Persona 5 Chihaya Mifune Confidant (Fortune) Guide

In Persona 5 Royal, Chihaya Mifune's confidant is associated with Fortune Arcana. Building a solid relationship with her can unlock new...

In Persona 5 Royal, Chihaya Mifune’s confidant is associated with Fortune Arcana. Building a solid relationship with her can unlock new abilities and benefits to aid your journey. As you move through Chihaya’s Confidant levels, you can unlock potent abilities, such as receiving accurate fortune readings.

You can increase the EXP earned by party members and see the hidden objects and clues in the environment. Additionally, pursuing Chihaya’s Confidant can deepen the game’s narrative and provide unique insights into the world of Persona 5.

With these perquisites and more, the Chihaya Mifune Confidant is an essential relationship to cultivate for maximizing your P5R gameplay experience.

Our guide covers the information about which are the best dialogue choices for the Chihaya Confidant, her availability, and her favorite gifts in Persona 5 Royal.

How to unlock Chihaya’s Confidant in Persona 5

You can initiate your meetings with Chihaya Mifune after June 22. After visiting and returning from her booth for the first time, you will return to her place and buy the Holy Stone for 100,000 Yen. After that, you will discover that she sold you the fake stone.

When you visit her the third time, the “Ending the Boyfriend’s Abuse” request will start from there. Complete the request, and you can start the Chihaya Confidant afterward.

The Deadline to complete Chihaya’s Confidant is December 24 for P5, and February 2 for P5 Royal, so keep the time constraint in mind during your playthrough.

Where to find Chihaya and her availability

Chihaya is available Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday at the Shinjuku Fortune-Telling Booth (near the arcade entrance). You must meet her at night, as at other times, she will either not be available at her place or you will not be able to progress her confidant.

It is worth noting that Chihaya’s booth is closed on rainy days in Persona 5 Royal, so you cannot meet her on these days.

What abilities to unlock at each rank

1Luck ReadingA selected social stat growth rate is increased in the short term.
3Money ReadingTemporarily increases money earned from battle.
5Affinity ReadingWith this ability, you can strengthen your relationship with a chosen confidant.
7Special Fate ReadingYou will be given a sneak peek of all the abilities a confidant possesses.
8Fusion Alert ReadingThis ability increases the chances of Fusion Alarm occurrence during the Velvet Room executions and other functions.
10True Affinity Reading Display the responses that provide the highest points during different events. Also, Fortune Arcana’s ultimate persona, Lakshmi, is unlocked through this ability.

Best dialogue choices for each Persona 5 Fortune Confidant rank

Just like all other confidants, having a Persona with matching arcana will help boost the stats in Persona 5. Moreover, you can get good rewards if you have the same Persona as Chihaya in Persona 5 Royal.

Rank 1

For “I suggest you don’t try to get out of it. Or else, who knows what kind of black magic I’ll have to resort to…?”

Reply with either option

  • I’ll be there. +3
  • You’re pretty extreme… +2

Rank 2

For “Fate cannot be changed. Fate is absolute… That is how

it must be.”

  • Open your mind to change. +2

 For “So I’m going to get right to my question! You’re currently standing right in front of your house, correct!?”

  • Of course, I am. +2

Rank 4

For “How can I become one of those people, -san?”

Reply using either of the dialogues

  • Trust in yourself. +3
  • Strengthen your will. +2

“But talking to you about everything is helping me feel a little better.”

  • I didn’t do much. +2

Rank 5

“This way, I can suggest new alternatives instead of leaving them resigned to their fates.”

Reply with either of the options; the first one gives three points, though.

  • You’re such a hard worker. +3
  • You must have lots of free time. +2

Rank 6

For “You must think I’m weird, huh? All this talk about me being a maiden or a monster…”

  • You’re just Chihaya to me. +3

“But whenever I face the chairman, I just can’t find the courage to say what I need to….”

  • Be honest with yourself. +2

Rank 7

For “… I’m a terrible person, huh?”

Reply with either; the first one gives more points.

  • I don’t think so. +3
  • You shouldn’t have tricked them. +2

For “I’m done turning a blind eye!”

Reply with either option; both give the same points.

  • Are you gonna be okay? +2
  • Be careful. +2

Rank 8

For “The chairman turned himself in! It’s even shown up on the news!”

Replying with the first one is preferable.

  • I know. +3
  • I had no idea. +2

For “It’s almost like this curse that’s followed me ever since the villagers called me a monster… has passed.”

Reply with any of the options.

  • I’m glad to hear that. +3
  • That’s some good luck. +3
  • It’s because you’re strong. +3

“Are you… interested in older women…?”

  • Hell yeah, I am. +3

 “But I didn’t. I stood firm. And I think that’s thanks to your influence.”

  • It was all your own will. +2

Rank 9

“All any of us ever wanted was to be happy… to avoid our fates….”

The first one gives more points, though.

  • Well, fate can be changed. +3
  • That’s all in the past now. +2

Rank 10 (Friendship)

For “Particularly when I tell them they can alter their fate!”

Reply with either option.

  • You seem to be well. +2
  • You’ve changed. +2

For “… That’s the fate I’ve chosen for myself!”

Either of the options are okay.

  • I support you. +3
  • You have strong convictions. +3

Rank 10 (Romance)

For “… That’s the fate I’ve chosen for myself!”

Both options give the same points.

  • I support you. +3
  • You have strong convictions. +3

For “And I’m not used to fancy places like this….”

Reply preferably with the first option.

  • It’s pretty cute. +3
  • I don’t care about that. +2

Best gifts for Chihaya in Persona 5 Royal

NameLocationCost (Yen)
Local Mascot SetGoods Store in Akihabara3600
Star MirrorShibuya Underground Mall florist8000
Flower BasketShinjuku Flower Shop2400
Super Noisy Alarm ClockShibuya Underground Mall12000
CastellaUnderground Mall1500
Classical HitsUnderground Mall3000
Glass VaseUnderground Mall3200
Book CoverUnderground Mall3000
Face BeautifierAkihabara Electronics9800
Robot VacuumAkihabara44,800
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