Persona 5 Ann Confidant (Lovers) Guide

Ann is one of the romanceable characters in Persona 5 but for that you will need to level up her Lovers confidant rank...

A 17-year-old blonde from Shujin Academy, Ann Takamaki joins Phantom Thieves to stop abusive teachers and change their hearts for good. Ann belongs to Lovers Arcana with Carmen on her side to defeat shadows. Charming, beautiful and intelligent, Persona 5 Ann dons a Panther mask as her alter ego and can be romanced in Persona 5 Royal.

Ann uses fire-based attacks and is weak to Ice attacks. She can be paired with Ryuji or Morgana for showtime attacks. With sub machine guns and whip as her weapons of choice, Ann plays an important role as a healer and a frontline attacker for the party.

How to unlock Ann’s Confidant in Persona 5

Ann’s Lovers confidant rank in P5R unlocks automatically on 15th April (4/15) after leaving Kamoshida’s palace. This is an unmissable event.

Where to find Ann and her Availability

Ann is available after school in the underground mall of Shibuya in Persona 5 on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. She is also available on the nights of these days during rain.

Abilities and Perks at Each Rank

Maxing out Lovers’ confidant grants you access to fuse Ishtar persona. Ann also gives you fashion magazine on 19th March which unlocks Sexy Technique and Crocodile Tear skills on New Game+.

2Girl TalkChance to renegotiate with a female shadow if early negotiations fail.
3Follow UpIf Joker’s attack doesn’t down an enemy, chance for a follow up attack.
4Sexy TechniqueEnemy may focus on Ann and miss their turn.
5Crocodile TearsChance to force enemies to ask for less during negotiations.
6Harisen RecoveryCan remove status ailments from party members.
8Enduremay survive a fatal attack with 1hp remaining.
9ProtectChance to protect Joker from a fatal attack.
MaxSecond AwakeningCarmen awakens to mythical Hekate.
RoyalThird AwakeningHekate evolves into legendary Celestine.

Best dialogue choices for each Persona 5 Lover Confidant rank

Always carry a persona from Lovers’ arcana when interacting with Ann in P5 to get bonus points. This should help you increase Ann’s Lover confidant rank with ease


Rank 2

For “So, I apologized as well.”

Reply with either.

  • Are you feeling better now? (+3)
  • She is so strong. (+3)

For “But in the end, maybe I just didn’t believe in her ability.”

  • You might be right. (+3)

For “Thanks.”

  • I couldn’t just ignore you. (+3)

For “But I’m going to find the answer, I promise.”

Reply with either.

  • I’ll help. (+3)
  • Let’s find it together. (+3)

For “I hope you’ll join me again next time.”

Reply with either.

  • Of course. You are my teammate. (+2)
  • Leave it to me. (+2)
  • The no-refills thing again? (+2)

Rank 3

For “Uh-huh, uh-huh. What else?”

  • Can we stop yet? (+3)

For “It sounds like shoots have been real hectic with all the scrambling they’ve had to do for substitutes.”

  • Has that happened to you? (+3)

For “Maybe less these days.”

  • That freedom sounds nice. (+3)

For “She had to have seen me, right? Do you think she thought I was cool?”

  • Could be. (+3)

Rank 4

For “It has everything but it feels like I can’t understand any of it. It’s honestly kinda scary.”

  • I know what you mean. (+3)

For “But that was when Shiho talked to me. The first thing she said was, ‘Takamaki-san, your paintings suck.'”

  • That’s hilarious. (+3)

For “About that female thief in the anime I used to watch? Well, I thought of something.”

  • Tell me. (+3)

For “And that’s why I’m going to try and learn from them.”

  • Good idea.

For “I’m gonna star in action movies.”

  • Goodluck with that. (+3)

For “Do you do anything to train your body?”

Reply with either.

  • I train everyday. (+2)
  • I carry Morgana in my bag. (+2)

Rank 5

For “Do you think maybe Shiho would want one too?”

  • Give it up. (+2)

For “I really screwed that up.”

  • She is amazing, huh. (+2)

For “But still, wasn’t Mika’s fake crying pretty incredible?”

  • It had grace. (+2)

Rank 6

For “I guess you really just need someone to laugh at you if you want to feel better.”

  • It seems that way. (+3)

For “So I was thinking, and um, what can I do to help Shiho?”

Reply with either.

  • Comfort her. (+3)
  • Show her your own strength. (+3)

For “But now that I saw her crying, I know I’ll find something I can do for her.”

Reply with either.

  • Someone’s motivated. (+2)
  • I’ll cheer you on. (+2)

Rank 7

For “I wonder why.”

  • She admires you. (+3)

For “I want to be a real model.”

  • Go get them, tiger. (+2)

For “Obviously that means dieting, cutting back on food, and no matter how tough it is, I’ll do any workout.”

  • You got this. (+2)

Rank 8

For “Obviously I want to cut down on my waist size too and firm up my butt and calves.”

  • You have some real guts. (+3)

For “Huh. There has to be somewhere my vibrant charm will shine, right?”

Reply with either.

  • There’s no doubt in my mind. (+3)
  • I hope so. (+3)
  • Goodluck finding it. (+3)

For “I need to show her that I’m working hard and that she doesn’t need to worry so much about me.”

Reply with either.

  • She’ll be happy to hear that. (+3)
  • I am sure she already knows. (+3)

For “I wonder if this is how Shiho felt with her rehab? Being able to push herself because someone was there with her.”

Reply with either.

  • That’s probably it. (+2)
  • you can ask her yourself. (+2)

Rank 9

For “Because, well the only way I can help Shiho is to show her how hard I’m working.”

Reply with either.

  • hang in there. (+3)
  • I believe in you, Ann. (+3)

For “I guess I’m alone again, huh?”


  • You have me. (Romance route)
  • You have the others. (Friendship route)

Rank 10

For “So, how was I?”

Reply with either.

  • You really gave it your all. (+3)
  • You still have a way to go. (+3)
  • Everyone was complementing you. (+3)

For “Just like you and Shiho are for me.”

Reply with either.

  • I’ll be there with you. (+3)
  • You can do it, Ann. (+3)

For “But I’m still kinda worried. Do you think you could help me?”

Reply with either.

  • Of course. (+3)
  • Ask me anything. (+3)

Best gifts for Ann in Persona 5 Royal

NameLocationCost (Yen)
Uji Match Flan (unique)Underground Mall2400
Chocolate Truffles (unique)Underground Mall2800
Castella (unique)Underground Mall1500
Face Beautifier (unique)Akihabara Electronics9800
Star MirrorShinjuku4000
Local Mascot SetAkihabara3600
Crimson Lipstick (romance only)Underground Mall6000
Heart Ring (romance only)Underground Mall88000
Rouse Bouquet (romance only)Shinjuku2400
Super Noisy Alarm Clock (P5R)Underground Mall Shibuya12000
Sakura FanUnderground Mall4800

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