Persona 5 Kawakami Confidant (Temperance) Guide

Kawakami in Persona 5 is a character that is quite useful but her confidant rank and interactions are weird to say the least...

Sadayo Kawakami is a homeroom teacher for the second year at Shujin Academy. A teacher by day and a home visit maid by night, Kawakami belongs to Temperance Arcana in Persona 5 and Persona 5 Royal. She is not an active part of the party and can be romanced by reaching rank 9 of her confidant.

Cold-natured, calm and very meticulous, Persona 5 Kawakami is the most divisive character. While some consider Kawakami one of the best characters and confidants in Persona 5, the relationship between her and Joker is frowned upon because of its nature (student/teacher).

How to unlock Kawakami in Persona 5

A very specific event needs to be triggered to unlock Kawakami’s confidant link in P5. You need to complete Madarame’s Museum (second main palace) and then participate in operation “Maidwatch”. On the night of 24th May (5/24), check a maid poster in Shibuya and talk to Mishima about it.

Kawakami will be available to talk the next day (5/25) at Shujin Academy. She will give Joker her number to call her as a home visit maid from now on (as Becky). Each visit costs 5000 yen.

Confidant abilities and effect

Completing Kawakami’s confidant enables access to the fusion of Ardha persona (one of the most powerful Persona from Temperance Arcana). At the end of the third semester, she will also offer Joker unlimited services that will unlock the “Special Massage” ability.

1Slack OffAllows Joker to do various activities in Kawakami’s class.
3HousekeepingKawakami will visit and make coffee or do laundry for you.
5Free TimeGain free time in other classes with the help of Kawakami.
6Super HousekeepingKawakami will visit and make curry or infiltration tools for you.
MaxSpecial MassageA special massage after going into metaverse. Will allow you to go at night.

Where to find Kawakami and her availability

Kawakami can be called from Le Blanc on Friday and Saturday nights only. She can be called to visit any time on rainy days. You need to have at least rank 3 Guts to call her the first time.


Hangout options

Ichigaya Fishing Pond (3rd July 7/3)

All options are +3

Hawaii Trip (Romance route)

For “What are you looking at?”

  • Your swimsuit. (+3)

For “Tasting the local delicacies is an absolute must on vacation, don’t you think?”

  • It is the true pleasure of traveling. (+3)

For “If that’s true, then. I’m sorry.”

  • I want to see you more. (+3)

For “Just kidding. It’s to commemorate today.”

Reply with either.

  • Thanks. (+3)
  • Are these matching? (+3)

Bonus. Hawaiin Ring

Post School Festival Party (26th October 10/26)

For “I’ll be there to help you.”

Reply with either.

  • Thanks. (+3)
  • That’s reassuring. (+3)
  • You are the ideal maid. (+3)


All options are +3.

Best dialogue choices for each Persona 5 Temperance confidant rank

Always have a persona from Temperance Arcana with you when talking to Kawakami in Persona 5 to get bonus points for every meaningful interaction.

Rank 1

For “It’ll be our little secret, just for Becky and Master, okay? Can you keep a secret?” (Persona 5 Royal only)

  • Yeah, I get it. (+3)

Rank 2

For “But then, doesn’t it pain your heart to see such a cute maid all dirty?”

  • It does. (+2)

For “You weren’t expecting to do anything weird with me, were you?”

  • Absolutely not. (+2)

For “I really wanna do a lot more cleaning for you. Is that okay, Master?” (Persona 5 Royal only)

Reply with either.

  • You have the wrong number. (+2)
  • Uh, what the hell? (+2)
  • Is this the hard sell? (+2)

Rank 3

For “The high-end cup noodles really do make a difference, don’t they?”

Reply with either.

  • Yeah, they do. (+2)
  • Do some real cooking. (+2)

For “I heard they might even cut the teachers’ salaries. I’m so sick of it.”

  • I will request you more often. (+3)

For “Seriously, though. You’re still young, so you really need to eat properly.” (Persona 5 Royal only)

  • Thanks. (+2)

Rank 4

For “But he said that he prioritizes ‘younger’ women”

  • How rude. (+2)

For “I look pretty good as a maid, don’t I?” (Persona 5 Royal only)

  • You need to love yourself. (+3)

Rank 5

For “You know you’re being used for money and you still request me?”

Reply with either.

  • It’s fun. (+2)
  • Who is the master here. (+2)

For “He threatened me saying that I’d be dismissed if I continued to tutor Takase-kun.”

Reply with either.

  • How terrible. (+2)
  • So, did you stop? (+2)

For “There’s always this nice curry smell around the place. Do you get to eat that place’s curry every day?” (Persona 5 Royal only)

  • You want some? (+2)

Rank 6

For “Sorry. I need to take a break.”

  • Want to rest a bit? (+2)

For “I can’t stop coughing.”

Reply with either.

  • Are you all right? (+3)
  • You should go home. (+3)

For “If you neglect stuff like that, it makes you more likely to get sick.” (Persona 5 Royal only)

  • How are you feeling, though? (+2)

Rank 7

For “I should be able to send it out tomorrow.”

  • Don’t pay them. (+3)

For “I guess transferring to our sister company is the only way.”

  • Think this through more. (+3 EXTREMELY IMPORTANT)

Rank 8

For “So this is just what I have to do.”

  • Is this really what you want? (+3)

For “That’s why I’m going to quit both my teaching job and my maid job. What do you think?”

  • If that’s what you decided. (+3)

For “And that is my answer. Well, what do you think?”

Reply with either.

  • Be confident in your answer. (+3)
  • That’s the right choice. (+3)
  • You’re asking a student? (+3)

For “But from now on, I’m going to protect you too. As your teacher, I will never betray you.”

Reply with either.

  • I want to protect you. (+3)
  • That’s reassuring. (+3)

For “But I felt so stuck facing it alone. It’s thanks to you that I actually figured out what I need to do.” (Persona 5 Royal only)

  • You’re welcome. (+2)

Rank 9

You must complete “A teacher maid to suffer” side quest to unlock this rank.

For “I bet I’ll be an old woman by the time I achieve my dreams.”

  • Nonsense. (+3)

For “Today marks the day I graduate from being your maid.”

Reply with either.

  • What a bummer. (+3)
  • Thank you for your service. (+3)

For “Besides, won’t you be lonely? Hm?”

  • I want to keep seeing you. (+2 . EXTREMELY IMPORTANT)

For “Giving someone the wrong idea. It’s a sinful act, you know?”

  • I mean what I say. (EXTREMELY IMPORTANT)

For “This situation isn’t normal. I’m a teacher, and you’re my student, you know?”

  • I am a master, you are a maid. (Friendship route)
  • I am a man, you are a woman. (Romantic route)

Rank 10

(Friendship Route)

For “I need to work hard so I can make up for all the times I let my students down in the past.”

  • I am glad to hear that. (+3)

For “I put up with the mess because you were my client, but you need to thoroughly clean in here.”

  • I will. (+3)

For “A new path where I’ll never abandon any of my students.”

Reply with either.

  • That sounds promising. (+3)
  • I will make sure of it. (+3)

(Romance Route)

For “I’ll obey them, you know even though I’m no longer a maid.”

Reply with either.

  • I want to rely on you. (+3)
  • I want you to rely on me. (+3)

How to romance Kawakami

Kawakami’s romantic route in P5 is pretty complex and can be messed up with one wrong choice. Follow this to surely land a date with your maid.

  • During rank 7, reply with “Think this through more”.
  • During rank 8, complete “A teacher maid to suffer” side quest as soon as it becomes available.

During rank 9, reply with “I want to keep seeing you” followed by “I mean what I say”

Best Gifts to give Kawakami in P5R

NameLocationCost (Yen)
Super Noisy Alarm (P5R)Shibuya Underground Mall12000
High Performance Electric Toothbrush (P5R)Akihabara29800
Crimson LipstickUnderground Mall6000
Heart Ring (unique)Underground Mall88000
Heart Necklace (unique)Underground Mall68000
Roboat Vacuum (unique)Akihabara44800
Face Beautifier (P5R)Akihabara9800
Idol PinsUnderground Mall3000
Star MirrorShinjuku4000
Chocolate TrufflesUnderground Mall3800
CastellaUnderground Mall1500

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