Instant cup ramen noodle setRocinante¥3,480
Custard CakeSupermarket, Station Underground Mall, Shibuya¥1,500
Super Noisy Alarm ClockElectronic Superstore, Akihabara¥12,000
Local Mascot setOtaku Goods Shop, Akihabara¥3,600
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